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 Healing the Quiet [Arden]

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Arthur Bhuwakul


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PostSubject: Healing the Quiet [Arden]   Mon Feb 26, 2018 10:13 am

Mid November || Year 2

For a Saturday morning, waking up at eight was pushing it for Art. Usually he got to sleep in for at least another hour, lounge for a bit, eat, then head off to the greenhouse to see Eden, the typical weekend routine ever since that first Saturday they started talking again. Arthur wasn’t sure what could’ve warranted locks on a greenhouse of all places, but he did understand that the plants were valuable to Eden. He was honestly lucky to have been there at that exact time, on what was probably the only day he ever woke up that close to dawn, and run into Eden. If it weren’t for that chance, then with their combined awkwardness, maybe they wouldn’t have started talking again at all.

There was a buzzing on his bedside table. Ah, right… eight AM… He heaved a heavy sigh, eyes opening for only the second time—first having been to check the time and glare at the clock—and uncoordinated hand moving to grab his phone. It took a few tries to get it unplugged, but soon enough he could see the notifications—One Missed Call From: Mom—before the screen lit up again with an incoming call from his mom.

It was a miracle—or perhaps just evidence of his bilingual childhood—that he was able to understand his mother’s rapid-fire Thai when he was half asleep, but he did miss a few words. “Wait, so, dad’s birthday party? What about it?” He questioned, sitting up and running a hand through his bedhead, eyes almost shutting again. It came out in English and she mirrored the switch with simpler words.

“I don’t remember the details—I left a message, listen to it, okay? Get permission.”

“Okay,” through a yawn, and the call was over with a quick goodbye and advice for him to sleep more.

It took only a minute for Arthur to realize he had no idea how to check his voicemail, but only another minute to look it up and go through the steps. The prerecorded voice came through the speaker, “Twenty-two unread voicemails. Press 1 to listen.” Wait. Twenty-two? His mom couldn’t have talked long enough to leave twenty-two voicemails, right? But then who—would anyone in their right mind leave that many? Arthur paused, but after coming up with a blank, pressed 1.

November 5, 2016,” the electronic voice stated the date of the first voicemail and Art realized in seconds that it was—

”Hey, Art. It’s me, Eden. You already know that. I mean, hey. How are you? I didn’t see you in school this week. Two, actually, I think?”


Two hours later

If anyone had told Art he’d be crying at 8 AM on a Saturday, he would’ve slept in more. Not that he regretted spending the first part of his morning listening to Eden’s many voicemails—in fact, it was nice to hear his voice. He hadn’t ever thought to ask about Eden’s side of things when he was gone, too caught up in the past and himself—god why didn’t he call him back, he should’ve—

The past two hours had been a rollercoaster, to say the least; full of crying, then laughing, replaying messages and feeling more, heart jumping to his throat on some. Fortunately he had had the sense to eat breakfast about halfway through, and after twenty-one voicemails… his mom’s voice, the one he was expecting to hear, but all he cared about was Eden.

The last voicemail from Eden. June 10. Eight months worth of messages that Arthur hadn’t noticed, and then Eden went and dropped that, and he didn’t even know. Eden liked him? He… liked him

Art jumped out of bed, grabbing shoes and rustling Mocha, taking seconds to get out the door; he hadn’t even bothered changing clothes, still in the t-shirt and sweats he wore to bed, hair just as messy as his bed covers. Mocha ran after him as he all but sprinted to the greenhouses, he knew Eden was there, had to see him. The three minutes it took felt too long but before he knew it he was at there, punching in the code Eden had taught him and pulling open the door, Mocha rushing in after him. A quick glance around and—Eden. Right there, right in front of him, shocked but… maybe…

Arthur’s body reacted before his mind caught up, and even with the heavy breathing from the running—Mocha had flopped down and given up next to some empty pots—he walked right up to Eden, taking a second to just look before wrapping his arms around the boy and burying his head in his shoulders, saying only one thing: “I got your messages.”


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Eden Ming


Posts : 37
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PostSubject: Re: Healing the Quiet [Arden]   Mon Feb 26, 2018 11:33 am

His morning started like any other. While most students would spend Saturdays in bed, Eden was up at the crack of dawn -- sometimes earlier -- to go down to the Greenhouses. Depending on the time of year and whether he had any particular projects going on, Eden could be there as early as three in the morning.

