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 Go to Your Happy Place (open)

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Mariah Berkeley-Benton


Posts : 13
Join date : 2017-09-06

PostSubject: Go to Your Happy Place (open)   Sun Oct 22, 2017 9:14 am

November || 14

Mariah strolled softly and slowly around the outskirts of the Forbidden Forest. She knew she wasn't allowed in there, and she wasn't one to break the rules...but trees always made her feel so relaxed, so she stuck to the very edge of the treeline and didn't go any further than a few steps in.

She wasn't really paying much attention to her surroundings. She brushed her fingertips lightly against the bark of a large oak as she passed it, and hungrily inhaled the fresh forest air, but she was oblivious to most other things. Her route was slow, winding, and absent-minded, with no destination in mind. She simply wove back and forth through the trees, her eyes fixed on nothing in particular.

She was Wendy Darling today. The Forbidden Forest was part of Neverland, and she was playing with the Lost Boys and Peter Pan. She was learning how to swordfight, so she could help them defeat pirates.

She snatched a stick from the ground, maybe half a meter long, and twirled it in her hand--like she getting ready to fight someone, though there was nobody there. Her eyes were open, but glazed over--she did not see what was really around her, only the image in her mind. She was alone and uninhibited, free to delve deep into her imagination without the fear of being watched.

Taking a ready stance, she faced off against a tree like it was her opponent. She raised her stick sword in front of her, balancing lightly on the balls of her feet.

Peter was her sparring partner at the moment. He struck at her right side, and she sidestepped with a neat parry. She was getting good at this. "Nice block," the boy said approvingly, with an impish grin. She smiled back, then swung her sword low, aiming for his knees. He jumped out of the way, but she continued her assault.

Mariah danced back and forth, blocking nonexistent blows, and smacking the tree with her stick every couple seconds, caught up in an imaginary swordfight. She did not notice anyone approach.


Harry Potter || Hufflepuff || 14
Superhero || Light Manipulation || 15

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Toryn Callagham


Posts : 7
Join date : 2017-10-06

PostSubject: Re: Go to Your Happy Place (open)   Sun Oct 22, 2017 4:38 pm

Cabhan wasn't normally one to disobey the rules. They were there for a good reason, after all, and he had been brought up not only trusting authority, but following what they said. There were, of course, a few exceptions -- but only if the rules hurt someone or were unfair. In this case, it was neither; the rule about the forest was there to protect them, although protect them from what Toryn never fully understood.

As far as he knew, since Voldermorts defeat many, many, many years ago, Hogwarts was a safe place. Creatures in the forest were usually harmless, unless provoked, and nobody tried to kill anybody. Of course, he didn't try and tempt fate. As he always stood by, adults typically knew better than him, and he wasn't going to question it.

Today, however, he had a very good reason. One of his good friends and housemate had gone into the woods for a Care of Magical Creatures class and had somehow managed to drop her necklace. If it had come undone or if it had broken, neither knew, but she'd been frantic. It had been the last present her grandmother had given her before she passed, and it was a treasured possession.

With no prefect wanting to venture into the woods, and with her growing more upset by the second, Cabhan had volunteered. It had taken him a good two hours, but he'd finally found it in the nest of a bird -- it must have taken a liking to the shine -- and he'd quickly snatched it up, pocketing it and smiling to himself as he thought of her reaction when she found out he'd found it.

Making his way out, he hardly noticed where he was walking, half hoping that he hadn't gotten himself lost. Luckily, though, he emerged -- and almost walked right into someone holding a stick. He jumped back a little, startled. "Merlin," he exclaimed, before offering her a sheepish smile.

"Excuse me," he said, politely, hoping he hadn't frightened her too much. He recognised her from his house, not that he'd ever really spoken to her much. He couldn't fully place her name, either. M-something. Marie? Meria? He didn't want to guess wrongly; it wasn't polite. Instead, he smiled at her. "I didn't mean to scare you; I'm sorry."


Hufflepuff || Muggleborn || Fifteen
Made by Megan. Thank you! <3
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Mariah Berkeley-Benton


Posts : 13
Join date : 2017-09-06

PostSubject: Re: Go to Your Happy Place (open)   Mon Oct 23, 2017 5:43 am

Mariah let out a stifled squeak as someone appeared from the woods behind her. She quickly dropped her stick, turning beet red, and staring wide-eyed at the newcomer. She recognized him from her common room, but couldn't place his name. She'd only been at Hogwarts for a few months, and she hadn't talked to many people. She still felt rather out of place here--she didn't know anyone, and she was not good at meeting people.

For instance, this was a terrible first impression. How much had he seen? She knew from the outside she must look crazy, attacking trees and holding imaginary conversations. She was flooded with embarrassment, and looked down at her feet to avoid his gaze.

He was very polite, and he didn't comment at all on her actions. Maybe he hadn't been watching her after all. She chanced a look at his face, and stammered through a reply, her voice coming out as barely over a whisper.

"N-no, it's fine. I wasn't paying attention." She wiped her hands on her jeans, and tucked her hair away from her face, trying to do something to make herself feel less awkward.


Harry Potter || Hufflepuff || 14
Superhero || Light Manipulation || 15

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PostSubject: Re: Go to Your Happy Place (open)   

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Go to Your Happy Place (open)
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