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Welcome to FloB! Currently, we are still in BETA mode. As such, rules and sections are still being edited and aren't completely set in stone as of yet. We are open to all suggestions and opinions. Smile
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 Character Creation Guide

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PostSubject: Character Creation Guide   Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:38 pm

Welcome to Floating Boats, of FLoB as we so lovingly call it.

You’d likely be here due to a love of writing/RPing, as we are, and we know that you’d be eager to get started. First and foremost, however, you need to create your character.

For those of you who are new to Forumotion or RP sites in general, we’ve put together a guide for you to follow, explaining the application process as well as how to get your character involved in all the different fandoms.

1. Make an Account.
You should have one account per character. The account made should be your character’s first and last name, with a space included. (For example: Violet Lynch)

2. Basic Application.
The first application aims to help create your character. Here, you describe their name, physical description, as well as strengths (what they’re good at), weaknesses (what they’re bad at or what they can't resist), positive traits (loyal, smart, creative, etc) and negative traits (manipulative, cold, vain, etc). It is simply just what makes your character, well, your character.

Please do not use one or two words for their positive and negative traits. Instead, expand on each one. For example, is your character loyal to everyone, or only close friends? Your character may be cold, but is there a reason for this? If you need help, please ask an admin; we'd be glad to help! Smile

The basic template can be found by clicking here.

Simply copy and paste it, and fill it out.

Submit this to either the 'Complete Profiles' or 'Incomplete Profiles', depending on whether or not you finished the application. Before posting anything else, you must wait for Admin Approval. Admin approval must also be given (in the form of a reply to your app, saying 'approved') before any Face Claims/Power Claims are accepted.

3. Fandom-specific Add On Profiles
After an admin has approved your profile, you may begin to fill out fandom-specific profiles. Before writing in any fandom, you are required to fill these out. Post these as a reply to your initial profile.

These templates will ask you to write the background of your character specific to the fandom or ‘world’ that you will be writing in. You only need to fill templates for the fandoms you want to RP in; there are no limits to these.

(For example, the ‘Harry Potter’ template will ask things such as your character’s Hogwarts house, wand core, and blood purity (along with general attitudes around the politics in the canon), whereas the ‘Superhero’ template will generally ask things such as your character’s superpower, whether or they’re a hero or a villain, and etc.)

A written background is required for each different fandom. This should encompass your character’s upbringing, family life, and certain life-changing events that have moulded your character to who they are in the present canon. Each written background may differ slightly due to the differences in canon with each different ‘world’.

There will be no 'approved' message posted after each fandom-specific add-on. If there are any issues, an admin will contact you. If no admin contacts you, that means it has been approved. You may begin RPing in said fandom the moment you have posted your add-on app.

4. Claims (optional)
You may claim a face (a celebrity that 'represents' your character's looks), power, ability, and etc, if you wish. Some fandoms require claims, such as the Superhero area. You may make claims at any point, but please note that they will not be approved until your basic profile has been accepted. In the case of add-on profiles, we will add the claims as soon as we're online, unless adjustments need to be made.

You can find the claims center here.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact an Admin.

Happy RPing!
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Character Creation Guide
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