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 Elleon Caverly

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Elleon Caverly

Elleon Caverly

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PostSubject: Elleon Caverly   Elleon Caverly EmptyTue Oct 17, 2017 6:00 pm

Elleon Caverly Latest?cb=20150410233904

Elleon Caverly FPcGmnb

Birth name: Elleon Dougal Evanus Peters
Current name: Elleon Joshua Caverly
Goes by: Elleon

Gender: Male
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual

Elleon Caverly PhgudjJ

Hair colour and style: Brunette, short to medium length

Eye colour: Brown

Height: 6’
Body type: Slender; he doesn’t really work out a lot.

Dress sense: Anything comfortable

Elleon Caverly Nd3oBMR
Likes: (min 3)
- Loud music; being Deaf, he listens to music at its loudest so he can pick out the bass beat
- Dancing
- Anything to do with motorcycles (riding, repairing etc.)
- Art (drawing, sketching, painting, photography); it’s his passion and gift.
- Coffee
- Horror movies
- Amber

Dislikes: (min 3)
- When people talk about him in the third person and not to him directly, or look at his interpreter and not at him
- When a bunch of people talk at the same time
- Being lied to
- Talking with his voice
- Ignorant people
- Broccoli
- Lip reading
-When people treat him differently because of his Deafness

Strengths (min 3)
- His art. Elleon has an amazing artistic flair and most of his spare time is used to paint, draw or sketch.
- A very good listener. Despite being deaf, or perhaps because of it, he’s developed the ability to see beyond the words a person says and sense a deeper undercurrent.
- Very good with his hands. When anything is broken and needs fixing, Elleon is the one to go to, especially when it is mechanical or electrical.
- Lip reading. Although he dislikes the hard work that goes into lip reading and the amount of guesswork he has to do, Elleon is pretty good at it.
- Spelling. Though he is weak at writing full English sentences, he is unbelievably amazing at spelling, being used to rapid fingerspelling in sign language.

Weaknesses: (min 3)
- Jelena. Elleon loves her (as a sister of course) and would do almost anything for her.
- Speaking verbally; since he is not very oral and retains a Deaf accent, he is not confident in his oral speech and will try to avoid it as much as possible.
- When he's in a group, party, dim place or any situation where there's many people talking at once and he doesn't have an interpreter, he finds extreme difficulty following what's going on and more often than not is completely lost.
- Art exhibitions; a lot of his time is consumed with art and he’ll never say no to a trip to an art exhibition or museum.

Positive Traits (min 3)
- Intensely loyal
- Creative and inventive
- Extremely determined when he wants to accomplish something
- Patient and kind in general

Negative Traits (min 3)
- Impulsive and rash when angry or stressed
- Gets impatient when ignorant people ask about his Deafness or says things without thinking.
- Cannot keep a cool head once his anger rises and says things he does not mean but is intensely sorry for afterward.
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PostSubject: Re: Elleon Caverly   Elleon Caverly EmptyFri Oct 20, 2017 10:29 am

Elleon Caverly DSGaD4G
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Elleon Caverly

Elleon Caverly

Posts : 6
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PostSubject: Re: Elleon Caverly   Elleon Caverly EmptySun Nov 26, 2017 4:08 pm

Elleon Caverly 7vYcLws

Elleon Caverly FPcGmnb

Age: 16
Birthdate: 16th April

Class: Superhero
Occupation: Student

Superpower: Clairvoyance. Clairvoyance allows Elleon to locate something - or someone - wherever they are. He can see their location and their action. At a more advanced level, he can sense someone’s emotions, thoughts, and memories. He doesn’t know exactly what they’re thinking (not word for word), but he gets a vague idea from them.

Elleon Caverly Nd3oBMR

[Thoughts on fandom-specific areas of life. In this case, it would be superheroes, supervillains, and etc. Feel free to make lists (likes, dislikes, etc) or write paragraphs. This section is entirely up to you!]


Elleon Caverly 4uLzEID

Elleon was born the third child to a very wealthy and prominent family, the Peters.  Being the only son, he naturally became their favorite child and was spared nothing. He had the best nannies, clothes, food, toys, and anything he wanted, his parents provided. This caused some friction amongst him and his older sisters and they despised and shunned him, but no matter what they did to cast Elleon in a bad light, his parents favoured him. He could do no wrong in their eyes.

When he was three, however, Elleon contracted meningitis fever. The Peters took him to doctors but somehow, something went wrong and the fever became worse. When he finally recovered from the fever, they discovered he had lost his hearing and was completely deaf. Not wanting a ‘handicapped’, ‘defective’ child, they struggled to think of means and ways to disown him without causing shame to their name or a scandal.

They decided to let the public believe that Elleon had succumbed to the fever and died. spending an enormous amount of money for a fake funeral. Meanwhile, they spoke privately to someone in the hospital to look for an adoptive family for Elleon, paying the person handsomely to keep quiet about the whole situation.

They found the Caverlys, a couple who could bear no more children after the birth of their daughter, Jelena, and who were willing to raise a child who couldn't hear. They adopted him and changed his middle names and surname to keep his real identity hidden. By the time he was adopted, Elleon was four years old. They learned sign language to be able to communicate with him and enrolled him in a kindergarten for the Deaf as well as a school for the Deaf. Jelena and Elleon became best friends, being of the same age.

