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Jaehan Hwang

Jaehan Hwang

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Jaehan Hwang 7vYcLws

Jaehan Hwang Tumblr_p4gm03gpET1va53i7o1_400

Jaehan Hwang FPcGmnb

Full Name: Jaehan Hwang (황재한)
Goes by: Jae, sometimes Jaehan

Gender: Male
Sexual Alignment: Quoiromantic asexual (i.e. he can’t tell the difference between platonic and romantic feelings most of the time. He would be open to a vague-defined relationship with anyone.)

Age: 15
Birthdate: 28 October

Class: Ambiguous, leaning toward hero but will likely stay in the middle forever barring any incredibly influential event or person.
Occupation: Student

Superpower: Super speed — Jae is capable of moving at speeds the human eye cannot naturally follow, up to the speed of sound in his prime. At a slightly difficult speed he can outpace Formula One cars (233 mph; 375 km/h), but the highest he can go is roughly twice that at his current level of ability. With this speed comes many advantages and disadvantages, namely his metabolism is extremely fast, requiring him to eat much more than the average person just to fuel his body normally. In terms of his brain keeping pace with his speed, for the most part he can think almost as fast as he moves—only when using his speed—but if he is truly pushing himself then he acts more on instinct and previous thoughts rather than real-time thinking.

Jaehan Hwang PhgudjJ

Hair colour and style: Short and medium brown, sometimes parted in the middle but he often lets his bangs be.

Eye colour: Dark brown

Height: 5’10”
Body type: Lean, mostly due to his metabolism.

Dress sense: He wears tennis shoes perpetually, though needs special pairs so that they don't disintegrate when he's running. If he knows he won't be running then usually a t-shirt and jeans, but more often than not he's found with at least one piece of running clothes.

Birthmarks/Scars/Piercings: He's always thought piercings were cool, but never worked up the nerve to get one. A 4-inch scar down his right thigh.

Jaehan Hwang Nd3oBMR

Likes: (min 3)
- Running, moreso a combination of his power and his love for cross-country—it’s a sport not dependent on teams or communication.
- Space! Yes personal space, but also space as in galaxies, far off stars, endless mystery—but it has remained a passionate hobby, only emerging when he stargazes or in science class.
- Naps, because sleep is the best thing.
- Lo-fi music

Dislikes: (min 3)
- Tomatoes; tomato sauce is fine, but regular tomatoes are “satan’s food.” AKA one time when he was little he ate a bad tomato, and hasn’t forgotten.
- Even the idea of conflict makes him anxious.
- Being called on in class, even if he can talk that day.
- Crowds, especially when he’s not with anyone.

Strengths: (min 3)
- Very good at remembering and following routines.
- If he has a planned script for how interactions should go, then he's more or less fine.
- Because of his speed, he's able to do his homework very quickly.
- Speaks English, ASL, and near-fluent Korean.

Weaknesses: (min 3)
- Lacking in communication skills, not exclusively because he’s hard of hearing, but because he’s more often than not very awkward, as if he never learned how to properly carry a conversation.
- Intense anxiety, both social and general, making it difficult for him to confident and very easy to have anxiety attacks.
-Has trouble with conversations if he can’t read lips or if surroundings are loud, and also can’t hear people if he’s listening to music with headphones.

Positive Traits: (min 3)
- Very understanding
- Content with working behind the scenes, especially if his speed can help.
- Fairly hardworking if he doesn't hate what he's doing.

Negative Traits: (min 3)
- Very indecisive and submissive; he’ll avoid making a decision in fear of upsetting someone, and go along with other people’s plans.
- Jumps to conclusions very quickly if things aren’t going according to plan or if there are any
- Doesn’t really let people know about his hearing, and doesn't ask for any accommodation even though it would help him; he’s resigned himself to suffer in silence.

Jaehan Hwang 4uLzEID

As the third and last son of second generation South Korean parents, Jae grew up very American, much to the disappointment of his grandparents. His mother, Somin, previously set on having a full length career before fully settling down with a family, had been all but coerced into marrying a young Korean American man her parents introduced her to. After a few years when she found herself pregnant, she refused to stop working, not even after it was discovered she was having twins—her husband, Henry, saw that as she would rather risk her unborn children than give up her career, and vowed then that he would care for these children even if she never did.

