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 Outdoor Studying [Open!]

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Hailey Scott


Posts : 17
Join date : 2017-09-29

PostSubject: Outdoor Studying [Open!]   Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:56 pm

Mid November || 5th Year

Homework was not something Hailey particularly enjoyed doing. It wasn't that she found it difficult (although sometimes it was), nor that she didn't know the work (she usually did). It was simply that it was dull. What was the point in knowing the revolution of goblins? The information she truly wanted to know was much more... specific to her interests. For example, if there was a class on human anatomy, she'd take it in a heartbeat; after all, she would definitely need to know which areas wouldn't cause someone to bleed out, and which would hurt someone the most.

But she wasn't going to be that lucky, and instead, she was stuck learning about the year the Goblins decided they had enough with Wizards. Sure, the fighting and war itself was fascinating -- or would've been, if they had actually focused on the blood and gore and all the fun stuff.

Taking out a parchment, Hailey took a seat in one of the trees in the Forbidden Forest. People said it was scary there, that there were creatures that could hurt students. So far, Hailey had yet to meet said creatures, and it disappointed her terribly. So much for excitement or fun. Instead, what she found was a quiet place to do her homework and burn off energy.

She really needed to bring Jerome here. Nothing like having sex outdoors to really bring up the passion. They could even do it at night... Tearing herself away from the fantasy and writing a mental note to tell Jerome the next time she saw him, she returned to the task at hand. Swinging her legs over the branch, she used her knees as support and let her body fall so she was hanging upside down, and then took the book and started reading. It was always much easier to read in this position, after all.


Harry Potter: Slytherin || Muggleborn || Fifteen



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Olivia MacDonald


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Join date : 2017-10-04

PostSubject: Re: Outdoor Studying [Open!]   Wed Oct 04, 2017 6:23 pm

Why anyone would chose to go into the forest was beyond her. Even looking at the trees, looming at the edge of the grounds, mist seeming to seep between the gaps that separated them - it filled her with dread. Hell, that was coming from her, too - someone who liked to think that they knew the forest inside out by the number of times she'd ended up running there as the sun started to set, her skin uncomfortably tight and her chest pounding as it took over.

Damn her for losing that stupid necklace last week.

It had taken every ounce of Olivia's courage to force herself to head in that direction, fingers twiddling idly at the fabric of her sweater - the space a gold locket should have sat. But she'd lost it in her transformation, apparently having torn the piece off her neck in a frenzy. It had been the worst one yet by a long shot, and three days of being cooped up in the hospital wing hadn't made her feel any better about it. Liv wanted her bloody necklace back, and damn if she wasn't going to get it.

Treading lightly through the trees, the witch clutched her wand in her pocket as her free hand fell to her side. Ready - but for what, she wasn't sure. Nothing would attack her in the middle of the day, surely; hell, did the other wolves even come out when it was light? She wasn't sure - she'd never seen them do it. But with every cracked twig that she could hear from a mile out, she flinched, whipping around in every direction with a tight jaw and a shaking fist. It was, then, no surprise that when she glanced up, only to remind herself it was light out, the witch let out a shriek. A girl - her age, maybe? Hanging from a tree, as if it was normal?

"What in Merlin's everliving fuck are you doing?!"
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Hailey Scott


Posts : 17
Join date : 2017-09-29

PostSubject: Re: Outdoor Studying [Open!]   Wed Oct 04, 2017 6:49 pm

Being upside down gave her a different perspective on the world — one she was familiar with. She often found herself upside down, and while some might’ve found it weird, she found it freeing. There was just something about looking at things from this angle that gave her clarity on situations. Perhaps it was all the blood that went to her head, or perhaps it was just what she was used to, growing up. Either way, Hailey enjoyed it. A shadow caught her attention, something that was definitely not a tree or a bush, and she lifted her head a little to see what it was; to her curiosity, she found it to be a fellow student.

Intrigued, she watched, saying nothing; what was there to say? It wasn’t as though Hailey was particularly chatty, and besides, she’d come here to study not socialise. If she wanted to do that, she’d have gone to the library or the great hall or something. Interestingly enough, Hailey noted the witch twitching nervously at each sound of the forest. If not for that, Hailey probably wouldn’t even have realised that there were odd sounds — but they were forest noises, and they’d become familiar to her. Why come into a forest if you were going to jump each and every time a twig snapped?

And then the invertible happened and the girl looked up. The shriek drew forth a giggle from Hailey; fear amused her. The question made her giggle again, and she raised an eyebrow at the witch.

“Jumpy thing, you are. Scare easy, huh?” she commented, only curiosity lining her tone; it wasn’t an insult, nor was it meant to be. Her fear had been cured a long time ago by the abuse she suffered at the hands of her parents. Nothing scared her, now. Not a single thing. “Studying,” she added, going back to the question. She raised her book a little, drawing attention to it. “What does it look like?” Pausing for a second, she swung herself back upright so she was sitting on the branch, and then pushed off, landing with a very soft thump on the ground. She straightened and looked over at the other witch. “What are you doing here?”


Harry Potter: Slytherin || Muggleborn || Fifteen



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PostSubject: Re: Outdoor Studying [Open!]   

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Outdoor Studying [Open!]
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