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Arthur Bhuwakul

Arthur Bhuwakul

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PostSubject: Arthur Bhuwakhul   Arthur Bhuwakhul EmptySun May 20, 2018 2:24 pm

Arthur Bhuwakhul MtBTqG5

Arthur Bhuwakhul 5712fd99894b9ae08dab8f5e33fc0c831fe09adf_hq

Arthur Bhuwakhul FPcGmnb

Full Name: Arthit Bhuwakul (อาทิตย์ ภูวกุล)
Goes by: Arthur, Art with close friends

Gender: Male
Sexual Alignment: Panromantic asexual

Age: 16
Birthdate: 27 August

Blood Purity: Halfblood

House: Hufflepuff
Occupation: Student
Wand Type: Willow, Unicorn hair, 9 1/2 inches, unyielding

Arthur Bhuwakhul PhgudjJ

Hair colour and style: Straight, black, usually quite short and sometimes shaved on the sides.

Eye colour: Black

Height: 5’7”
Body type: Naturally slender; he isn’t concerned about keeping his figure, but as a young man it’s much easier.

Dress sense: It varies, though never anything fancier than a button-up and scarf unless the situation calls for it. Usually a hoodie or t-shirt and jeans if he thinks the colors match enough.

Birthmarks/Scars/Piercings: A few ear piercings, gaining more as the years go on.

Arthur Bhuwakhul Nd3oBMR

Likes: (min 3)
- Arthur finds joy in the small magics, the tiny things that people don't usually notice but use all the time.
- Animals, especially friendly ones and pets
- Plants and nature in general
- Drawing—even if he doesn’t take it seriously, he still enjoys it, sometimes doodling everywhere.
- Cooking, mostly because of his mom and her recipes, and everything available in the world that he hasn’t tried yet.

Dislikes: (min 3)
- Witnessing or causing pain
- Heights
- Being clueless/not knowing what to do or where to go
- Conflict stresses him out
- People mispronouncing his name

Strengths: (min 3)
- Good at taking care of animals and plants
- In almost everything he does, he’s quite gentle, especially when he needs to be.
- He has a fairly solid memory but it's mostly geared toward potion recipes, cooking, and spells.

Weaknesses: (min 3)
- Due to past experiences, he has an intense phobia of heights. Another trigger of his is being touched from behind, and he’ll actively avoid letting people walk or even be behind him.
- Chocolate
- Too quiet for his own good—literally so.
- He’s very likely to forget personal things, birthdays, sometimes names, where he put something last.

Positive Traits: (min 3)
- Even though he’s rather bad at talking, he still manages to care for people in other ways: making sure they eat properly, reminding them of things they have to do, offering an ear when he can handle it. He can’t really give advice, but he still likes to feel useful.
- Has an incredible appetite for learning and loves reaching into many different areas even if they’re unrelated, and is decent at applying knowledge in new ways.
- He finds it easy to be flexible in a lot of situations, especially if he’s aware of what’s going on and why something is changing.

Negative Traits: (min 3)
- He fidgets a lot, mostly unconscious scratching that gets worse when he's stressed or panicking or anxious, which is actually pretty often; as a Hufflepuff who also likes cooking, he goes to the kitchens a lot to get his mind off death, at least for a little while.
- Arthur is horrible at talking to people, especially about his own problems. He doesn’t want to burden anyone and therefore doesn’t ask for help even when he desperately needs it.
- He really fails to take care of himself a lot of the time.
- He feels incredible helpless if he doesn’t know something and ends up avoiding situations if he can’t figure them out.

Name: Nora
Age: 4
Species/breed: Ragdoll cat

Arthur Bhuwakhul 4uLzEID

Trigger Warnings: Near-death scenario, suicide attempt.

Arthur's father, Nick, was the son of two muggle Thai immigrants. His parents had moved to England before Nick was born, so he was raised in a strange mix of cultures and different languages—and on top of that, from a young age he had exhibited what could only be described as magic. However, this was all explained by a Hogwarts representative come Nick’s eleventh birthday. So, Nick attended the school, but wished to be more immersed in “muggle” society—on top of Hogwarts classes, he enrolled in regular high school classes in order to keep up and gain credits he could use for regular university.

