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 Blake King

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Blake King


Posts : 7
Join date : 2017-10-20

PostSubject: Blake King   Sat Oct 21, 2017 6:41 pm

Full Name: Blake King
Goes by: Blake

Gender: Male
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual

Hair colour and style: Dark brown, sometimes blond if he’s bleached it. He keeps it neatly parted and combed, usually styled with gel.

Eye colour: Light blue, almost greyish.

Height: 5 foot 7
Body type: Fit and well-toned

Dress sense: Fashionable

Birthmarks: None.
Scars: A few here and there, but none that are very obvious

Etcs: N/A

Likes: (min 3)
- Being the centre of attention

- Himself; he’s rather self-absorbed

- Girls

- Acting

- Singing

Dislikes: (min 3)
- Being alone for too long

- Heat; he sweats, and it ruins his clothes and hair

- Being told what to do; if it’s a director for a shoot or whatever, he’s okay with it, but only because that’s their job. He doesn’t like ordinary people telling him what he should or shouldn’t do.

- Running; he sweats, and it ruins his clothes and hair

- Mismatched outfits

Strengths (min 3)
- Acting; it’s always been a talent of his

- Does ‘taking selfies’ count? Because he’s actually really good at it.

- Style; his sense of fashion is very on point.

- He can actually be very charming if he wants to be (and isn’t talking about himself or showing off)

- Singing, although he doesn’t do it much

- Surprisingly, he’s actually good at maths, although he doesn’t often put that skill to use

Weaknesses: (min 3)
- Sunglasses; he has a collection

- A hot girl

- A nice suit

- Anything that doesn’t interest him; he doesn’t put any effort into these, and tends to fail

- Commitment; he just… can’t commit (in a boy/girl relationship)

Positive Traits (min 3)
- Always willing to help the ‘new kid’ out, be it on set or anywhere else

- He’s not a complete jerk (does that count?)

- Hard worker; he didn’t get this far by sheer talent. He genuinely puts effort into whatever he deems necessary

- Doesn’t discriminate; he doesn’t think that just because he’s popular/semi-famous, he shouldn’t or can’t hang out with those others consider ‘loners’ or ‘losers’. In fact, he can be rather pleasant to them, and doesn’t do it for his image; he genuinely means to be their friend.

Negative Traits (min 3)
- Arrogant; he genuinely believes he’s among the best in the room, whether or not he is. (He’s usually not, although he may have more experience than others.)

- Self-absorbed; Blake spends far too long checking himself or in the mirror and getting ready in the morning. He seems to thrive off looking his best, and will often take selfies throughout the day to post to his social media accounts.

- Needs attention like, all the freaking time.

- While he’s okay with being friends with anyone, he doesn’t and won’t date women who aren’t eye-candy, whether their personalities are good or not. He also often dumps them after a few weeks or months. (His longest relationship was something like five and a quarter months.)

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Blake King


Posts : 7
Join date : 2017-10-20

PostSubject: Re: Blake King   Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:46 pm

Age: 17
Birthdate: June 11

Class: Undecided. (He’s more neutral than anything; he says he’s a superhero because his parents are, but his heart is completely neutral and his conscience … surprisingly lacking)
Occupation: Student

Superpower: A mixture of Supreme voice And seductive magnetism.

He doesn’t have the full capacities of either, instead inheriting both from his parents in an odd mixture. For supreme voice, it isn’t all the time; instead, he has to will it. It uses a lot of energy, and tires him out, so he can’t do too many instructions at once or to too large a crowd, but he can command people to do things. It works more like a very heavy suggestion rather than a definite compulsion, and for any number of reasons — a strong moral aversion to the task, heavy dislike or distrust of Blake, etc — someone could refuse or shake off the suggestion.

His seductive magnetism, however, is mostly uncontrolled. He has a naturally attractive personality and aura about him, although if he so chooses he can ‘turn it up’ and focus it on one person, should he really want to, for whatever reason, make them really like him. Again, this takes a lot of effort and tires him out if done for too long. Otherwise, it’s just… there, and people find him either attractive or pleasant, and have a small but persistent urge to have him like them.

An odd side-effect of this is that when he talks to someone, he automatically speaks in whatever accent they like best. (He can, in a sense, ‘turn it off’ and speak in his normal accent (British) but if he doesn’t make an effort to do this, it comes naturally as their favourite.)


Blake was born in Britain to two superheroes. They were well known not so much for their wonderful acts of bravery, but rather as the faces of a group that went around the world. They weren’t the leaders, per se, but due to their abilities (seductive magnetism, for his father, and supreme voice for his mother) they were made the public spokespeople.

As he grew up in their shadow -- everyone knew him as ‘their son’ -- Blake decided to make a name for himself. Discovering early on that he had inherited both their abilities in small portions, he decided to try out for acting roles. He got what he wanted, and in a matter of months, people were in love with the latest ‘child actor’ to grace their… computer screens. He never really got any big roles in major films, rather landing major roles in small-time series or independent movies. Nevertheless, he developed his own fanbase, and with a fantastic agent (and his abilities to aid), he build himself a rather good resume and reputation.

At the age of twelve, they discovered he could sing, and his next career began.

At fourteen, he enrolled into school, at the wish of his parents. (Besides, he didn’t want to be education-less.) Here, partly due to his already-established fame and partly due to his abilities (he told everyone about his supreme voice, but not his seductive magnetism) he quickly became one of the -- if not the -- most popular students.


Neutral || Seventeen || Semi-famous || British
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Blake King
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