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 Bruce Sanderson

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Bruce Sanderson

Bruce Sanderson

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PostSubject: Bruce Sanderson   Bruce Sanderson EmptyFri Sep 29, 2017 2:18 pm

Bruce Sanderson Gotham-07

Bruce Sanderson FPcGmnb
Full Name: Woodrow Bruce Sanderson.
Goes by: Bruce; he's shortened his first name to ‘W’ and nobody knows what it stands for.

Gender: Male
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual

Bruce Sanderson PhgudjJ

Hair colour and style: Dark brown, almost black. It was curly when he was younger, but has since grown straight. He keeps it short and neat, combed back with wax.

Eye colour: Dark brown.

Height: 5.3 feet
Body type: Slim, seemingly underweight.

Dress sense: Smart.

Birthmarks: A small one behind his left ear
Scars: Plenty.

Etcs: N/A

Bruce Sanderson Nd3oBMR
Likes: (min 3)
- Sword fighting (his butler taught it to him)

- Henry, his butler

- Cats

- Swimming

- Music; it helps him wind down

Dislikes: (min 3)
- His first name (“Who the ruddy hell is named Woodrow?”)

- Cheese

- Being forced to study something; he prefers learning what he wants to learn and not follow a syllabus

- Running

- The cold

Strengths (min 3)
- Negotiations; he’s got a flair for it, and is usually able to get what he wants. It’s a skill inherited from his father, and despite his age he is a very good businessman (mostly thanks to the help of Henry). Nobody, of course, knows this.

- Acting; he has to be good at this.

- Remembering information and sorting through it.

Weaknesses: (min 3)
- Making friends; he’s slightly socially awkward

- Chocolate cake (especially Henry’s)

- A puzzle; he has to solve it, or it’ll drive him crazy

Positive Traits (min 3)
- Tenacious; he’s not one to easily give up or ‘roll over’, so to speak. He knows what needs doing and by hook or by crook, he’ll do it. Even when faced with obstacles or things in his path, he’ll find a way around it or die trying.

- Strong/stoic; despite everything that’s happened, Bruce is able to hold his head high and act like nothing has happened. He’s able to push past and through emotions for the better good.

- He tends to be quick on his feet, able to meet challenges head on.

Negative Traits (min 3)
- Somewhat cold and distant; he doesn't really have what you could call close friends. He's somewhat of a loner and could be classified as socially awkward.

- He doesn't understand money; he’ll spend it on whatever without a second thought. It’s not that he doesn’t appreciate it or wastes it; he just doesn’t seem to think of it as a big deal.

- Bottles up emotions and never reveals what he’s feeling to anyone. It’s a defense mechanism that has turned into something he can’t get rid of.


Slytherin || Pureblood || Fourteen || Loner
Bruce Sanderson Bruce_10
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PostSubject: Re: Bruce Sanderson   Bruce Sanderson EmptyFri Sep 29, 2017 2:19 pm

Bruce Sanderson DSGaD4G
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Bruce Sanderson

Bruce Sanderson

Posts : 22
Join date : 2017-09-07

Bruce Sanderson Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bruce Sanderson   Bruce Sanderson EmptyFri Sep 29, 2017 2:23 pm

Bruce Sanderson MtBTqG5

Bruce Sanderson FPcGmnb
Age: 14
Birthdate: Wales

Blood Purity: Pureblood

House: Slytherin
Occupation: Student
Wand Type: Pine, dragon heartstring, 11 inches, unyielding

Bruce Sanderson Nd3oBMR

[Thoughts on fandom-specific areas of life. In this case, it would be magic, blood purity, and the like. Feel free to make lists (likes, dislikes, etc) or write paragraphs. This section is entirely up to you!]

Bruce Sanderson 4uLzEID

Family History:
The Sandersons had been among the richest and most influential Pureblood families for many generations, dating back to before Voldemort was even born. They established themselves rather quickly through ruthlessness with dealing with those who opposed them, and soon came to be respected and even feared. Despite this, they were always very generous with their money, operating and funding multiple charities across Europe as well as the United States.

