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 Shadows in the Dark {Open}

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Alexandra Ashworth


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PostSubject: Shadows in the Dark {Open}   Thu Sep 14, 2017 4:20 am

July, Before Year 6

Alexa silently made her way from Diagon Alley and into Knockturn Alley, her steps silent as she waved her wand over herself, silently putting on a light glamour over herself to stop people from asking questions on what a sixteen-year-old was doing down in Knockturn.

Striding down the alley with purpose, Alexa made her way into one of the many dark alleyways before she slipped into the one shop she was here for; Cobb and Webb's. A Dark Arts shop that traded with anything and everything; from books to potion ingredients.
You name it and they probably have it and if not they would order it for a price.

She shouldn't be there, a light Gryffindor Witch had no business in a shop like Cobb and Webb's but Alexa was here for only one purpose. A book that she desperately needed; one that wasn't sold in any other shop purely for the fact that it could be classed as Dark Magic even though it was mainly filled with theory and hardly any spells.

Pursuing the countless bookcases, her eyes finally fell on the book that she wanted and just as she was pulling it off the shelf, a presence behind her made her stiffen, her fingers curling tightly around the spine of the book as she pulled it off, her eyes shutting for a scant few seconds before opening once again, her back automatically straightening and her lips pulled into a pleasant smile as she turned around, her eyes focused on the person just in front of her.

"May I help you?"

Her glamour had long fallen, having been dissipated when she passed through the wards on the shop, so the person in front of her clearly knew who she was though probably didn't know the reason why she was in this shop in particular.


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Shadows in the Dark {Open}
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