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 Overdue Scrutiny [Ivy]

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Bruce Sanderson


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PostSubject: Overdue Scrutiny [Ivy]   Mon Jan 15, 2018 4:10 pm

A lot could change in four months, Bruce was realising. Perhaps he shouldn't have been surprised -- his entire world changed in the time it took to open a bedroom door -- but it still caught him slightly off guard. He'd always had a plan for what to do if someone found out, mostly involving the memory charm and Henry's help. And yet, ironically, that hadn't been the case at all. Instead, he gained a best friend, someone to confide in and share his struggles with. With it came emotions Bruce had never thought he'd feel, but he ignored it best he could. Why ruin something perfect with something as trivial as feelings? No. He was bound first and foremost to his duty -- and that was to protect the family name, no matter the cost.

Still, Bruce knew he wanted to be different than his parents -- and, possibly, the rest of his ancestors. Whereas they'd been focused on getting money and maintaining their wealth, Bruce wanted to give it away. Not all, and definitely not at one go, but slowly and surely, he wanted to use the wealth -- far more than he knew what to do with in a hundred lifetimes -- for good. It was wealth, after all, that got his parents killed; this was speculation, but what else but money could drive a person mad? He would be careful about it, of course, so as not to have his father appear to have a sudden change of heart. He also didn't want to get rid of too much. The Sanderson legacy would continue onwards, no matter what, and that meant having wealth on which to sustain them.

Possibly influenced by his friendship with Ivy, or perhaps something that was an obvious choice, Bruce had begun to look into muggle orphanages. The wizarding world's politics were far too complex for Bruce to want to tangle with it just yet. Charity, in his world, was seen as no more than another angle with which to gain popularity. He knew he needed far more experience before he did that. In the muggle world, though, the Sandersons were not so closely scrutinised, and even if they had been, muggle politics was simpler. People could be generous without a hidden motive, and give simply because they wanted to. His father had held charity balls at the law firm before, and the hotels often allowed churches and whatnot to host events at their hall for discounted prices. Yes, the muggle world was perfect to start with.

It was the research that took time. With so many things on his plate -- the least of all were studies -- he hadn't had much time. Henry was a great help, of course, managing what didn't need his parents' direct involvement. They'd been planning easing his load a little by having his mother fall ill permanently, and possibly die soon. That would help a lot with the social aspects. All they'd need to do was play mournful family for a few months months and he'd be free of any more ladies' lunches. They'd started setting that up already, but it would be at least a year of sickness before she could die.

Finally, though, Bruce had a slow period of a couple days with which to do his research. It had hit him one evening that he'd missed, quite possibly, the most obvious aspect of the whole thing. Two phone calls later, he had everything he needed to know about Wool Orphanage on his father's desk. The more he read, the more his frown deepened, and at exactly half past midnight, Henry was woken up by Bruce informing him that Peter would be paying a visit to Wool Orphanage immediately. It took some convincing on Henry's part to get Bruce to agree to giving it a couple of days -- mostly so he could calm down and not do anything too brash -- before actually doing it.

Exactly two days later, Bruce downed a gulp of polyjuice, holding back the wince. More than three years had not helped him get used to either the taste or the sensation, although he'd learnt to hold it back rather well. He only needed a few hours at most, and so with another sip, he was all set and stepped back, allowing the changes to take place. As soon as he felt the changes stop, he changed, putting on a familiar suit and tie and quickly styling his hair the way he knew his father often did. It was all second nature by now.

Meeting Ivy in the hallway, he nodded once at Henry before taking her arm and apparating to Wool Orphanage. The outside was worse than he had anticipated, and his features deepened into a frown as he walked towards the entrance, trusting Ivy to follow. The door opened on the second knock. "Peter Sanderson," he said, the name coming with ease in the deep voice he was oh-so-familiar with that wasn't his own. "CEO of Sanderson and Co. Is the owner of this orphanage in?" There was no hesitation as he was lead to the office, his eyes scanning the surroundings of the orphanage as they passed through, frown deepening with each second.

Ivy followed behind him, silent as he had asked her to be; she would be given a chance to talk later. As soon as he got to the office, he shut the door behind him and Ivy, not bothering to thank the person who'd led him. Instead, he turned to the man sitting behind the desk in what was obviously the nicest place in the entire orphanage. "You are the owner?" he asked, tone barely polite; it was mostly cold.


Slytherin || Pureblood || Fourteen || Loner

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Ivy Richardson


Posts : 17
Join date : 2017-08-25

PostSubject: Re: Overdue Scrutiny [Ivy]   Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:38 pm

Ivy had been itching to get back to the orphanage since, roughly a week since she had been adopted. It wasn't that she didn't enjoy a life of comfort and privilege. Merely that she was kind of bored. She missed her friend, Halley, and even more missed the adrenaline rush that came with whatever it was that they had decided to get up to that very day. And yet, she was also nervous to be going back. When she had left, things had been rather tense, between her and Halley, and some of the other kids in the orphanage and neighbourhood. It wasn't too bad, it could have been far worse than it was, though Ivy didn't appreciate having to leave her friend behind if there was any sense of turmoil at all. Hopefully, she would have the opportunity to find her friend. If not, it would have to wait for another day.

