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 Owlivia the cutie (Open to all)

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Janet Shinings


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PostSubject: Owlivia the cutie (Open to all)   Thu Aug 24, 2017 4:30 am

Janet smiled as she scratched the top of the tiny owl's head. It made a happy cooing sound, making Janet giggle softly. "Oh, owlivia, I'm so happy. I finally have the best owl a girl could ask for, I'm starting my fifth year, and am finally back at Hogwarts. Summer was sooo boring, being able to see the school from my house and yet not be able to hang out with my friends here, or go to classes, or practice with the orchestra." She grinned and allowed the tiny tawny owl to climb onto her finger. She nuzzled it sweetly as it cooed in delight.

"Ok, I have a letter for you to take. This needs delivered to mom and dad. You can do that for me right?" She held out a letter to the baby owl who spread it's little wings and puffed out it's chest proudly, as if to say 'you can count on me!' Janet smiled and scratched it's chin fondly before letting it take the letter. The small owl flapped it's wing and was out the nearest owlery window in a snap. She watched it fly away with a sigh, then started carefully going down the stairs, trying not to slip in the owl poop and feathers on the floor.
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Arienna O'Doule


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PostSubject: Re: Owlivia the cutie (Open to all)   Thu Aug 24, 2017 11:09 am

A small bag jingled in the pocket of her robes as Arienna made her way up to the owlery. Grapes. She hadn't a clue why, but Natasha loved grapes. It was odd, to say the least; having a vegetarian barn owl as a pet. Every other owl the girl knew would do anything to get their talons on a big and juicy rat or shrew, but not Natasha. Arienna had tried to explain to the owl that it was not normal and it was most likely not healthy, but the feathered creature would not listen. The owl hunted for vegetation instead of for animals, but there was such a small variety of edible plantlife nearby. The witch tried to bring things such as grapes and lettuce up to owlery whenever possible.

Sometimes, they hunted together; her a fox and her owl an owl. They would run and fly through the forbidden forest, making a contest out of who could gather the most food (It was usually Natasha, as Arienna was not a natural forager). The young witch enjoyed their time together, as not a-lot of other wizards seemed to have as close a bond with their owl as she had with hers. It felt special.

As she neared the top of the stairs, Arienna noticed another witch coming down from the owlery. She recognised the girl some, but not enough to know her name. She was a Slytherin. That much she knew. After multiple run-ins with different Slytherins, most on the negative side, Arienna tended to stay away from the house. She knew that some could be kind-hearted, but the witch had no patience today to hear any jokes regarding her weight or habits.

But, she noticed, that this witch was blocking the entrance. She was sure that it was not intentional, but it was annoying nonetheless.

"Would it be an inconvenience to move a meter or so to the left?" She asked, trying her best to sound cordial.
"I have a treat for my owl that I would like to deliver before next Tuesday."


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Janet Shinings


Posts : 4
Join date : 2017-08-23

PostSubject: Re: Owlivia the cutie (Open to all)   Fri Aug 25, 2017 3:11 am

As she was coming down the stairs Janet noticed a girl coming up. She smiled, recognizing her as a Ravenclaw. She made a point to try and at least know what house everyone she came across was in, but with new kids coming in and old kids leaving every year, it certainly was't easy. The girl pointed out that Janet was blocking the stairwell, causing her eyes to widen. "Oh! Oh, I'm very sorry." She stepped towards the edge, careful not to slip but still giving her as much space as possible. She scanned the girl quickly with a friendly smile. "I'm sure your owl will love it's treat. Sorry to block your way." Janet said sincerely. The girl seemed slightly impatient so Janet would wait until she passed to continue. She would't want to walk at the same time and accidentally bump her, or have the other girl bump herself.


Janet Shinings
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PostSubject: Re: Owlivia the cutie (Open to all)   

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Owlivia the cutie (Open to all)
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