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 BBCode Guide

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PostSubject: BBCode Guide   Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:32 pm

For most of your posts, you will be using basic BBCode for underlining, bolding, italics, and the like. For most of it, it's easy enough to just click on the respective icons on the top bar. However, for your ease, here are some of the basics.

Your code itself will be placed in brackets (not these ones, which are actually called parentheses or 'round brackets') but the square ones; that is to say, this: [  ]

What you put in the brackets determine what results you get; for example, if you use 'b' (without the apostrophe), the word or sentence will be bold.

You must end with [/ ].

For example, if I wanted to bold a sentence, I would code it like this:

[b]This is how you use bold.[/b]

It results in this: This is how you use bold.

The same goes for italics, underlining, and whatnot.

[i]For italics[/i]
[u]For underlining[/u]
[strike]For strikethrough[/strike]
[center]To center the text[/center] (you change center to left or right; default is obviously left.)
[size=18]To change text size; number can be changed[/size]
[color=#993366]To change text colour; use hex colour codes[/color]
[img]You put the URL to an image/gif here (it appears exactly as in the link, so make sure it isn't too big)[/img]
[url=put the URL here]The text here will become a hyperlink; clicking on it opens the link in the code[/url]

The above will result in:

For italics

For underlining

For strikethrough

To center the text

To change text size; number can be changed (note the default size is 16.)

To change text colour; use hex colour codes

The text here will become a hyperlink; clicking on it opens the link in the code

You can, of course, pile a whole bunch of code together, although it would look messy in the coding process.

Take this sentence for example.

If all this still confuses you, there is an option called WYSISYG -- What You See Is What You Get. This turns the text box area into something akin to a normal document; when you press bold, it automatically displays it bolded. You can toggle this on or off by clicking on the last button on the table.

This button:
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BBCode Guide
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