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 Charles Beaumont

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Charles Beaumont

Charles Beaumont

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PostSubject: Charles Beaumont   Charles Beaumont EmptyFri Sep 08, 2017 8:12 pm

Charles Beaumont Tumblr_n6iuj9yZOF1r3njpgo1_500

Charles Beaumont FPcGmnb
Full Name: Charles Alexander Beaumont
Goes by: Charles

Gender: Male
Sexual Alignment: Bisexual

Charles Beaumont PhgudjJ
Hair colour and style: Dirty blonde that is immaculately combed, always

Eye colour: Blue

Height: 5 foot 11
Body type: Tall, lanky

Dress sense: Fine clothes, everything tailored

Birthmarks: N/A
Scars: N/A

Etcs: Only child and loves it. Kind of loves it.

Charles Beaumont Nd3oBMR
- Caramel tarts- a childhood favourite.
- Reading- something he did to pass the time, and to (hopefully) blend in.
- His bedroom -it's big, luxurious, and has all of his favourite things, practically his sanctuary.
- Running- it was one sport he was actually good at. He's one of the fastest in his muggle school.
- Money- one thing he's (yet to) learn(t) is that money can get you whatever you desire. And in his position, he's actually rather advantaged. Although, already he has a taste for finer things.

- Other kids- the kids at his muggle school weren't particularly nice. He put it down to jealousy. Regardless, he's much more comfortable around adult than other kids.
- Rugby - he's one of the smaller kids, meaning they practically bulldoze him. He doesn't fancy being covered in mud. Any sport in general with the exception of quidditch, he supposes.
- Oafs- or anyone bigger than him that thinks they can make him do what he doesn't want to do.
- People that think they can control him or people that are condescending- he's capable of running his own race

- He's clever- he immerses himself in knowledge, enjoying being superior in the fact that he knows things that others don't.
- Negotiating- dealing. He's watched his father do it his entire life, he's very well attuned to it.
- Reading people- he's good with reading emotions, facial expressions and body language
- Twisting words- it goes hand in hand with negotiating really.

- Physically, he's very weak, and small. Much more of a scholar than an athlete.
- Flippant to those he sees as beneath him- which could explain why the children at his muggle school really didn't like him.
- He's not good at forming close bonds with others.
- Superficial- he enjoys the finer things in life, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but they can sometimes cloud his judgement.

Positive traits:
- Witty- he's good at making quips, and can actually be funny in the dry, sarcastic kind of way.
- Charming, when he needs to be. It's easy to tell people what they want to hear.
- Very loyal to his friends. He wouldn't betray someone kind to him.

Negative traits:
- He's a tad arrogant. And by a tad, really quite arrogant.
- He finds it difficult to relate to people his own age.
- He cares a little too much for money, and really should care a little less.
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Charles Beaumont DSGaD4G
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Charles Beaumont
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