The past few months had been, well, pretty good for Ivy. She had gained Bruce as a proper friend, and it turned out that a good friend made all the difference when it came to coping with such a change. And much to her surprise, he actually let her in on one rather large secret, pertaining to his family. For one of the first times, she didn't see this as a way of having an advantage over someone, but rather as something that connected her and Bruce, something that strengthened their friendship in some weird way.

Bruce had decided, almost out of the blue, to donate a large sum of money to the orphanage that she had come from. It was only natural that she come along on the day that Bruce decided to visit, considering it was the place that she used to call home. Or more so, the place she used to call home when inspections took place. That was a deal that she and a lot of the other kids had made with the owner, so long as they were there for inspections, they could do pretty much whatever they wanted. That was the way Ivy liked it. All in all, she didn't think it was too bad of a place, though perhaps heading back after experiencing the luxuries of the Richardson's place would change her perspective. Perhaps it didn't seem too bad because she had stayed at even worse places.

She had met Bruce at his house, on the day specified, wearing a simple black shirt and some floral skirt, along with her signature leather jacket, against her sister Serafina's wishes. She didn't want to dress up too much, mainly due to the fact that she knew how the people in that neighbourhood thought, and honestly, wanted to blend in as much as possible. That was her natural instinct, she couldn't help it. The two had apparated out the front of the orphanage, and she felt almost comforted at the fact that nothing at all had changed, from what she had remembered. Of course, she hadn't been gone for too long, less than a year, but it had felt like so much longer.

Bruce wasted no time in asking to be shown to the owner's office, and Ivy followed behind silently, as agreed upon. Walking through the narrow hall, she lightly ran her fingers along the wall, looking around as if to see if anything had changed, any new kids, to see if she saw anyone she knew, perhaps Halley. But alas, that would have to wait until business was done, and Bruce finished what he had to do.

"You are the owner?"

He didn't seem to be at all happy when asking that question. The man Bruce had addressed looked up from the papers on his desk, glass of whiskey in his hand.

"I am, and you are?" the owner replied, eyes flicking to Ivy before looking back to Bruce expectantly.
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Bruce Sanderson


Posts : 16
Join date : 2017-09-07

PostSubject: Re: Overdue Scrutiny [Ivy]   Tue Jan 16, 2018 2:51 pm

Bruce's eyes flickered to the glass the male was holding, internally raising an eyebrow and biting back a scathing comment. Not yet; there was time for it later. For now, Bruce merely wanted to observe and find out more about the man and the orphanage. There was a lot that needed to be done, that much was obvious, but where to start? Bruce was already beginning to second-guess his initial idea of donation. Eyes very quickly scanning his surroundings, he took in the bottle of expensive whiskey in a cabinet behind the desk. His posture stiffened a little. No, he was definitely not going to donate, not if the money was clearly going to furnishing the lifestyle of the owner and not the benefit of the kids.

"Sanderson," he replied, reaching into his pocket and withdrawing a business card. "Peter Sanderson." He held out the card, not bothering to stoop to the man's level. There had been no need for it, however, and the male's eyes showed recognition as he stood immediately, hastily placing down his glass and attempting to surreptitiously brush down his shirt.

"I'm terribly sorry. I didn't recognise you, Peter," the male said. "I-"

Bruce smiled, not a friendly nor polite one but the kind of grin an ape gave -- threatening, almost. It was cold and held no warmth, holding a warning of sort, although to what, it wasn't obvious. Not yet, anyway. "Mr Sanderson will do," Bruce said, interrupting the male. Tempted, Bruce had almost added 'Peter is for friends', but withheld himself at the last moment. He was not at a business meeting where to demonstrate power was to win; he was at an orphanage, and he was there for Ivy. There was no point starting a fight, not unless the male started one first.

"I'm terribly sorry, Mr Sanderson," the reply came. "W-what brings you to our humble orphanage? Has-" and at this, he glanced over at Ivy, his expression changing momentarily to one of dislike and disdain, clearly showing what he thought not just of Ivy, but of all the people in his orphanage; Bruce read him like an open book, even without legilimency. "She do something again?" The tone of his voice was again another indication that he neither cared for Ivy nor wanted anything to do with her.

"Actually," Bruce said, deciding at the last moment not to put any emotion into his tone; he didn't want to threaten the male, just make him very, very, uncomfortable. "She is the best friend of my son. I would watch how you talked about and to someone I consider a daughter." He paused, letting that sink in, before he moved on. "I came here with the intent of ... thanking," the emphasis on the word would, no doubt, convey the meaning behind it -- that he wanted to give cash, "the place that helped keep her safe and fed until she could find home, but..." He paused, as though trying to find the right words. "Everything I've seen had me reconsidering."

There was a short pause, and then he offered the man a grim smile. "I never got your name," he added, almost off-handedly.


Slytherin || Pureblood || Fourteen || Loner

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PostSubject: Re: Overdue Scrutiny [Ivy]   

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Overdue Scrutiny [Ivy]
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