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Devin Brennham

Devin Brennham

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PostSubject: Devin Brennham   Devin Brennham EmptyFri Feb 16, 2018 7:16 pm

Devin Brennham 7vYcLws

Devin Brennham FPcGmnb
Devin Brennham Devin10

Full Name: Devin Marcus Brennham
Goes by: Devin

Gender: Male
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual

Age: 16
Birthdate: 24 Jan

Class: Hero
Occupation: Student

Superpower: Life Manipulation

Devin was born with the rather unfortunate ability to manipulate life itself. This means that he can, at will, remove or give life to anything he wants. He can bring back to life anything dead, and he can take life from anything, although only to the maximum. (That is to say, he either kills someone or revives them; he can’t ‘half-kill’ someone.) There is no limit to how often he can use his power, as far as he is aware, although he has never experimented.

He has to be able to physically touch the person or thing, and it takes a few seconds of concentration. (He doesn’t know this, but if he concentrates before he touches someone, the effect is instant; he just needs to focus and sort of ‘hold’ his intent there, and when he touches his intended target they’ll either be resurrected or killed on the spot.)

When he was born, his father had someone look over him to determine what power he had, as they not only suspected but expected him to have one. The announcement of his power came as a shock to many, and the person hired was sworn (and paid) to secrecy. While his powers did not come into play until he understood what death and life was, his parents were very careful to keep his hands covered with gloves, and when he was upset he was always brought to a room with no living things until he was old enough to learn how to control it.

The only time he’s ever used it was when he was seven and his dog had died. Not caring, Devin ran out to where ‘Goldy’ was and tore off his glove, pressing a hand against the dog’s head. Five seconds later and he was up and alive, tail wagging. It died again three months later, and that’s when Devin realised the truth of things: everybody and everything lives and dies. There’s a time for everything; who was he to mess with what nature ordained?

From then on Devin refused to use his abilities, swearing never again to either kill or resurrect. So far, he’s kept his promise.

Devin Brennham PhgudjJ
Hair colour and style: A mixture between dark and light brown. Neat, but messy at the same time, as though he uses his hand for a comb.

Eye colour: Light blue. He doesn’t know it, but when he uses his abilities to take a life, they’ll turn black. When he uses it to bring life, it turns green.

Body type: Fit; not thin but not overweight either.

Dress sense: Casual formal, and always neat.

Birthmarks: On his lower back, he’s got a birthmark that looks a lot like a heart.
Scars: None, not with his mother with the ability to heal.

Etcs: N/A

Devin Brennham Nd3oBMR
- Being the smartest in the room
- Success in whatever he is doing
- Adventure
- New, exciting things to explore
- Learning, but only if he wants to
- Getting down to business
- Being straightforward

- Studies, but only because he is being forced to by his parents
- Small-talk
- Being/people who are/statements that are politically correct
- Being told what to do, but he does it anyway
- Routine
- People who can’t get to the point
- Long-winded stories or recollections

- Devin is what one could call a typical ‘goodie two-shoes’. He’s lawful good. He obeys all the rules given to him, even if he doesn’t believe in them for himself. That is to say, he will follow what someone in higher authority says even if it goes against what his own morals are.
- He tends to tap his foot a lot whenever he is impatient
- Devin also has a habit of interrupting people to get them to hurry up with their talking if he feels like they are rambling.

- He doesn’t forgive people easily, or, even if he does, he pretends to still be angry at them for days if not weeks.
- Devin tends to be very prideful, and it hurts him to find out he has been wrong; he will sulk for anywhere between a few hours to days, depending on how severe the blow was.
- Since Devin is too afraid to stand up to his parents, he tends to act out with people he doesn't like in a way of exerting his own dominance, and to make himself feel better. However, his instinct to follow rules goes against this and he usually becomes very guilty about it. As such, he is constantly in a battle with his conscience and his desire to be 'top dog'.

- Strong-willed; Devin will stand up for what he believes in and hardly ever sways from his positioning. His parents are among the very rare exceptions to this.
- Being direct and to the point; Devin is able to do this very well, getting across exactly what he needs or what should be done in as few words as possible and very clearly.
- Loyal to his closest friends; he will stand up for those he cares about and fight tooth and nail, but it's not exactly common to be one of these close friends.

- His parents; while he is able to stand up for many, many things, he is not able to tell his parents that he hates what he is doing and would rather be doing something else. As such, he is stuck doing something he loathes because he cannot bring himself to argue against their decision.
- Working with others; Devin would much rather work by himself than, as he would say, with ‘idiots who end up not doing what they are supposed to’.
- The whole idea of love; he doesn’t believe in it whatsoever, and thinks it is but a mere illusion.
- ‘Heart to heart’ conversations; being open is something Devin has never really been.
- Small-talk; Devin is unable to do this to save his life. He is not a talker, and cannot converse with anyone outside getting across what is needed for work or making plans.
- Listening; while he is unable to keep up conversation, he also cannot listen to people when they begin to ramble, especially if it is somebody he doesn't know well or doesn't care about.

Devin Brennham 4uLzEID
Born to two famous superheroes, Devin was conceived with his parents expecting him to enter into superhero school. In fact, his parents were so sure that he would have powers that a colleague of his father’s — whose power was, incidentally, the ability to detect the exact power in others — was brought in to determine what powers Devin had. To everyone’s shock and horror, he was pronounced as having the ability to start or end life.

He was raised cautiously, always wearing gloves and never allowed physical contact. It’s from this that his dislike of being touched comes from, even though he knows he can only take or give life willingly. His parents were never truly at home and he grew up with nannies and butlers — they were, after all, often out saving the world or countries, not that Devin ever really knew — and so his relationship with them is strained at best.

Mostly homeschooled, partly due to his powers, partly because his parents wanted a very specific education for him, Devin did not truly get the relational or social aspect that school brings; he doesn't really know how to ‘do’ friendship. The only contact with those of his age was after he was 7 and promised he would never use his powers ever again {see power description for more info on this}, and even then it was only with his parents’ colleagues’ children, most of which were vastly younger or older than him.

At 14 he finally entered superhero school, where he learnt (painfully slowly) what it was to mix with others and be a friend/have friends.

Two years later and Devin is… coping. To say he was thriving would be inaccurate, although perhaps in a way he is. He has some friends — two or three good ones from the sports team he joined — and excels in his classes.


Father: Jason Brennham
Mother: Shelby Brennham (neé Vogel)
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Devin Brennham
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