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 Ishara Hadden

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Ishara Hadden

Ishara Hadden

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PostSubject: Ishara Hadden   Ishara Hadden EmptySat Sep 16, 2017 2:12 pm

Ishara Hadden LLILY%2BKRUK%2B%252816%2529

Ishara Hadden FPcGmnb

Full Name: Ishara Lynne Hadden
Goes by: Ishara (Ee-shar-ah)

Gender: Female
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual, but she will flirt with and experiment with females too.

Ishara Hadden PhgudjJ

Hair colour and style: Black, usually straight and worn loose unless she decides to tie it up or do something fancy with it.

Eye colour: Ice blue

Height: 5’ 7”
Body type: Slender

Dress sense: Fashionable, anything that she looks good in. Though having said that, she can pull off almost any style.

Birthmarks: None
Scars: None

Etcs: She’s got freckles spread across her nose and cheeks.

Ishara Hadden Nd3oBMR

- Flirting and playing around with males and females alike; Ishara is quite adept at using her charm on people and she makes it a game of sorts.
- Breaking hearts; she loves giving them a sliver of hope that she might genuinely like them back, then letting them down not too gently.
- Being the center of attention; she loves it when everybody’s attention is on her and when she’s the talk of the town.

- Being late for something and people who are not punctual; she always makes an effort to be on time and tells people off if they’re late to anything.
- Explaining things twice; she has no patience for people who don’t get things immediately
- Being bored; she can’t stand doing nothing. She has to be doing something with her time

- Fashion and designing; she has a good eye for things and can tell you what you should and shouldn’t wear for your body type and shape. This also applies to interior decorating and designing.
- Manipulation and especially blackmail; her mother taught her how to read people and how to play them right into her hands.
- Keeping her temper; she doesn’t want to chance turning into an ugly bird and has learned how to keep cool.

- Her father; she gets upset easily if someone mentions her father and will either snap back at you or insult you.
- Shopping; Ishara can burn loads of money on a shopping spree.
- Criticism; she doesn’t take it well.

Positive Traits
- Will do everything it takes to achieve her goal; once she has it in her mind to do something, she’ll do anything in her power to see it through to the end.
- Observant and intuitive; she can usually judge the motives and intentions of a person pretty accurately.
- Planning and organisation; this is only in context of goals. She plans her moves well to get to where she wants to be.

Negative Traits
- Will do everything it takes to achieve her goal; even if it’s morally wrong, she will do it. The means justifies the end as long as it’s not something that goes against her own desires and wishes.
- Vengeful; nobody gets away with hurting Ishara or her friends and family. If at any point she discovers that wrong has been done to them or to her, she goes all out to make sure the culprit pays for it and realises that it’s not in his/her best interest to do so again.
- Has no qualms lying; she can lie easily and her conscience won’t suffer from it.
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PostSubject: Re: Ishara Hadden   Ishara Hadden EmptySat Sep 16, 2017 2:13 pm

Ishara Hadden DSGaD4G
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Ishara Hadden

Ishara Hadden

Posts : 2
Join date : 2017-09-16

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PostSubject: Re: Ishara Hadden   Ishara Hadden EmptySat Sep 16, 2017 2:14 pm

Ishara Hadden MtBTqG5

Ishara Hadden FPcGmnb

Age: 14
Birthdate: 19th June

Blood Purity: Half-blood, half-veela

House: Slytherin
Wand Type: Hornbeam, 10”, Phoenix Feather

Ishara Hadden Nd3oBMR

Ishara has a grudge against all Purebloods. Her mother’s teaching has engrained in her the belief that Purebloods are lying wretches who never keep their word but only care about their reputation and outward appearances.

Ishara Hadden 4uLzEID

Maybelline, then twenty-two, met Cyril while she was waitressing at the Leaky Cauldron. They spent the night together and though Cyril knew that she was a Veela (he had, of course, noticed her beauty and charm and had asked her about it), he couldn’t help falling for her. Likewise, Maybelline enjoyed his company and found herself thinking about him more and more.

It wasn’t till four months after they became a couple that Maybelline found out Cyril was promised to another. She’d gotten angry, her face turning into that of a bird. Cyril calmed her down, telling her that he would that care of it, that his betrothed wouldn’t be a problem, promising Maybelline that he would end relations with the woman he had to marry.

But there were nights when Cyril would suddenly cancel plans with Maybelline, and the next morning, she’d find out from gossip magazines that there was a special function or other. Occasionally, there would be a mention of Cyril and his betrothed as attendees of the function. Maybelline always questioned him about it, asking if he had broken up with her and if he had made it clear that he was in another relationship. Cyril always said that he’d sorted it all out, asking her to trust him and not to worry.

They kept up the relationship for two years until Maybelline came to Cyril with the news that she was pregnant with his child. Cyril asked her to abort the baby, but Maybelline had a hunch that Cyril hadn’t truly broken relations with the woman he was supposed to marry. She then used all her charms on him until he relented and allowed her to keep the baby. Maybelline then made planned to use the baby to her advantage, eliciting a promise from Cyril to marry her.

On the day she delivered Ishara, Maybelline sent news to Cyril that she’d gone into labour, asking for his presence at the hospital as she birthed the baby. He never showed. It was an easy birth, but just a few hours after she gave birth and was holding Ishara in her arms, Maybelline heard the nurses gossiping about Cyril and how he’d proposed to Antoinette, the woman his family intended for him to marry.

Maybelline was at first upset, especially when, in the next few days, Cyril ignored all attempts at communication. She finally turned up at his house after leaving Ishara in the care of a friend. They had a heated argument where Cyril revealed that he could not disappoint his family. They needed the connections and wealth that Antoinette could bring them. Maybelline then swore to get her revenge on him.

She made a living as a companion working her way up until it became easy to attach herself to a high profile Muggle, be it a business man or celebrity. They paid her for her time and discretion, lavishing her with expensive gifts. She’d keep it up until she gained their trust, learning all their deepest secrets. She’d then turn the tables on them and blackmail them, forcing them to pay for her silence before moving on to her next victim.

Ishara was raised to hate her father. From an early age, Maybelline would speak of how dishonest Cyril had been, promising to take care of them then abandoning them to marry someone else. She was taught how to use her charms and learned when to go full out and when to take a step back and wait for the right time to strike. She learned how to read people’s body language to know how to play them.

She was taught that destroying her father and his wife was her goal. She was the one who could hurt them the most and she had the advantage of being unknown. Cyril knew of her existence but had no idea what she looked like or who she was. He’d cut off all communication with them.

Her magical abilities showed early and Maybelline discovered she was a Parselmouth when they went for a walk in a park. They’d come across a snake and Ishara, without quite knowing what she was doing, communicated with it. Maybelline then explained it to her.

Her Hogwarts letter came and it was no surprise that she was sorted into Slytherin. Her first two years at Hogwarts, she quickly made a reputation for herself, mostly because of her beauty. She used this opportunity to practice her game, starting out with small things first. By the end of her first year, she had a few students in her clutches, doing whatever she wanted to keep their secrets a secret.

   Name: Maybelline Hadden
   Age: 37
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Veela
   Occupation: Companion and full-time blackmailer

   Name: Cyril Emerson
   Age: 38
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Pureblood
   Occupation: The family business of owning property and maintaining a hotel and restaurant chain.
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Ishara Hadden
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