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A clean, original character-only RP site covering multiple fandoms. Whatever floats your boat, we got it!
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 Melanie's Characters

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Brooke Walker


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PostSubject: Melanie's Characters   Sat Oct 21, 2017 6:04 pm

Amber Carter
Colour code #FFFD68

Briella-Ashley Myers
Colour code #ffa64d

Brooke Walker
Colour code #9966FF

Bruce Sanderson
Colour code #996633

Corbin Henderson
Colour code #993366

Cordelia Foster
Colour code #CC6699

Eden Ming
Colour code #66ff66

Eleonora Wilkerson
Colour code #4d88ff

Eliana Carver
Colour code #ff4d4d

Evelina Morris
Colour code #6AA728

Hailey Scott
Colour code #F64A8A

Colour code #2DB571

Kylian Dupont
Colour code #53c653

Oriana Nelson
Colour code #a3a375

Toryn Callagham
Colour code #75a3a3


[Archived Characters; For Reference]

Blake Mason
Colour code #7DEA96

Carl O'Connor
Colour code #3366cc

Clarinda T. Keller
Colour code #6666CC

Codey Neal Ellingston
Colour code #CCFF66

Kaleah Page
Colour code #FF6961

Lilliana Atkinson
Colour code #b366ff

Luca Morgan
Colour code #00cca3

Madison Bishop
Colour code #FF3399

Serafina Kaylee Isabelle Richardson
Colour code #FF99CC

Serenity Newman
Colour code #d27979

Sienna Gibson
Colour code #ffcc66


Harry Potter: Hufflepuff || Adopted || Sixteen
Superhero: Shapeshifter || Adopted || Sixteen || Evil || Always changes appearance
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Melanie's Characters
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