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Hyunwoo Kim

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PostSubject: Hyunwoo Kim   Hyunwoo Kim EmptyTue May 29, 2018 10:28 am

Hyunwoo Kim MtBTqG5

Hyunwoo Kim Tumblr_p7xiymjUUe1qg5nyao3_1280

Hyunwoo Kim FPcGmnb

Full Name: Hyunwoo Kim (김현우)
Goes by: Hyunwoo

Gender: Cis-male
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual

Age: 19
Birthdate: December 25

Blood Purity: Halfblood

House: Hufflepuff
Occupation: University Student
Wand Type: Chestnut, unicorn hair, 13”, inflexible

Hyunwoo Kim PhgudjJ

Hair colour and style: Naturally black, straight, cut short; typically not styled but sometimes he gels it up or parted to the side.

Eye colour: Dark brown

Height: 5’11”
Body type: Rather fit from having to handle magical creatures, but strong for practical use and not performance.

Dress sense: He puts more effort into clothing because of his parents, but at the same time dresses extremely casually if he's handling creatures—he wouldn't want his nicer clothes to get torn or soiled.

Birthmarks/Scars/Piercings: Lots of small scars from creatures he's handled, and a bigger trio of claw marks across his chest, none of which were healed properly. No piercings.

Hyunwoo Kim Nd3oBMR

Likes: (min 3)
- Magical creatures of any kind, even if they're dangerous. He's convinced that they're simply misunderstood or mistreated, and truly enjoys studying and caring for them.
- Reading, even books he doesn't quite understand. If he encounters one that's beyond him, he stays with it until he gets it, doing research and re-reading until it makes sense.
- He loves being around nature of any kind, since he grew up near a river and then surrounded by forest, and always felt at peace on the edge of society.

Dislikes: (min 3)
- People who are too stubborn in their beliefs and unwilling to consider change, even if they are possibly correct; he believes strength lies in knowledge of different walks of life, beliefs, and experiences, so to disregard that is ignorant and weak. This extends to people who are insistent on following tradition, especially if said tradition doesn't fit modern times.
- Arbitrary rules that have no reason behind them, the equivalent of “because I said so.”
- He absolutely hates how isolated and ignorant magic society is, and the obsolete, near-incestuous hierarchy present in it acting under the guise of “purity.”
- Meat, most seafood, and any food that was once physically part of a living creature. He's vegetarian, but will sometimes eat seafood or eggs if he's sure they're from a moral source.
- When people judge others based on differing, subjective beliefs, especially religion and when they haven't put in effort to understand.

Strengths: (min 3)
- Considers almost everything, especially involving people, as objectively as he can. He weighs every option he finds and acts according to what he feels is ultimately best.
- Incredibly articulate, mostly stemming from his extensive reading.
- Is very good at studying and learning—he's trilingual, speaking fluent Korean and English, along with some Arabic and Turkish.

Weaknesses: (min 3)
- Despite his thorough thought process and considerations, if he's pressured in the moment or passionate enough about something then all thought goes out the window—this sometimes puts him or others in danger.
- He's very ticklish, but never tells anyone.
- Can sometimes be too critical of information and sources.

Positive Traits: (min 3)
- Is very good at negotiating, especially for compromises, and prides himself on seeming fairly neutral.
- Self-sustaining if he needs to be, even when he was young, so he's very used to doing things on his own.
- Very compassionate, especially towards those who are disadvantaged or defenseless.

Negative Traits: (min 3)
- Will often risk his personal safety in order to protect, rescue, or care for magical creatures.
- Insists on doing his own research, as he doesn't trust most people, aside from those closest to him, to have all the right information. This usually makes more work for him, but he feels it's necessary.
- Downplays his intelligence, not always intentionally, but it's covered by humor and his bright personality.
- Sometimes forms very strong opinions that can rarely be swayed, especially if his emotions come into play.

Hyunwoo Kim 4uLzEID

The Kim family, having years of history living in Itaewon, in Seoul, South Korea, and a family business of clothes-making—specializing in custom design and suits—was the most low to middle class a family could get. Hyunwoo’s mother, eight years after his older brother Minhyun was born, had him, and he was loved just as much. Her magic was passed on to both sons, and Minhyun attended Mahōtokoro for two years before his parents realized he was being bullied; after that, they transferred him to Hogwarts. While it was much further away, it was much safer, and he stayed to attend university.

Growing up, Hyunwoo was close with both of his parents, but especially so his mother. She often brought him down to the river that ran through the city, or out to the forest hours away for stargazing or observing wildlife—later on, Hyunwoo would realize it was those moments that truly sparked his love for nature and animals. And with Itaewon being an incredibly multicultural area of the city, Hyunwoo grew up immersed in many ways of life, allowing him to explore each one for his own.

Come his eleventh birthday, however, his parents presented him with two options: attend Mahōtokoro in Japan, or go to Hogwarts like his brother, visiting during holidays when they could afford it. Not being one to shy away from an adventure, Hyunwoo chose the latter, even if at first his English was shaky and he didn't have many friends. He understood the hierarchy within the school—which was much milder compared to past decades—but no matter which way he looked at it, it always seemed unnecessary, a feeble attempt at order. Of course, that was just one instance of him questioning the organization of magical society, and he continued to do so for years to come.

It was strange being sorted in Hufflepuff, assumed to be almost the “leftovers,” too mild for any other house, and Hyunwoo often wondered why his sorting went the way it did; he had almost begged to be put into Ravenclaw, but the Sorting Hat had changed its mind near the end. Minhyun had been Ravenclaw, but it seemed there were other things in store for the younger, more than seeking knowledge obsessively as he already did. Though his parents sent countless letters throughout the years—from his arrival, his first exams, in reply to his extensive rants regarding magical creatures, his OWLS and then NEWTS—his mother kept up with it more, but he kept every single one safe.

Homesickness struck usually in the first few weeks of every year, and Hyunwoo often couldn't stop thinking about what the rest of his family was doing in certain moments, how much time there was until he could see them again. But as time passed, his independence grew, and before long he was in the top places of every class, strict studying ethics having been driven into him for years previous. That paired with his unquenchable thirst for knowledge made for an over eager student, one who got into more trouble then he let his parents know about. Among that was one time involving a mishap in the forest that he refused to speak of again, but he always kept himself closer to the shadows, in that he never intentionally drew attention in order to allow himself more freedom.

As time passed, he began to explore not just practical matter, but also that of religion, taking his time to explore every option and spending years deliberating before settling on Islam near the end of his secondary school years. His dedication and passion for magical creatures also grew, and he found himself going to further lengths in order to gather information. He got carried away though, and after a long and convoluted trail involving an unidentified box, two men, and an underground club, Hyunwoo found himself tangled in the magic black market. Fortunately he got away unscathed, but he did witness the horrible fates so many creatures were suffering even before being sold. The summer following was spent tracking down which creatures he could help, partnering with a somewhat radical magizoologist in order to rescue more at risk creatures.

For the years since then, he has worked in secret to give better lives to any creature he can reach, while also managing to finish secondary school and get accepted to university in the UK. It was an obvious choice to study magizoology further, but come the summer after his first year, Hyunwoo was once again caught up in the black market, this time for a dragon. He had heard of an Antipodean Opaleye egg going up for sale weeks in advance, and had eventually managed to snatch the now new hatchling out before smugglers could profit; the small creature proved to be feisty, but Hyunwoo has since raised her on his own in hopes to return her to her rightful home.


Profile || Halfblood || Magizoologist-in-training || University Year 2
The world is dangerous not because of those who do harm but because of those who look at it without doing anything.

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