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 All My Friends Are Heathens [Jailey]

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Hailey Scott


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Join date : 2017-09-29

PostSubject: All My Friends Are Heathens [Jailey]   Fri Sep 29, 2017 6:55 pm

Start of 5th Year

Hailey skipped down the hallway, not bothering to so much as glance over her shoulder as she hummed a song to herself. Girls and boys come out to play, she recited, mentally, although only the tune was heard coming from her. Today was a good day.

No. Today was a great day. She'd known Jerome for seven years now, and seven was supposedly a magical number. It was apparently the number of days it took God to create the world -- if there was a god; no, she didn't believe that. She was her own god -- and the day He rested. And Hailey was feeling very, very relaxed.

Ducking around the corner, she made her way to the statue in the corner, tapping it with her wand and saying the password she discovered in her first year. A passage opened up and she twirled the wand in her fingers and she wiggled into the gap and down into the passageway. It was too narrow for most people, but it didn't bother her in the slightest and she crawled out of Hogwarts, emerging in The Shrieking Shack. She'd sent note to Jerome earlier that day -- after reading a muggle newspaper she ordered; she might be a witch, but she still wanted to stick to her roots and keep an eye on the happenings there -- saying she wanted to meet him in their usual spot. It wasn't out of character; they often met up to bitch about people or do homework together. But she had other reasons today.

Humming again to herself, she ignored the stairs, instead reaching jumping up onto the bannister. With outstretched arms, she walked up a little, then reached for the railing of the next floor and pulled herself up and over, landing on her feet. She took a bow to an imaginary crowd before heading into the room at the far end.

Jerome was waiting for her, back to her, and she broke into a grin as she saw him. So long she kept her past hidden, a secret kept for the right person, for someone who would understand her and get her. Someone, she had just realised this morning, exactly like Jerome. She was like him and he was like her; she'd known this from the start, but it had taken longer to emerge from him than it had her. They did always say that males matured slower than females.

Creeping forward, she threw her hands around his eyes. "Guess who?" she trilled, not waiting for him to guess before letting go and plonking herself beside him. "I read the muggle papers today. Sophia Gallagher, missing. Your mother, right?"

For a few moments, she just looked at him, before breaking into a wide grin. "Soooo, how'd you do it? Knife? Gun? Strangulation?" She paused, eyes widening and her tone taking on childlike glee. "Oooo, was it poison?" Leaning back on her hands, she tilted her head and looked expectantly at him, the smile still on her face.
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Jerome Gallagher


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PostSubject: Re: All My Friends Are Heathens [Jailey]   Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:04 pm

The summer that had passed had been one of the most enjoyable summers that Jerome had ever experienced. No fear, no anxiety, no stress about who his mother would bring home next, what they might do to him if he so much as stepped one foot out of line. Even if he was the perfect son, there was no guarantee that they wouldn't decide, for the hell of it, that the day was 'beat up Jerome' day. And why?

Well, as it turns out, 'beat up Jerome' day had come early, roughly a week before his birthday on the 8th of June, precisely the day he'd made the trek from London back home to Blackpool due to his mother not bothering to even pick him up. There'd been an altercation and Jerome, who'd been clinging to his final straw of sanity for years, snapped. And he remembered, he savoured, every moment he took stabbing whatever deadbeat thought he could walk into Jerome's trailer and beat him. And relished in finally plunging his trusty pocketknife deep into his mother's stomach. Payback was a bitch, but revenge, he found, was best served boiling hot with a rage that had been suffocated for far too long. He'd caved in, fed it the oxygen it was craving, and now, it was him. Plain and simple.

It'd taken a few weeks for the people of the circus to report Sophia missing. Of course, it wasn't unusual at all for the woman to disappear for a while. Jerome didn't doubt that the people had suspicions that Sophia would eventually end up somewhere in a ditch. Well, they were wrong. Sophia and whoever the boyfriend was ended up dissolved in bleach and bones crushed and scattered on the side of the road. And he'd played the perfect worried son, and no one seemed to suspect that he had anything to do with it. She'd run off on a bender and just never came back. That got him through summer. The people at the circus felt so bad that they even offered to let him stay regardless of whether his mother returned. He was after all, still just a boy. Or so they thought.

He now stood in the Shrieking Shack, waiting for his friend, Hailey. She'd wanted to see him that afternoon, though the note hadn't explained why. He was free, and she was indeed his friend, so he'd arrived. Not too long afterwards, so had she. Arrival announced by a characteristic "Guess who" before sitting down and getting straight into the reason she'd wanted to see him.

His missing mother.

She was more than curious, she was positively cheerful at the thought Jerome could have possibly done. Of course, she'd guessed it was him correctly. She knew more than anyone how much he hated his mother. He'd turned to face where she'd sat, and remained standing himself. Why bother trying to hide it? It wasn't some dark dirty secret to be ashamed of, he was prouder than anything really. And if she thought in any way that she could use it against him... He'd kill her too. He was beyond caring at this point. People far too often let others down, people far too often didn't deserve to draw breath. Anyone he didn't like, he resolved, he'd have some fun with.

"Knife," he said plainly, a small, sadistic smile creeping onto his lips "It was messy, but," he shrugged "Had to be done,"


Jerome | 15 | Maniac




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Hailey Scott


Posts : 15
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PostSubject: Re: All My Friends Are Heathens [Jailey]   Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:28 pm

A part of her hoped she hadn't gotten it wrong, that she had been right in her assessment. So long she'd looked for someone like her, someone who hadn't given way to the monster inside them but who was a monster. There was a difference, she knew, between those who became the monster under the bed and those who had a monster under the bed. It was the difference between someone who could be saved and someone who ... well, didn't want to be. And Hailey knew she didn't want to be saved, didn't want to be sent off to a loony bin (she was insane, yes, but she liked it).

But it was a lonely life, really. Insanity was fun; insanity with others was doubly fun. Who else could she brag to about kills? Who could she plan fun times with, or discuss methods of pain? No, being insane alone got lonely after a while, and Hailey only wanted what was fun.

She'd met a girl she had hoped would be insane like her, of course, back at the start of the year. The book girl, she called her; Hailey didn't like her enough to find out her name. But the book girl had only proven to be mildly fun, which was no fun at all. Jerome, though, she always knew had more to him. He was a monster, like her, but he didn't know it. So she did what she was good at and waited. Waited for something to push him over the edge; it couldn't be her, because those that did usually ended up ... well, dead. Either that or tortured half to death. And since she couldn't feel pain, it would probably be the former.

And then the news had come that morning and Hailey just knew as soon as she read the headline. Didn't need to read the information, didn't need to know the whens or the hows. She knew, as she knew the sun would rise, that Jerome had killed them and gotten rid of the bodies. She could only hope he hadn't been stupid about it, although that thought only lasted a second; if anyone besides her could get away with murder, it was Jerome. He was too smart to do anything else.

"Awwwwh," she complained at his single word, thrusting out her bottom lip in a pout. "I've already tried that. I was hoping you used poison or something more interesting. I wanted to know how it felt." She shrugged. "Knives are always messy." She tilted her head, regarding him and the grin on his lips. He looked even cuter when he was reliving the murder; it was a look she wanted to see more of.

"How many times? You made the bitch suffer, I hope. No point killing if you didn't," she added. A moment later, she let out a mini-whine. "I'm hungry," she complained. "Let's go get something to eat."


Slytherin || Muggleborn || Fifteen || Insane

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PostSubject: Re: All My Friends Are Heathens [Jailey]   

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All My Friends Are Heathens [Jailey]
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