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 Halloween Party [Invite Only]

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Corbin Henderson

Corbin Henderson

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PostSubject: Halloween Party [Invite Only]   Halloween Party [Invite Only] EmptyWed Sep 13, 2017 10:25 am

October 31st || 5th Year

They had outdone themselves once again. At this rate, Corbin was seriously debating the idea of starting a professional Party organising business, but the idea was quickly put to rest once they realised that the Room of Requirement had done most of the work. All they did was design it mentally, and then the Ravenclaw got to work.

The door would open into a narrow corridor, ten feet long. It would be dark, and cotton wool would create the effect of spider webs. They'd gotten their hands on some fake spiders, too, that moved up and down with magic (but he'd drawn the line at them actually landing on people, so the most they did was crawl around their web). It was terrifying, but appropriately so; it wouldn't be Halloween if someone didn't piss themselves from fright.

The tunnel would lead out to the main area. They'd decided not to make it overly scary, so people could actually enjoy themselves. The dance floor, to the left, was covered in fake mist (how one of the deco team had managed to get a muggle fog machine into school, Corbin would never know) and had fake gravestones lining the wall; it was sectioned off with white picket fence, giving it the appearance of a graveyard.

The bar was also kept in darkness, with more fake cobwebs. Instead of spiders, however, they had fake bats here, flying just above the bar. Once again charmed, they would not go near anyone, only hover and squeak near the ceiling. The bar, as always, was self-service and had all the usual stuff, from muggle vodka to butterbeer for those who wanted to remain sober. Of course, there were people there to watch over the drinks and make sure nobody got too drunk; the last thing they needed were a bunch of hungover idiots revealing a party had taken place.

There was another table, opposite the bar, with finger snacks and other tidbits. This area was not decorated as much, in case people needed to chill away from the 'scary' or dark atmosphere, although the few tables there were lit with a pumpkin light instead of a candle.

Surveying the room, Corbin nodded once to himself and adjusted his mask. It was, naturally, a themed occasion; people had to come dressed up. He'd chosen a more muggle-themed costume. Glancing over at Lucy, he smirked a little under his mask. "Looking good, Waters. Seen Abbott? He should be around here somewhere."

With five minutes to go, the deco team and those with responsibilities this party were already there, and he sat back in his chair and waited for the guests to arrive.

[[OOC: Invite only, but if you want an invite, PM me, catch me in the chatbox, or use any other forms of communication if you have them. ^_^

The party is held in the Room of Requirement, and to enter, a password is thought of instead of a location. The password for this is 'Samhain', pronounced 'Sow-in'. It's an ancient Celtic festival that had apparently been the start of Halloween, for those of you who were curious. xD

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.]]


Slytherin || Halfblood || Fifteen || Player
Halloween Party [Invite Only] IEojXIO
Made by Megan
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Alexandra Ashworth

Alexandra Ashworth

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PostSubject: Re: Halloween Party [Invite Only]   Halloween Party [Invite Only] EmptyThu Sep 14, 2017 5:01 pm

When Alexa received the invite a few days ago she had looked at it for a good few minutes, her eyes focused on the messenger who had brought her the invite; a young girl, probably fourteen or so, had come up to her and passed her the nicely sealed envelope. She had been purposely slow in opening the invite, making sure to not rip the envelope as she pulled out the small card that told when and where the party was taking place as well as the Password that was needed to get in.

"Would you be so kind as to inform the hosts of the party that I will be there?" When the girl nodded her head, Alexa smiled, her head tilting to the side. "Thank you." With that, she walked past the girl and went about her day once more, her head full of plans for a costume to wear. The invite did say that they were to wear a costume to the party so Alexa needed to be quick about finding her ideal costume. It wouldn't be hard considering the fact that her Papa's boyfriend was a fashion designer so she was sure she could get him to design a costume for her and have it done quickly.

With that in mind, she ran off to send an owl to her Papa and on the day of the party she received a neatly wrapped package with a note addressed to her from her Papa's lover. In his neat writing, there were only a few words written but it made Alexa smile.

'Enjoy the party and don't get too drunk.'

Unwrapping the package and pulling the tissue paper from the box, Alexa's eyes widened and her lips pulled into a beaming smile.
She would certainly enjoy the party and with the costume, she would, quite probably, be talked about again.

