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 A Snake in the Grass [Delia]

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Saoirse Lehrer

Saoirse Lehrer

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A Snake in the Grass [Delia] Empty
PostSubject: A Snake in the Grass [Delia]   A Snake in the Grass [Delia] EmptyMon Jan 08, 2018 8:16 am

February || Year 4 || Age 17 (and 11 months)

There was a bench outside the girls' dorms, in a little courtyard area not far from the door. Saoirse didn't go there often, but the day was strangely warm for February, and the sun was shining, so she figured that was as good an excuse as any to sit outside.

Not that she particularly cared about the sunshine. What mattered was that the bench had a decent view of the boys' dorms across the way, and it was a popular enough spot to not seem suspicious. She sat against the left arm rest, her legs bent underneath her to the side--the proper way to sit in a skirt--as she giggled down at her pink iPhone, held gingerly in her perfectly manicured hands.

Or at least, to a casual passerby, it would look as if she was staring at her phone. In reality, she peeked slightly upward underneath her lashes, and watched the door of the boys' dorm as it swung open to reveal two second years, on their way to the main school building. Patrick Wright, and Lewis Cooper.

Patrick was extraneous. He had the power to grow and shrink, which was all well and good, but not particularly useful to her at the moment. Lewis, on the other hand, had powerful telekinetic abilities--and boy, the things she could do with those. A whole new realm of possibility would be open to her if she were able to do that. Lewis didn't appreciate his powers nearly as much as he should.

She'd been watching him for some time now. She had his schedule mostly memorized, she was simply searching for a window of opportunity. The only problem was that he and Patrick were nearly inseparable--and as much as she would like to kill that little nuisance as well, two deaths would be far too suspicious. No, she needed to get Lewis alone.

It seemed today would not be the day. No matter. She was patient. In fact, she'd been playing the waiting game for nearly four years now--another week or so wouldn't hurt.

Lewis had not been her first choice of victim. Oh no, she'd had several other little obsessions over the years. She'd even come close to success with one or two of them. But it seemed her plans were always thwarted, one way or another, mostly because she was cautious. Her position at this school, surrounded by opportunities, was much too valuable to throw away for one measly murder. If she was going to do it, she needed to be absolutely certain she would never be caught. So she waited and she planned. Several opportunities slipped through her fingers, but she told herself it was worth it.

Now, in her final year, she figured she had little to lose. She'd be leaving anyway at the end of the year. May as well make the most of the time she had. She had a plan--a big plan, for the end of the year. Every time she thought of it, her heart beat a little faster with excitement. But for it, she would need Lewis's powers, and possibly someone else's too.

So here she was, focusing on her first priority, knowing she only had four more months to set everything up for the big finale. And she needed Lewis's little boyfriend to leave him alone for at least an hour, or she might just snap his neck in a fit of rage.

None of her annoyance showed on her face as she let out another giggle at something on her phone, brushing her hair behind her ear, and observing the two boys walking down the path out of the corner of her eye. That is, until she heard someone approach.


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A Snake in the Grass [Delia]
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