And for the last four years of school, Nick miraculously managed to balance both Hogwarts and muggle classes, finally graduating and enrolling in muggle university. He did his best to fit in, to live up to his parents' expectations and take advantage of the opportunity they worked hard to give him. He met Lalisa, Art's mother, at a Thai Community Night at his university. At first, they didn't particularly hit it off, but his friends encouraged further and eventually they liked each other enough to get married. During their honeymoon, Lisa finally discovered that Nick was a wizard, and though she was angry he hadn’t told her before, she came to terms with it.

After a good five years, Arthur was born, a healthy child, and three years later his younger brother came along, also fairly healthy. He had, almost surprisingly, a normal childhood, full of present parents and a little brother to tease and have fun with. But from a young age, Arthur displayed magic abilities, most prominently overheating a pot of water when the stove wasn’t on—close to danger, but fortunately no one was hurt. Nick was overjoyed that his eldest son was also a wizard, explaining the intricacies of magic as Arthur grew up and sparking a large yet quiet fascination with the culture and methods of wizards and witches. It was only a short-lived let down that his younger brother, Mark, never displayed any magic abilities, but that never stopped the smaller from idolizing his brother to no end.

By his eleventh birthday, Arthur was set on his course to Hogwarts, Nick taking him around Diagon Alley to collect the suitable supplies, a wand, an owl, and a few books for extracurricular reading. Come the start of school though, Art's nerves were near overwhelming—sure, he had gone to muggle school before, but this was magic school, and from what his dad had told him, it was so much more than just a school. The train ride was full of quiet awkwardness between Arthur and the others in the compartment, but come the sorting ceremony—he being placed in Hufflepuff—he found himself among like-minded people and it became much easier to make close friends. The first few years of school contained the expected: challenging exams, a mixed bag of professors, a handful of close friends, a new pet in fourth year, a few small mishaps here and there but nothing earth-shaking.

Until fifth year when Arthur got a crush on Daniel, a Gryffindor in the same year. He was everything Arthur wasn’t: outgoing, strong, brazen. From how Art followed him around, it was obvious to everyone else how big of a crush the Hufflepuff had, yet both boys remained oblivious. But Arthur began noticing what Daniel did in the shadows, how he was playing with the Dark Arts right under everyone’s noses. Any other more logical person likely would have reported the suspicious activity, but Arthur felt he could sway Daniel away from it and tried to reach out, meeting him on one of the towers and starting to talk through it, but Daniel wouldn't listen.

Before Art realized what was happening, Daniel was yelling, fury overtaking whatever sense he had held onto until he was up in Art's face, edging closer to the side of the tower, Arthur kept backing up and Daniel's hands went to his chest and—Art was falling. He didn't even see Daniel's face, disappeared over the edge so suddenly and falling too quickly, unaware of how fast the ground was nearing. Arthur was in Madam Pomfrey’s for near a week even though his physical wounds had healed within two days, and was on his toes for weeks even after Daniel had officially dropped out of school, because what if.

That betrayal, even if Daniel had never intended to push Arthur, shook him to the core. It was lucky that he had already finished his exams of the year, but that also meant he had even fewer reasons to attend classes as normal. He avoided his friends—what few of them there were—after Madam Pomfrey all but shoved him out of the infirmary, unsure of who was trustworthy anymore and too nervous to notice his lack of self care, but not enough to distract himself from trying to figure out why Daniel did it, what Art did to cause it, because of course it was his fault.

The summer holiday came and disappeared with a blur of staying in bed for weeks at a time, ignoring attempts of contact from his friends, and another brush with death—this time intentional. Before he could go through with it, though, he realized that he would worry his parents and leave them to care for Nora, so he told himself to wait. School started again, and though he was marginally more functional, he was still terrified, namely of trusting people, but as time went on he discovered what exactly triggered him. Nora had become his main anchor in life; if he died, she'd be left behind, and he didn't have the nerve to ask someone to take care of her.

But he's missing more than a few of his classes, often succumbing too easily to his bed and darker thoughts. He hasn't told his parents despite seeing them for the entire holiday, and so far there have only been rumors of an unknown student having fallen of the tower last year, but no one has connected the dots yet.


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