It was also around this time that his powers began to manifest. It started off small and almost unnoticeable. Tyler, Elleon’s father, hadn’t been given a promotion at work, something he’d been working hard for and looking forward to for months. He’d tried to hide his sadness, but Elleon had asked why he was sad. His parents had attributed it to his observant nature.

It kept happening again and again, with simple things such as giving someone ice cream or a toy because he knew they wanted one, knowing exactly where his parents were when he and Jelena lost them in a mall, or sensing his family member’s emotions. Elleon himself was too young to fully comprehend what he was doing and it often occurred without him making the conscious effort to do so.

However, one night while the whole family was asleep, Elleon was awakened by a sudden grip of terror, so intense that he could hardly catch his breath. He’d roused his parents, frantically telling them that something was terribly wrong with Tyler’s mother. They had tried to reassure him that everything was alright, but their attempts at calming him down backfired when he insisted they called up his grandmother.

Their grandfather picked up the phone and informed them that she had gone out with a few friends and had yet to return home. As Tyler spoke on the phone with his father, he interpreted it for Elleon to see. Without waiting a second more, the seven-year-old boy headed straight out the door and to the car. His parents sprinted after him and with him giving them directions, they found his grandmother lying on the street, unconscious, and badly beaten.

After the incident was over, his parents asked how he’d known, but Elleon didn’t know how to explain himself. He’d just known where to go. It was only then that his parents suspected that he had superpowers of some sort; they just didn’t know what. They contacted the proper authorities who came and pronounced that Elleon had the power of Clairvoyance. They were told that it was a wide power that had a few sub-categories. Depending on his ability, Elleon could either had one, two, or all of them in varying degrees.

His parents decided to keep him in his school, although not making it known that he had superpowers. The authorities observed him over the years, noting the growth in his abilities and seeing the potential it had. They also gave him unofficial lessons on how to control them for the time being since it could be irritating for Elleon to be feeling other people’s emotions when he didn’t want to.

Besides learning how to control his power, Elleon developed a talent and love for art - drawing, painting, and photography. His free time was often spent holed up in his room creating one thing or another and he’d usually have paint stains on his hands and his clothes.

When he turned fourteen, he was offered a spot in a high school for superheroes. He’d at first hesitated about going, not wanting to leave the comfort zone of his current school, but after much thought and some advice from his parents, he decided to try it out. The first few months hadn’t been easy. The classes were no longer signed but spoken and he would find himself trying to keep track of who was speaking when he was in a group of people. He’d wanted to go home, but sheer determination won out and he stayed, coming up with ways to communicate with his peers and lecturers.

Meeting Amber was a momentous occasion. It was inevitable that they formed a close friendship. However, into the end of their second year as friends, Elleon realised that his affection for her ran deeper than that. He didn’t do much about the realisation, afraid that his confession would spoil whatever friendship they’d built.

Birth Family:
Mother: Sophia Peters / Age: 38/ Living / Civilian
Father: Ivan Peters / Age: 38 / Living / Civilian
Sister: Janice Peters / Age: 20 / Living / Superhero
Sister: Patricia Peters / Age: 18 / Living / Superhero
Brother: Hugh Peters / Age: 14 / Living / Superhero
Sister: Maybelline Peters / Age: 9 / Living / Civilian
Brother: Matthew Peters / Age: 9 / Living / Civilian

Adoptive Family:
Mother: Alexis Caverly / Age: 40 / Living / Civilian
Father: Tyler Caverly / Age: 40 / Living / Civilian
Sister: Jelena Caverly / Age: 16 / Living / Civilian

Family Background:

Alexis and Tyler met in University, where they were taking the same major. Tyler was the popular, fun-loving guy, friendly guy while Alexis was the quiet, bookish, shy girl. They were in different worlds and yet were destined to be together when Tyler walked into the female toilets on a dare and saw Alexis bawling her eyes out. Embarrassed, she tried to reject his concern but Tyler insisted on helping. He cheered her up and Alexis opened up and shared about her bad breakup.

They remained friends through University and Alexis nursed a huge crush on him but doubted that he returned her feelings, unaware that Tyler felt the same way. It wasn't until a year after they graduated that Tyler decided to take the risk and took the first step in starting the relationship. Alexis agreed wholeheartedly. It wasn't all rainbows and sunshine though and they had their share of disagreements but managed to work through it. Four years later, they got married and the next year had a baby girl, Jelena.

It was a difficult delivery and the doctor informed the couple that after Jelena, they could not have any more children if Alexis was to remain alive. They were devastated but grateful that they had a beautiful daughter. They decided to apply with the hospital for adoption and three years later was contacted and asked if they were willing to raise a Deaf child. They knew it would be a challenge and added complications would arise since the boy was from a prominent family who wanted to keep the situation under the radar but decided to take him in since no one else wanted him and he was the same age as their daughter.

They immediately started learning sign language and taught Jelena as well. It took about a month for the adoption to be settled and they were rather good at sign language by that time. Jelena and Elleon clicked instantly and became the closest of siblings and friends so much so that they didn’t have to sign to communicate; one look was enough to convey what they were thinking.


Hero || Clairvoyance || 16 || Deaf
Elleon Caverly Tda_si10
Made by Caren @TDA
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Elleon Caverly
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