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 Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions Empty
PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions   Frequently Asked Questions EmptySun Oct 08, 2017 5:49 pm

1. There are a lot of RP sites out there. What makes FloB different?
Two reasons: firstly, we are a multi-fandom site, meaning we don't just cater to one particular area.

Secondly, and most importantly (to us), FloB caters especially to those who

a) are extremely busy with work, school/college/uni, and or real life

and or

b) have mental health stuff (depression, ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, etc) or general health problems (whatever they may be) that makes posting on a regular basis either difficult or impossible.

Many RP sites out there have 'activity checks' or mandatory posts, resulting in characters being deleted or archived if not met. We understand that regular posting can be nearly impossible for those who have problems with commitment for whatever various reasons, even if they do want to RP.

We wanted to make a place for those people. We have made the rules as lax as we could, giving the bare minimum so chaos doesn't ensue, but with still as much freedom as possible. (If there is any way we can help even more, PM an admin and we'll get back to you!)

Of course, if you have no cognitive differences (i.e. are neurotypical with no mental health stuff) and aren't busy, you are also more than welcome to join us! Just know that with the majority of the site being those who fall into one or both of the above categories, the activity of this site may not be as quick-paced or consistant as you are used to.

2. How do I make a character?
We have made a guide for your convenience. You can view that by clicking here.

3. What kind of RP site is FloB? Harry Potter? Science fiction? Fantasy?
The answer is yes, yes, and yes. Razz

FloB stands for Floating Boats, and is an RP site for original characters (no canon allowed, sorry!) covering multiple fandoms. We are constantly adding new fandoms, based on demands, too, so if there is a fandom you really want to RP, let an admin know and we’ll see about adding it!

4. Wait. If it’s multi-fandom, how does RP work?
There will be different categories for each fandom, and each section is self-contained. This means the plots you have in one section/area does not cross over to other sections.

For example, if I have a character named Brooke Walker, her plots in the Harry Potter fandom do not cross over to the Superhero section, and she has slightly different backgrounds and whatnot in both. I would not write about her magical abilites or her sorting in the Superhero section, nor would I write about her having superpowers in the 'general science fiction' section.

5. How many fandoms can I join?
You may join as many as you want, as long as you intend to post in them. (If you have no intention of ever posting in 'General Fantasy', why would you join it in the first place?)

We suggest a maximum of three fandoms per character for ease -- it can get a bit confusing separating the plot canons for each section -- but this is merely a suggestion, and there are no rules about this. If you feel you can handle the complexity of five, six, or even all the fandoms, by all means go ahead. We won't limit creativity.

6. There's a fandom I'm in that isn't on the site, but I would love to RP it. What can I do?
Since FloB is for all fandoms, we work on a demand basis. If you can get a handful of other members who also want to RP in this fandom -- and can pledge to keep it active -- we will, more likely than not, make it for you. Just PM an admin and we will discuss it. Smile

Note that admin say is final. We may deny making it for any number of reasons, including but not limited to: lack of moderators for the section; the fandom isn't PG13 or can't be kept PG 13; or a new section has just been added, in which case we will postpone opening a new one for a short while.

If a section is inactive for more than 3 months, with no new members and no posts made, we will consider shelving it for the time-being.

7. How do I post?
Great question! For those of you who have never navigated a Forumotion site before or need a quick refresher, we have a guide for posting, replying, and editing, which you can find by clicking here.

8. What are threads? What’s the difference between a thread and a post?
A post is a single, well, post. (For example, this whole thing is one post.) If I replied to this, that would be a second post.

A thread, on the other hand, is the entire thing. For example, this is a thread between three people. It consists of multiple posts.

(Of course, a thread could consist of one post, but that is rare.)

9. The site uses BBCode, but I don’t know any! Help!
Okay, so this isn’t really a question per se. That’s alright. Razz Once again, we have a handy guide for you; click here for it.

10. I don’t understand the lingo you people use. What are ‘charries’? What do you mean by ‘IC’ or ‘OOC’? What are ‘siggies’ and ‘FCs’?
Once again, we have a guide for that! Many experienced RPers have adapted to and have their own colloquialisms. If you [url=TO FILL]click here[/url], we’ve got a sort of ‘dictionary’ with the most commonly used words. Smile

11. Why are some posts made in colour? Do they mean anything special?
They do not signify anything, not really.

Some people like to 'assign' their characters specific colours, with a different colour per character. Note that these aren't official, and there aren't any 'reservation' of colours; anybody can write their posts in any colour they want. Nobody can claim a particular colour and forbid someone else from using it.

12. I have a question that wasn’t answered here; where can I find the answer?
For questions that aren’t frequently asked, or if we have missed anything, you can ask your question here. Please do not make a new topic; rather, reply to that thread, and we will post our reply. Smile
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Frequently Asked Questions
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