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 Kitchen Knives [Open!]

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Hailey Scott

Hailey Scott

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Kitchen Knives [Open!] Empty
PostSubject: Kitchen Knives [Open!]   Kitchen Knives [Open!] EmptyFri Oct 20, 2017 6:26 pm

Sunday, Third Week November || 5th Year

The kitchens were an interesting place. Near the dungeons, it was easy for her to access. If she ever wanted food, she'd learnt, the house elves were more than accommodating, providing her with whatever she wanted and more -- usually in such abundance that she could never finish it all, although she certainly tried. It was here she fed herself, not really enjoying eating with others around. It wasn't that she found it awkward or anything; it was simply that eating put one in a vulnerable position, and she liked to use her lunchtime to observe people. Besides, she usually sat with Jerome during lunch, and she could satisfy her hunger just by looking at him.

But that lone was not the reason Hailey was going into the kitchen in the middle of the afternoon -- just after lunch -- on a Sunday. Everyone else was busy doing homework, hanging out with friends, or playing games outdoors. Hailey, however, had something important that needed doing.

See, she hadn't been allowed to take her knives to school, knives she had come to love. Sure, before they'd never really been of any importance to her. But during the holidays of her 4th year, Hailey had gotten her hands on some proper knives and swords. The swordsman at the circus had taught her how to throw and use them, and she'd become enthralled with them; they were so much fun! They could do more than cut someone up, and at once Hailey fell in love.

But of course, she'd been forbidden from smuggling weapons into school, and she wasn't dumb enough to try. A small pocket knife, sure, but none of the fun ones she liked. But that was just the thing -- the school kept the fun ones on grounds, just waiting for her to take. The kitchens, she had realised almost immediately, was perfect. All she needed to do was take one at a time and nobody would be any the wiser.

And so, sitting at the table with food before her, Hailey glanced at the knives on the rack nearby, pretending to be occupied with the food and waiting for an opportunity to snatch one away. But as she tucked into the pudding before her, she heard the door open, and she cussed under her breath as she turned, smile on face, to see who had interrupted her.


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Kitchen Knives [Open!] Hailey10


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Kitchen Knives [Open!]
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