Today, however, he'd decided to give himself a rare sleep-in day, meaning that he only headed to his plants at six. The morning air was cold and chilly, hinting at the fast approaching winter. Soon, some of his plants would shed their leaves and wilt, only to emerge stronger and better in Spring. Some had already done that, and his Greenhouse floor was littered with yellow and red leaves. These he collected every day and put into a large compost bin. They made excellent soil once they had time to break down. There were, of course, some plants that survived the winter months, and even in the simulated warmth of the Greenhouse, they were usually cold to the touch. It was as though the plants had an internal clock that told them it should be cold.

The time passed by quickly as he took care of the few plants that were still around. As always, Eden didn't bother looking at a clock. It was Saturday, which meant he had nothing on, and on the off chance something did come up, all the Professors knew where to find him, as did... well, almost everyone. In fact, there probably wasn't a single person who didn't know Eden Ming was the student gardener; he was the one they went to when they needed things from the greenhouse and the usual gardener (who worked a specific time) wasn't around.

The door opened and Eden put down his spade, turning. It was most likely Arthur; the male had made it a routine to come and join him. Why, Eden didn't know, nor did he dare to ask, despite the curiosity gnawing away at him. Surely after all those voicemails, not once of which Arthur ever responded to, he had blown any chance of a friendship? But Art seemed content to pretend it never happened, and if Arthur was, Eden would do that, too.

But something was wrong and a light frown touched Eden's expression. Art was panting, as though he'd run all the way down and there was something in his eyes and the way Art was staring that made Eden's heart drop. Did something happen? He tried to ask but the words got caught and all he managed was a tiny squeak, so inaudible he himself almost missed it. Was someone hurt? Did...

The hug came out of nowhere and Eden's breath stopped, and for a moment it felt like his heart had, too. His ears rang with a rush of blood and he blinked once, twice, and then a third time. He barely heard the words, and it took twice as long for the meaning to register. What messages? Eden hadn't left any messages. The only time he'd ever done that was...


He swallowed -- or rather, tried to. There was nothing but a dry itch. He coughed instead. "My... ah... m-messages." He paused, realising he still hadn't returned the hug. It was too late now to do so without it being awkward, but it was even more so to continue to stand there, and so, tentatively, Eden raised his arms and laced them around Arthur. It felt so right that Eden was suddenly certain that this was a dream. "My voicemails," he repeated, a little more certainty, now that he knew it was a dream.

"I... I see."


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Arthur Bhuwakul


Posts : 18
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PostSubject: Re: Healing the Quiet [Arden]   Sat Mar 03, 2018 5:48 pm

Listening to Eden’s voicemails—eight months’ worth—left Arthur immediately regretting withdrawing so severely. Yes, it had been a horrible time and he was in a bad place, but even in that moment he couldn’t help but think that just maybe if he had just picked up the phone, listened to his inbox, answered one call, then maybe it wouldn’t have been as horrible of a year, alone. Maybe they could’ve planned things for the summer, if nothing else; maybe that way Arthur wouldn't have thought so long and hard about not going back to school, about not sticking around to find out if he could make it.

What did Eden even think? That Art ignored the messages? That… that he didn’t like Eden in that way? It had taken a good half hour of wrestling his own thoughts and fears and questions, but once all of those had been put to rest, Arthur… liked Eden. Like liked him. Not in the same way he had liked—Daniel, but… different, somehow. He knew Eden, shared that awkwardness, listened to his obsessions, loved—oh my god.

It was that thought that had sent Arthur into overdrive; even before he had heard that Eden liked him, he was ready to find him and confess backed by pure adrenaline, but after? He didn’t even allow himself time to think, just to run.

And that was how he found himself in Eden's arms for what was probably the first time, unless he forgot something, and even though it was entirely based on impulse it felt so right, safe. His hands found their way around the other boy's back, gripping his shirt as if trying to make sure he was real, dozens of disconnected words and phrases flashing through his mind and trying to escape. “You—and she—I didn't—that's—”

An intentional deep breath, and all Arthur could continue with was a disjointed apology. “I didn’t—I didn’t know and it-it just—I’m sorry—and everything that happened—I-I didn’t realize—” another breath, this one almost shuddering as his emotions started to catch up with him, “I would've—if I'd known—I’m-I’m sorry.”


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Open your eyes, look at what's real.

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PostSubject: Re: Healing the Quiet [Arden]   

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Healing the Quiet [Arden]
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