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 Only Us [Broyal]

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Brooke Walker


Posts : 29
Join date : 2017-08-19

PostSubject: Only Us [Broyal]   Mon Sep 11, 2017 3:03 pm

Last Week of September || 6th Year

TW: Rape, abuse, prostitution, and a whole host of other things throughout the entire thread.

Romance wasn't exactly Brooke's forte. Her first experience with sex had been, after all, forced upon her. Of course, she knew that sex wasn't romance, and romance didn't always mean... well, having sex, but the idea of being with a man -- any man -- and to love them without reserve had always been a foreign idea. Not once had Brooke, imaginative and idealistic as she was, once ever thought she'd end up in a happy and stable relationship with a man she loved and wanted to be with forever.

And here she was, standing in a dress, waiting for her boyfriend. She was early by a good ten minutes. It was odd, how they'd been together for a year, and yet she still felt an odd mixture of nervous and shy just before a date, as though it was their first all over again. She fiddled with the strap of her handbag, smiling slightly to herself at the thought of Ceyal.

He was everything she never knew she needed, as cliche as it sounded. Her parents had brought her and Colby to the US over the summer holidays. They'd watched a broadway, much to her brother's horror, a reboot of some show called Dear Evan Hansen. And while she hadn't exactly enjoyed the whole thing per se, it had been an experience -- and not only that, but she'd found a song. Their song.

She had downloaded it as soon as she got back to the hotel and there was wifi, but she'd held off on actually playing it for Ceyal. The first week had been hectic with Elouise and the reunion, and they just hadn't had time alone. And when they did, it was mostly discussing Elouise and whatnot. But three weeks had passed since Elouise turned up, and Brooke had asked Ceyal out for the weekend.

Some people might have had issues with the whole gender thing -- who asked who out and all that -- but Brooke saw no qualms. If it came down to it, she would propose without thinking twice (but she knew Ceyal would want to, which was the only reason she didn't). She'd play him the song over lunch, and see if he thought the same as she.

She pulled herself out of her thoughts as she saw Ceyal heading towards the Grand Entrance, and her smile turned into a grin. Stepping forward to meet him, she didn't hesitate to tiptoe and press her lips gently against his. "Hey, you," she murmured, interlacing her fingers with his. When the kiss ended a few seconds later, she turned, hand still holding his, and grinned. "Shall we?"


Harry Potter: Hufflepuff || Adopted || Sixteen
Superhero: Shapeshifter || Adopted || Sixteen || Evil || Always changes appearance
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Ceyal Kalhoun


Posts : 5
Join date : 2017-08-25

PostSubject: Re: Only Us [Broyal]   Fri Oct 13, 2017 4:55 pm

The past few weeks could be called the craziest in his whole life - and that was saying something. Ever since Elouise came to Hogwarts and Brooke found her, Ceyal's world had turned upside down. Again. He was worried, anxious, and angry all at once.

In the days that followed Elouise's appearance, he'd gone to Brooke on many occasions, mainly freaking out about what to do. He'd been so focused on finding his sister that he hadn't thought about what he would do after he found her. His girlfriend was the voice of reason, helping him to calm down and giving him advice.

He wanted to get to know his sister, be the brother he wanted to be to her, ask her about everything that had happened, and yet he knew that he could not move too fast. He was a total stranger to her and it had to be frightening to suddenly find out that a seventeen-year-old guy was her brother. Not to mention, she still hadn't met Esther yet. They had to catch up on eleven years and yet, Ceyal didn't want to overwhelm her with too much.

With all his attention on Elouise, he'd kind of neglected his relationship with Brooke. Most of their conversation revolved around his sister. When Brooke asked him out for the weekend, he realised his thoughtlessness. Contrary to what most believed, he didn't mind at all that Brooke had been the one to ask him out. Communication was important between couples and if Brooke had asked him out, Ceyal would do very well to listen and comply.

