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 Food -- The Best Way to De-Stress [Open!]

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Brooke Walker


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PostSubject: Food -- The Best Way to De-Stress [Open!]   Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:32 pm

Friday, 3rd Week of October || Year 6

It had taken longer than expected to get Balto certified -- his examiner had failed the dog for failing to respond in a technically correct manner, not that it was a big deal; Brooke sulked for days -- but, at long last, he was given the certificate that allowed him to be at Hogwarts. It was a whole bunch of formalities that Brooke honestly didn't really care about; Balto had been acting as her emotional support dog for years now, and whether he had papers to prove this or not didn't change a thing. But, if she wanted him at school it was papers she needed, and papers he had gotten. Not the most well behaved, it had been a challenge, but here they were.

Holding his lead loosely in her hand, Brooke led him through the corridor. He would heel, but it was still required that she kept him on a leash at all times, and so she did, although it hung loosely as Balto kept by her side. She had a free period for the first time in what had been an exhausting week; it somehow seemed that the Professors seemed to collaborate with each other, making their tests all in the same week.

But now she was free, the last test done, and she could relax. Heading straight for the kitchens -- what use was being a Hufflepuff with access to it if one didn't use it? -- she tickled the pear on the door before entering. Almost at once, she was greeted by a half dozen house elves, and she smiled, returning each greeting and saying hello.

Twenty minutes later, the food she requested for both her and her dog were laid out -- hers on the table she sat at, and Balto's on the floor -- and she thanked them before tucking in. She was two bites in when she heard the door open, and she turned slightly, wondering who else had decided to pay the kitchens a visit.


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Food -- The Best Way to De-Stress [Open!]
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