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A clean, original character-only RP site covering multiple fandoms. Whatever floats your boat, we got it!
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Welcome to FloB! Currently, we are still in BETA mode. As such, rules and sections are still being edited and aren't completely set in stone as of yet. We are open to all suggestions and opinions. Smile
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 Frequently Asked Questions

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PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions   Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:49 pm

1. How do I make a character?
We have made a guide for your convenience. You can view that by clicking here.

2. What kind of RP site is FloB? Harry Potter? Science fiction? Fantasy?
The answer is yes, yes, and yes. Razz

FloB stands for Floating Boats, and is an RP site for original characters (no canon allowed, sorry!) covering multiple fandoms. We are constantly adding new fandoms, based on demands, too, so if there is a fandom you really want to RP, let an admin know and we’ll see about adding it!

3. Wait. If it’s multi-fandom, how does RP work?
There will be different categories for each fandom, and each section is self-contained. This means the threads you have in the Harry Potter section does not carry over or affect what happens in the Superhero section.

4. How do I post?
Great question! For those of you who have never navigated a Forumotion site before or need a quick refresher, we have a guide for posting, replying, and editing, which you can find by clicking here.

5. What are threads? What’s the difference between a thread and a post?
A post is a single, well, post. (For example, this whole thing is one post.) If I replied to this, that would be a second post.

A thread, on the other hand, is the entire thing. For example, this is a thread between three people. It consists of multiple posts.

(Of course, a thread could consist of one post, but that is rare.)

6. The site uses HTML coding, but I don’t know any! Help!
Okay, so this isn’t really a question per se. That’s alright. Razz Once again, we have a handy guide for you; click here for it.

7. I don’t understand the lingo you people use. What are ‘charries’? What do you mean by ‘IC’ or ‘OOC’? What are ‘siggies’ and ‘FCs’?
Once again, we have a guide for that! Many experienced RPers have adapted to and have their own colloquialisms. If you [url=TO FILL]click here[/url], we’ve got a sort of ‘dictionary’ with the most commonly used words. Smile

8. I have a question that wasn’t answered here; where can I find the answer?
For questions that aren’t frequently asked, or if we have missed anything, you can ask your question here. Please do not make a new topic; rather, reply to that thread, and we will post our reply. Smile
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Frequently Asked Questions
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