Dressed in a plain grey t-shirt with a plaid blue button up thrown over, black jeans, and boots, he exited his dorm and headed towards the entrance where he'd agreed to meet Brooke before they went to Hogsmeade. His eyes found her easily - he'd recognise her anywhere - and he slightly regretted his decision to dress so informally. Brooke's beauty -inside and out - always captured him and how she chose someone like him, he could never understand. He knew he shouldn't see it that way, but he couldn't help but think that she was too good for him.

He received the kiss Brooke greeted him with, squeezing her hands ever so gently. "Hey," he repeated, one corner of his lips turning up in a fond smile. He nodded at her question, dropping another kiss on her forehead before leading her out the door.

It was a lovely autumn day with some of the trees already beginning to lose their leaves. Ceyal reveled in the beauty of nature, staying silent for a few minutes and just enjoying the feel of Brooke's hand in his. Merlin knew he did nothing to deserve such an amazing girl, a survivor like him who understood him so well, and yet here she was, walking by his side, doing life with him.

"I haven't thanked you yet," he began, breaking the silence. "So thank you. The past few weeks have been insane and you've helped me more than you can imagine," he continued, giving her a rare smile.


Thanks to Mel for the amazing sig!!
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Brooke Walker


Posts : 29
Join date : 2017-08-19

PostSubject: Re: Only Us [Broyal]   Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:28 pm

She couldn't help but check him out as he appeared. Brooke had never been one who ever really looked at guys that way -- her life hadn't really encouraged that sort of behaviour -- but ever since she started dating Ceyal, she had started looking (and she meant looking) at him whenever she could. She'd fallen in love with him -- the way he cared, the way he'd smile at her when he didn't think she was looking... his entire personality, really -- and not his looks. It just so happened that she had a boyfriend who was really, really good looking too, a benefit she was notcing more and more.

How she had ended up with someone like him, she'd never know. That was a statement she heard herself saying often, and it was also a statement she knew he was saying. Whatever the case, they had found each other.

When she'd first met him, the amount of time he smiled could be counted on one hand. And then, somehow, that smile had been shown more often, and it was another part of him that she'd fallen in love with. "You're looking good," she commented, the kiss on her forehead bringing forth a light blush. Almost twelve whole months later and he still made her feel like a little schoolgirl, butterflies and squirmy insides and the whole 'puppy love' thing. Many girls in her dorm had been surprised; she'd always been so adamant she didn't want a boyfriend, and then she'd come back one day and announced she and Ceyal were an item. Sometimes, Brooke was as surprised as they had been, wondering how she'd managed to snag him.

Now, however, wans't one of those times. Now was one of the moments when she was comfortable, wanting nothing more than to just hold his hand and be together forever. As they walked, she took in the silence. There were couples, Brooke knew, that had to constantly be doing something -- talking, eating, playing around... But not them. Somehow, from the start, they'd always felt natural around the other, neither needing to do anything but be themselves, and often they would just spend time together without doing anything in particular. Sometimes, they'd take walks in parks; other times, they'd sit in the library, one reading, the other doing work. So long as they were near, it didn't matter what they did.

Tilting her head to look up at him, Brooke let out a light laugh. "Thank me?" she repeated, an amused tone to her voice. "What for? Being your friend? Your girlfriend? Someone who cares for you?" She flashed him an easy, teasing grin. "Don't mention it."

They entered Hogsmeade, and she led him to Madam Pudifoot's. Slightly more ... romantic ... than she liked, the food there was good -- probably the only reason she put up with the appearances. Allowing Ceyal to pull out a chair for her, she sat, smiling at him, as he sat opposite her. Not just speaking just yet, they placed their orders, and then as the waiter walked off, Brooke slipped out her phone, plugged in her earphones, and slid it across the table towards him.

"Listen to this," she said, not elaborating.

[[OOC: Sorry this is choppy. xD Wrote it during a session because MERLIN it's...yea. Basically though he'd press play and listen to the song.xD]]


Harry Potter: Hufflepuff || Adopted || Sixteen
Superhero: Shapeshifter || Adopted || Sixteen || Evil || Always changes appearance
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PostSubject: Re: Only Us [Broyal]   

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Only Us [Broyal]
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