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 This is Our Fight [Elouise]

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Brooke Walker


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PostSubject: This is Our Fight [Elouise]   Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:03 pm

Third Week of September || 6th Year

Ever since the discovery of Elouise, Brooke had felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. "I won't be okay until I've found my sister." The words Ceyal said to her all those years ago, when they first met... And now that Elouise was found, now that they knew where she was (safe), and now that she was Home with them, she knew for sure that Ceyal was going to be okay -- that they (all three of them) would make it.

Of course, a single text to the officer that found her had not been enough to help Elouise. There had been promises made and she'd been told that they would update her on any information they got throughout the investigation, but it was difficult. She'd put them in touch with Professor Blake after finding out, of course, but there was only so much that could be done.

Still, where there was life there was hope (as she read on a t-shirt once), and Brooke wasn't going to give up or give in that easily. They would find the people who did this to Elouise and they would make sure those people paid. Jail was not enough, but it would be a start. If nothing else, they would be sent away for a very, very long time.

But that was only one of the things on Brooke's mind, and she knew that she could trust the officers to do their job. It wasn't hers to hound after them. It was her job (or rather, privilege) to look after her family, to protect those she cared about and make sure they were okay. And now she had a new member of her family, the sister of her boyfriend.

Picnic basket resting in the crook of her elbow, Brooke made her way over the grounds, smiling at the fresh air and the clear skies. It wasn't a particularly hot day, for September, and there was a gentle and cooling breeze. She'd sent a note to Ceyal, telling him she'd not be able to meet with him for lunch, that she had a date with his sister instead, and that he wasn't invited for it was a girl's only thing. And then she'd sent a second note, asking -- not telling -- Elouise if she'd like to have a quiet picnic lunch in a secluded area just at the edge of the forest. The note had included directions, and added that if Elouise didn't want to she didn't need to go.

Hopefully, the young witch would say yes instead of no. If not, Brooke didn't mind the alone time, although she had packed enough food for two. (In truth, it was more like enough food for four people, but the house elves had taken her request rather seriously, not that Brooke minded.) Arriving at the spot, she chose a shaded area and, with a few muttered spells, set out a blanket and the food items. Taking a seat, she checked the time on her phone, sat back, and hoped that Elouie would show.


Hufflepuff || Adopted || Sixteen || Survivor 
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Elouise Kalhoun


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PostSubject: Re: This is Our Fight [Elouise]   Mon Sep 11, 2017 10:09 pm

It was strange how one was sometimes drawn to the familiar, even if that meant re-living fear, terror, and pain. There was something about darkness that made you never want to see light and there was something about being broken that made you not want to be whole. Perhaps it was because the darkness was familiar, having been in it for so long, and there was comfort in what one knows.

Three weeks had passed since she'd come to this school, and everyday, Elouise found herself in the dance classroom. She knew almost every inch of the castle, having spent her first night familiarising herself with the place, needing to know exactly where she was. It didn't matter that there was homework to be done and places to be. At least once a day, she had to go to the dance classroom.

But she didn't go there to dance. Far from it. Instead, as she was doing now, she sat four feet away from the shiny metal pole that stretched from floor to ceiling in one side of the room. The door was left open, as it always was; she hated being in enclosed areas and shut rooms made it all the more harder to escape. She'd sit on the floor, chin resting on the top of her knees which were hugged to her chest tightly, and stare at the shiny metal pole.

Some days, it reminded her of the joy she'd once found in dance, of the exquisite pleasure it brought to be able to move to music that sung in her soul. Other days - like today - it would taunt her, reminding her of the life she'd once lived, of the things she'd done, of the shame it stood for, of the terror she'd experience when the man came leaping at her. Always, she wanted to reach out and touch it, but she never did. And so she just stared, listening as it condemned her, throwing dart after dart that she let pierce her soul because she'd given up the will to fight.

When it got too much to handle, she shut her eyes, her hands coming up to cover her ears though it was not physical sound she heard. It was then that she realised she'd been clutching the note Brooke had written to her, inviting her to lunch in the Forbidden Forest. She hadn't wanted to go, but now, she needed to. Picking up the piece of paper that had fallen to the ground, Elouise slowly got to her feet and left the room, casting one last glance at the shiny metal pole.

Unoticed by anyone, she followed the directions Brooke had written down, glad that it was outdoors. Automatically, her gaze lifted to the sky, in search for clouds. It was a habit of hers to look for clouds in the sky and imagine the various shapes they represented. It was one of her coping mechanisms - although she didn't know that. But the skies were clear.

Elouise continued on the walk, entering the forest. She hadn't yet explored it and venturing into the unknown frightened her. She increased her pace and soon found Brooke seated on a blanket laid out with food. She lowered herself at the opposite end, folding herself back into the fetal position and remaining there, her eyes on the food instead of Brooke though she didn't feel like eating at all.


Silent tears hold the loudest pain
Terror is the deepest solitude we know and innocence is not a shield.
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This is Our Fight [Elouise]
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