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 Eliana Carver

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Eliana Carver

Eliana Carver

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PostSubject: Eliana Carver   Eliana Carver EmptyMon Sep 04, 2017 1:08 pm

Eliana Carver Sarah-reeves-5

Eliana Carver FPcGmnb
Full Name: Eliana [Eh-Li-Ana] Jaedyn Carver
Goes by: Eli (pronounced Ellie); Ana
Name Meanings: Eliana -- Jehovah is God; Jaedyn -- God hears

Gender: Female
Sexual Alignment: Hererosexual

Eliana Carver PhgudjJ

Hair colour and style: Naturally black, although lately she’s taken to dyeing it blonde (basically just bleaching it) or auburn. Just past her shoulders. She usually doesn’t do anything to it.

Eye colour: Light blue.

Height: 5 foot 7.
Body type: Average.

Dress sense: Casual, but modest.

Birthmarks: None.
Scars: A few here and there, but nothing of note.

Etcs: She has pierced ears.

Eliana Carver Nd3oBMR

Likes: (min 3)
- Traveling, obviously, or she wouldn't have fallen in love with her job.

- People

- Jesus

- Reading the Bible (or listening)

- Mission work, although it's not her full-time calling and she knows it

- Singing/songwriting

Dislikes: (min 3)
- Re-entry (who does, though? Honestly.)

- Bland food

- Staying put in one place for too long

- Ignorance/Ignorant people

- Cheese and milk; she's somewhat lactose intolerant, and honestly just doesn't really like these two things. Funnily enough, cheese naan (from India) is an exception.

Strengths (min 3)
- Good traveller; she adapts really well to different cultures, weathers, atmospheres, and whatnot. Time zones don't really put her off for more than a day, unless it's really extreme (12 hours or more) in which case she needs two days.

- Communication

- Teamwork; working in a team.

- Leading; she is a natural born leader

- She is a natural singer, although it’s not her strongest passion

Weaknesses: (min 3)
- One word: re-entry. After four years in the field, moving from country to country every other month, settling back down into normalcy has been… difficult, to say the least. She just doesn't understand how to function.

- Exotic food; she constantly craves the foods she was so used to, full of spices and flavour.

- Travelling; she just can't stay out and being in one place for so long just unsettles her.

- Paperwork; there is a reason she was put on the field instead of given an office job. Her organisation skills don't really exist.

- Reading; she's slightly dyslexic, and as such has problems if she's requested to read a lot of things. She listens, therefore, to an audio bible instead.

Positive Traits (min 3)
- Woman of faith; it's just a gift she has.

- Usually rather optimistic, although she attests this to her faith; she says that there is nothing to worry about with God in control. If He wants or means for something to happen, it will. If He doesn't, it won't. So why worry?

- Adaptable and flexible; if plans change last minute or something is sprung on her, she is able to make the most of it and go with the flow.

- Adventurous; she is willing to try almost anything (within reason, obviously) at least once.

- Good sense of justice, of right and wrong. Not only that, but she can and will fight for the rights of others, even at the expense of her own life.

Negative Traits (min 3)
- Can be sometimes flippant, without intending to.

- Cannot sit still for long; she needs to be constantly on the move and doing something -- anything -- with her life.

- Sometimes, she can come across as condescending when dealing with people who are ignorant.

- Little patience for ignorance.

- Relies a lot on her experiences and therefore can be hesitant to accept advice from people.

- Can be rather rude to people who don't bother trying to understand what she's going through (namely, re-entry), trivialise her experiences/life, or think that just because they're older they have more maturity.

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PostSubject: Re: Eliana Carver   Eliana Carver EmptyMon Sep 04, 2017 1:10 pm

Eliana Carver DSGaD4G
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Eliana Carver

Eliana Carver

Posts : 3
Join date : 2017-09-04

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PostSubject: Re: Eliana Carver   Eliana Carver EmptyMon Sep 11, 2017 11:18 am

Eliana Carver FPcGmnb
Age: 23
Birthdate: 4 September

Blood Purity: Halfblood

House: Hufflepuff/Gryffindor Hatstall. She chose Hufflepuff.
Wand Type: Sycamore, phoenix feather, 10 inches

Eliana Carver Nd3oBMR

Eliana Carver 4uLzEID

With two muggleborn parents, both long-time servers in their local church, Eliana grew up in church. Her parents were, at first, somewhat taken aback when she discovered her magical abilities, but once they read up on it and questioned the Minister, they realised that it wasn’t a one-off thing and that many people had it. It wasn’t that she was anti-God or anything; she just was born with different abilities. And if there were millions of witches and wizards with the same abilities, it couldn’t be something all that bad. Like other gifts, it could be used negatively or positively.

And so Eliana went to Hogwarts at the age of 11, Bible in her bag, and grew up in Hufflepuff where she made lifelong friends. After graduation, Eliana decided to join a mission organisation, wanting not to enter university just yet but serve.

For the first two months, she was put in the office, sorting out paperwork and sending emails back and forth. She raised complaints a week in; it wasn't until they needed an extra person on a mission trip and she was the only one available that they sent her to the field, and she proved that this was her element.

Since then, they moved her to the outreach section, helping her bosses prepare the teams for outreach; there was a team sent every month for a month long trip. She was here for the rest of the year, going on trips every few months to help settle things in their other offices.

The following year, her second year of service, she was asked if she would like to be in charge of teams. She prayed about it and felt this was indeed what the Lord wanted for her, and agreed somewhat reluctantly; leading was never something she was truly comfortable with, and at 19 she felt she was rather young. She attended leadership training for three months and then was given her first team.

Now, instead of helping them prepare and whatnot, she was in charge of the team. This meant that she would be going to countries every other month, with the months in between used to meet her next team and prepare with them their outreach materials.

She thrived. It was here that she remained for the next three years, until she felt God telling her that her time serving was over. Alongside her mentors, she prayed about her opportunities, and it was revealed she was not to be a full-time missionary. Instead, she received a prophetic word (from a muggle, no less) that she was to “reach those among her own community and people”.

The prophetic word confirmed what she had been feeling. After more prayer, she decided to return to her heritage and leave the muggle world behind. Enrolling in a wizarding university, she was drawn to the curse breaking course. However, she knew it wasn't what God intended, and as such, despite how difficult it was, chose the Auror field.

Countries Visited: (+ means frequently visited)





Hong Kong












Auror In Training || Halfblood || Twenty-Three || Christian
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Eliana Carver
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