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 First Signs of Friendship [Jae]

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Amber Carter


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PostSubject: First Signs of Friendship [Jae]   Sun Feb 25, 2018 6:21 pm

First Saturday of Nov || Year 2

Almost two years in school and Amber still had not gotten a full or proper grip on her abilities. She thought she had full control over her mental shield, that she could now properly block people's thoughts from entering her own mind and eavesdropping. She thought wrong. When it happened, it had happened rather unexpectedly, leaving her not so much embarrassed but hurt.

It had started off innocently enough. She'd gone to one of the study rooms to write, having finished all her homework. Elleon was meant to meet her later that day, but he'd given her a note not half an hour ago, telling her that he was needed by one of their teachers for something; it hadn't been anything upsetting, for she didn't mind. It had taken them a long time to get together, and now that they were, she wasn't going to ruin it by being clingy. Besides, it wasn't like they wouldn't see each other the next day.

So she sat, pen in hand, and let her mind wander. There were poems to be written about him -- about how much she loved him -- and that would take time, which she now had. And then a group of females had wandered in, talking among themselves, and Amber adjusted her mental shield a tad too late, and the thoughts, Urg, why is she here? and She's such a freak, came flooding in.

Amber stood, taking a deep breath to settle the tears she could feel -- rejection still stung, no matter how used to it she was -- and gathered her books, placing them in her bag with hands that only shook a little. Her head high, not allowing them to see the hurt in her eyes, she brushed past them. A fleeting thought -- her mental shield always wavered when she was upset -- was heard as she did, mocking in tone: It's like she heard us.

She let her feet guide her, moving outside into the frosty air and out onto the path. She only recognised where she was headed when she saw the trees pressing in around her. Of course; she should've guessed sooner. The camping grounds would be abandoned during winter. Nobody was daft enough to camp in November, unless their powers allowed otherwise. She was lucky she had a coat in her bag, from the last time she was outside and forgot to hang up in her room. Digging it out as she walked, she put it on, before picking up her pace until she reached the clearing.

There were no tents pitched, as expected, only marked out areas where they were to go. Empty barbeque pits lay abandoned, waiting for spring to come around, next to picnic tables. There wouldn't be snow for at least another month, but that didn't mean it wasn't cold, and as she sat at one of the tables, she idly noticed that the morning dew had frozen, creating ice drops on the edge of the wood. Not allowing herself to feel the chill in her heart that had nothing to do with weather, Amber slipped out her notebook. When all else failed to comfort, she had her poems.


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Jaehan Hwang


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PostSubject: Re: First Signs of Friendship [Jae]   Thu Mar 01, 2018 12:22 pm

For the first few months of Jae’s second year, everything had seemed fine — even Arthur was back in school, now in the same year and some of the same classes. But at the same time, Jae was still obviously nervous about what could go wrong. And, barely two months in, he was proven right.

His parents, over the phone exactly two weeks ago, had broken the news that they were getting a divorce.

It had been the farthest thing off his radar—and for Jae, that was saying something—yet somehow made it to the forefront of his concerns. He knew that his parents weren’t close, his mom was too worried about her own career which left his dad to take care of him and his brothers, but a divorce? It almost seemed too extreme. Jae wasn’t able to stop thinking about it for the past two weeks, slept not nearly enough, and the stress easily got to him and effectively choked every word out of him.

And that was what spurred him more to run that particular weekend, to get away from school and avoid people he wouldn’t even be able to speak to. Music wasn’t enough, so he knew he had to run, not using his speed but just… run. Fortunately it wasn’t too cold, and he was off before he knew it, running on autopilot while his mind whirred in the background. But didn’t they love each other? Why—who would I live with—why? ... Great birthday present, I guess. Soon enough his thoughts were dominating his mind and his feet were finding their own places; he wasn’t even entirely sure where he was running, but it seemed fine enough terrain, the trees around were—trees?

Wait—am I—when did I get to the woods—this is near—

Jae’s foot caught on a loose tree root and he tripped, hands barely reaching the ground before his face did, knees and palms taking the brunt of the fall. He hissed at the pain, likely the most noise he made all day, and cursed in his head—F***, goddamnit that hurt—shifting to take the pressure of his hands and knees, wincing at the dirt and specks of blood underneath and the new rips in his pants. He let out deep sigh before gingerly pushing himself up, almost stumbling as he put his full weight back on his knees but using a nearby tree as support for a second.

Can’t believe I f***ing fell, a sharp exhale and he looked around for somewhere to sit, only then realizing how close he was to the empty campground. Oh, right, benches, okay, he mouthed the last word, slowly making his way toward where he knew the picnic benches were placed. It took a good minute to get himself situation on a lone bench, occupied with inspecting the damage to his hands — not horrible, but they still stung when he moved them, eliciting another hiss. Just had to go and f*** this up, too…


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First Signs of Friendship [Jae]
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