Jae’s two older brothers were born, three minutes apart and somewhat premature, but they made it perfectly through the first few years of life with no issues, their father stepping up when Mrs. Hwang skirted her responsibilities as a mother. Financially, they were fairly stable, Somin having more than succeeded in the banking business. Then she got pregnant again after five years, and, for once in her life, took a break from her career because she felt she finally deserved it, not because of the pregnancy. Henry was frustrated, but not enough to act on it. Soon enough Jaehan was born, quiet and calm but also more clingy than his brothers, which irritated Somin to no end, more often than not leaving Henry to care for the almost newborn. He did an exemplary job balancing two six-year-olds and a baby, and was content being a stay-at-home dad.

But when Jae was four, he started to get an ear infection. His father was more actively concerned, insisting that they take him to see a doctor even at the beginning stage, but Somin argued that they were short on money and insisted to let it pass with home remedies. With time, it disappeared, and all seemed to be fine. Until it returned—again, and again, and again. Henry had tried everything after the initial infection, worried for their youngest and taking him to two doctors—the first had only negative conjectures, but the second confirmed it: Jae, feverish and tugging at his ear in pain, had acute otitis media. And Jae, five-years-old, finally free of infection after over a year of treatment, had lost part of his hearing.

Though he had begun speaking (English and minimal Korean) at the usual time for a child, the partial loss of his hearing impeded the development of his speech, as well as that of his social skills. Even with full hearing, Jae was very quiet and shy, even around family; but without it? Jae almost stopped speaking altogether. He could only somewhat tell what he sounded like, and, being a young child, he had no idea how to read lips or sign. His mother, ever the career woman who held high hopes for all of her children, began to lose hope in him, a trend throughout Jae’s entire childhood.

His father, however, worked night and day to learn ASL and teach it to his youngest, confident that once given the tools Jae would be able to live… normally, at the very least. For Jae’s first year of school, kindergarten, Henry thought it best to homeschool him, as Jae was still struggling majorly with communication and language skills. This proved to be very helpful for Jae, but unfortunately limited his social interaction with other kids his age, and by the time he entered elementary school he had no real idea how to make friends—and when compounded with his hearing, this made for a rough few years of school.

There were many prevalent trends throughout Jae’s childhood: his struggles with social interactions, making friends, language and communication, and speaking. After the loss of his hearing, Jae seemed to get anxious and intimidated very easily—possibly a result of his mother pressuring him—and stopped speaking in those circumstances. His father became concerned and took him again to a doctor and child psychiatrist and eventually psychologist, and it was determined that Jae was selectively mute, likely due to social anxiety and self-consciousness caused by his loss of hearing.

On top of that, it was around that time that Jae began exhibiting strange capabilities: though he was not socially active, he loved sports that involved running, especially ones that didn’t require teamwork, and it was during these activities that Henry observed his son was able to run significantly faster than his peers—almost inhumanly fast, especially for a kid his age. But, having no experience with superpowers, Henry could only follow the guidance of professionals. Jae’s speed was a gift, yes, but his father was afraid of him having yet another thing different about him when there was already so much.

Jae learned to control his power and participated in cross-country throughout middle school, even joined the astronomy club in eighth grade, and was finally ready for high school. At the beginning of his first year he was a part of Arthur and Eden’s semi-group, though for him it didn't quite extend to Daniel and beyond because he was much too quiet. The tragedy that occurred that October, the unfortunate death of Daniel, shook the makeshift group, and Jae began to stick more to himself. But even in his first year he would go to the greenhouses to have a quiet moment to himself if the weather wasn't suited for running, never any pressure to talk with Eden; the other boy understood that awkwardness, fortunately.

With year one under his belt the next well underway, another event shook Jae’s already fragile world: his parents were getting a divorce. A mutual decision. Jae found out a week before his birthday and hasn't slept or spoken much since then, began keeping to himself even more—if he weren’t already so quiet, his teachers and sparse friends would likely be concerned, but to them there is hardly anything different and Jae wishes to keep it to himself.


Profile || Super Speed || Student || 15
Sometimes hiding is easier than living.

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