Humming, she closed the box and quickly made her way to the bathroom where she took a long and quick shower, making sure that her legs and underarms were shaved, her hair was thoroughly washed and her face properly moisturised before she stepped out and dried herself off with the towel that was hanging from the doorknob.

Stepping back out into the room, Alexa was quick to slip into her costume, slipping her feet into the long boots before she sat down in front of the vanity mirror she had near her bed, did her makeup and then her hair, deciding to curl it into tight curls at first before brushing them out lightly so that they fell down her shoulders.

Standing up, she slipped the hat onto her head before she took a hold of the cloak and flipped it over her shoulders, snapping it into place over them. Standing in front of the mirror, she smirked as she buckled the sword belt around her waist and then slipped the sword that had been in the box onto it.

With that final touch, Alexa slipped out of the room and started a leisure trek down to the Room of Requirement which wasn't that far from the Gryffindor Common room. Looking around, she didn't notice anyone else walking so she casually strolled past the wall where the room was, thinking the password, 'Samhain'.

As soon as the door showed, she stepped inside, her eyes taking in the decor of the corridor as she walked down, her steps slow and casual, her heels echoing eerily in the silence of the corridor. She had to say, whoever did the decor had certainly outdone themselves. It was beautiful in an eery sort of way.

The fog that assaulted her eyes made her grimace slightly before she turned towards where she could see a handful of people already standing and socializing, making her way towards them, Alexa let her body relax an easy smile on her lips.

"Hey." Her voice had an amused lilt to it as she eyed the few people there with her. Some of them recognized but some were certainly hard to put a name to. It wasn't like she actually knew everyone from Hogwarts after all. "Nice costumes guys."


Harry Potter | 16 | Pureblood | Gryffindor | Legilimens & Occlumens
Halloween Party [Invite Only] Alexa-10
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Hailey Scott

Hailey Scott

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PostSubject: Re: Halloween Party [Invite Only]   Halloween Party [Invite Only] EmptySat Sep 30, 2017 12:05 pm

October 31st || 5th Year

Parties were fun. There was so much to see and so much to do. Corbin was someone she didn't exactly like per se, but he wasn't bad. At the very least, he didn't question her or look at her weirdly (she suspected he was somewhat scared of her, although she never bothered to find out if this was true or not) and that was perfectly fine. She wasn't on the 'it' list -- she was never close with him or popular -- but she got an invite nevertheless, and she showed up each time nevertheless. It was interesting, seeing the different aspects of school life.

There were those that took studies way too seriously, and those people were boring -- but, perhaps, good for getting help from if and when she didn't want to do her homework. Then there were those who didn't seem to enjoy studies at all and took school to be one large playground, getting drunk and laid and all those other things that she didn't think was that fun. There were also those in between, who both paid attention in class during the day and snuck out at night, living a dual life; professors liked them, but they didn't put all their efforts into it.

Hailey had quickly realised she wasn't in any of these groups. Instead, she seemed to be in a fourth category: those who were forced to attend school and only did so because they were bored. School was a place to learn -- but not subjects like history of magic or Defence Against the Dark Arts. It was a place she went to study people, to see how they worked and to learn what she never could understand herself -- the human mind.

Besides, Jerome was there and she went wherever he went; she liked him.

The password had been given, and Hailey had talked to Jerome before deciding what she would be going as; Harley Quinn, she had been told by some other muggleborns and halfbloods, reminded them of her. And so, scouting online stores and devoting one afternoon in the muggle world to obtaining the money, Hailey purchased her costume a week before the party, telling only Jerome. All the bits of her costume bad been bought, save per her hair; she had decided against a wig, instead actually dying her hair in those colours. She'd shown her plan to Jerome. Hopefully, he'd agree to her petition to be Joker.

Giving the password, she entered the door that appeared, raising her eyebrow at the spiders and the spider web. "Oooo, pretty," she said, to herself, as she walked down the corridor. Reaching out as she walked, she plucked one of the spiders off the web, letting out a disappointed 'awww' when she realised it was fake. Tossing it behind her -- she only wanted it if it was real -- she stepped out into the main hall.

Casually swinging the bat as she walked, she grinned a greeting towards Corbin and then made her way to the bar, where she sat, resting the bat across her knees, and waited for Jerome.


Harry Potter: Slytherin || Muggleborn || Fifteen
Halloween Party [Invite Only] Hailey10


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PostSubject: Re: Halloween Party [Invite Only]   Halloween Party [Invite Only] Empty

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Halloween Party [Invite Only]
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