When Voldemort came into power, there was no divide; each and every Sanderson went along with it, not necessarily agreeing to what was going on, but for survival. That has, therefore, always been the motive of any Sandersons: anything for survival. Upon Voldemort’s defeat, the current Sanderson head of that time came forward with ledgers of many Death Eaters and evidence of what they’d done, claiming to have been a double agent for an auror who’d long since died. Their tactic worked, and many were convicted thanks to said Sanderson. This was how the Sandersons escaped not just convict, but became a hero in the eyes of many.

Not only do the Sandersons have business and power in the wizarding world, but also in the muggle world. Not the most prominent or well-known, they nevertheless have shares in many top companies, and have their own brands as well -- Sanderson and Co. (a lawfirm), as well as a few hotels around the United States. They also fund and operate multiple charities here, giving millions of pounds away each year to hospitals and homes.

Unlike most other Pureblood families, the Sandersons have a tradition of passing on different roles to different children. The oldest male naturally is the heir in the wizarding world, but both female and male siblings will be passed different roles -- one will be the CEO of Sanderson and Co., others will be given management of hotels. For this reason it is tradition for Sandersons to have at least four children.

Bruce’s History:
TW: Murder

Born to Peter and Mary Sanderson, Bruce grew up both in the muggle world and the wizarding world. For appearance reasons, the Sandersons hired a full-time butler for him, instead of the typical house elf; they couldn’t explain away something like that in the muggle world. Henry, therefore, became one of Bruce’s closest companions, more like a father figure than anything, since both parents were usually busy with work. (Peter had been one of only three children, one of which had run away to be with a muggle, the second of which having died of cancer; Peter was, therefore, sole owner of all the Sanderson affairs.)

As any Pureblood male, Bruce was brought up learning about the ways of ‘his’ kind. His mother suffered from secondary infertility, and despite multiple attempts, was unable to conceive another child. There had been talk about adoption, but the Sandersons had always been a Pureblood family first and foremost, and there wasn’t a market of orphaned Purebloods anywhere (they looked).

Bruce started Hogwarts at the age of eleven, sorted almost immediately into Slytherin as his father and grandfather and… pretty much every male had been for years. During the first few months, he started receiving odd letters from his mother -- apologies for things she did years ago, rants about her inability to have more children, and things that he’d never heard from her before. During a ball he attended three months into school, his mother had burst into tears halfway and had to be taken home by his father. Their hushed conversations had been behind locked doors, and all Henry would tell him was that his mother wasn’t feeling well.

Over the next few months, his mother proceeded to fire every member of their household, from elves to servants, leaving only Henry for Bruce. His father tried to talk her out of it, but allowed it in the end, stating that if Mary wanted them gone in order to feel better, he’d do whatever it took to help.

During the Christmas holidays, back in Sanderson Manor, he woke up on Christmas eve to a strangely quiet house. Walking through the hall, he noticed what appeared to be a drop of blood on the floor. Finding another further ahead, he followed the path right to his father’s study. Opening the door against his better judgement, he let out a scream that brought Henry running.

Lying in a pool of blood was his father, stabbed multiple times by what was apparently a steak knife. Beside him lay his mother, wrists slit. Henry pulled Bruce out of the room and was about to call the aurors when he was ordered to stop by Bruce. The eleven year old stated, through tears, that it wouldn’t do. He was essentially an orphan, and if people found out his mother killed his father and then herself, the Sanderson empire would crumble -- and Bruce would not allow that.

The family name would have to be protected and maintained at all times, at all costs.

And so, with the guidance of Henry (who’d been an ex-auror), Bruce began to assume the role of his parents, making a stock batch of polyjuice with their hair. The place was cleaned up and Henry got rid of the bodies -- how, Bruce never asked and would never ask. Things went back to normal, with Bruce assuming their identities when need be. For an eleven year old, he was particularly sharp and quick, learning the dos and don’ts of both parents well.

Over the years, Bruce learnt more about politics and the nuances of Pureblood life, both as a male and a female. It’s now second nature to him, being either Peter or Mary.


Slytherin || Pureblood || Fourteen || Loner
Bruce Sanderson Bruce_10
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Bruce Sanderson
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