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 Alexei Dawson

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Alexei Dawson

Alexei Dawson

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PostSubject: Alexei Dawson   Alexei Dawson EmptySat Sep 09, 2017 6:51 am

Alexei Dawson Tumblr10

Alexei Dawson FPcGmnb
Full Name: Alexei Dawson
Goes by: Alexei, Alex

Gender: Male
Sexual Alignment: Bisexual

Alexei Dawson PhgudjJ
Hair colour and style: Shaggy-like, dark brown hair.

Eye colour: Blue

Height: 6ft1
Body type: Athletic from all the sports he does and the amount of time he spends in the gym.

Dress sense: Casual

Birthmarks: N/A
Scars: He has one on his shoulder.

Tattoo(s): He has quite a few, mainly on his upper arms and one on his chest just on the right-hand side of his body.

Alexei Dawson Nd3oBMR
Likes: (min 3)
- Motorbikes; A childhood dream of his had been to own his own motorbike and he had it realized at the tender age of sixteen when his father bought it for him. He has learnt to ride it very quickly and it's his main travel arrangement right now.
- Mechanics; He loves tinkering with all sorts of things. Be they motorcycles or computers, he finds the time to tinker away taking apart things and then putting them back together only to see what actually makes things tick.
- Flirting; He enjoys flirting with anyone as it gives him a chance to actually socialize and get to know people even in a flirty way. He's by no means a player but he does have quite a reputation with ladies and boys for his flirty and flighty ways.

Dislikes: (min 3)
- Arrogance; Whenever he sees a person be arrogant he always wears a sneer on his face and has quite a harsh opinion of people like that.
- Loud Music; Alexei has very sensitive hearing and due to that any loud noise, but music, in particular, irritates him as it gives him unmanageable headaches that make him very angry and upset.
- Talking about the past; Alexei feels that the past should stay where it is, in other words in the past and that it shouldn't be bought up as people can change.

Strengths (min 3)
- His own strength; Alexei is very strong and he knows it. Should the need arise he can pretty much use his own body strength to get away from nasty situations.
- Hacking; Something that he had taught himself from a pretty young age, Alexei is very proficient in hacking and is even capable of hacking through the nastiest and hardest firewall systems.
- Photographic Memory; His ability to remember anything and everything comes from the fact that he has perfect memory recall, aka Photographic Memory. He's able to remember things from even as far as his early childhood. It's a blessing and a curse in actual fact but he enjoys it as it means that he only has to read something once to get it.

Weaknesses: (min 3)
- Children; Young Children had always been a weakness of Alexei's, especially since he's an older brother himself. Whenever he sees a little child lost or being mistreated he will react to it and help.
- Family; His family is probably his greatest weakness due to the fact that he would do anything for them, even if it meant walking into Hell and back.
- Reckless; A daredevil who enjoys the thrill, Alexei is very reckless with his own life and more often than not tends to give his parents heart attacks with the amount of trouble he had gotten into due to his recklessness.

Positive Traits (min 3)
- Decisive; He will keep to his decision and will not deter from it, not even if it may look like his decision was wrong.
- Friendly; A pretty friendly person who will make friends with anyone, even if that someone would rather see him dead than be friends wit him.
- Reliable; He may be as distrusting and sceptical as he can be but Alexei is reliable. He will always be there to give a helping hand or an ear to listen to.

Negative Traits (min 3)
- Distrusting; Despite his friendly attitude, Alexei is very distrusting of people who seem like they have double standards. He doesn't divulge personal information about himself to those people and tends to keep most things to himself.
- Short-Tempered; He is a little bit short-tempered though that mainly depends on the person he’s with. There are some people he’s okay with but then there are some people that just fray his nerves within seconds.
 - Obsessive; Alexei is one obsessive fucker. Everything he does has to be done perfectly.
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PostSubject: Re: Alexei Dawson   Alexei Dawson EmptySat Sep 09, 2017 4:46 pm

Alexei Dawson DSGaD4G
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Alexei Dawson

Alexei Dawson

Posts : 2
Join date : 2017-09-07

Alexei Dawson Empty
PostSubject: Re: Alexei Dawson   Alexei Dawson EmptySun Sep 10, 2017 6:57 pm

Alexei Dawson MtBTqG5

Alexei Dawson FPcGmnb
Age: 20
Birthdate: 17th March

Blood Purity: Muggleborn

Former House: Slytherin
Occupation: University Student
Wand Type: 11 inches, Ash Wood with Dragon Heartstring core.

Alexei Dawson Nd3oBMR
[Thoughts on fandom-specific areas of life. In this case, it would be magic, blood purity, and the like. Feel free to make lists (likes, dislikes, etc) or write paragraphs. This section is entirely up to you!]

Alexei Dawson 4uLzEID
Alexei Dawson 50126710
Alexei was born into a fairly high-class muggle family whose mother was an Airline Hostess and the father a Lawyer; in other words, he rarely saw his parents as one was travelling all the time while the other tended to stay holed up in his office going through all of his cases however he did take time out of his very busy schedule to at least spend one day with his son. Due to that, Alexei grew very independent very quickly, by the time he was five he could read and write, by the time he was six he could make some simple dishes to eat and by the time he was seven he could clean the house up to perfection. His parents had assigned him a babysitter and a maid but the two ladies mainly helped Alexei with whatever he wanted to be taught.

When he was eight, Alexei became a big brother to a very healthy set of twin; both girls that quickly became Alexei's entire world. His mother once again neglected her children, only staying at home for four months instead of the required nine and this led to Alexei taking care of the two girls himself, becoming both a brother and a mother to the two girls. His dad, while busy, took the time to take care of the two girls as well if only to give Alexei the chance to be a kid himself.

Growing up over the years, Alexei started noticing weird things happening around him; curtains catching on fire - which was blamed on the candle that was sitting too close to them, money disappearing from his mother's purse -that was blamed on her forgetting what she spent it on, cookies appearing in his hands when he was hungry and toys floating towards his sisters when they got too fussy. He didn't know what it was that he was doing but it didn't frighten him, just made him feel a bit weird about it as he knew that if he told his parents he would, quite probably, be taken to some institution to see what was wrong with him.

It wasn't until he turned eleven that he found out what it was that was happening to him.


He thought, at first, that someone was pulling his leg when he received a curious letter that had words like Witchcraft, Wizardry and Merlin on it but when a Professor from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry arrived at his house, he told him that no, he wasn't being pranked and that yes, he did have magic.

He had been shocked speechless. Magic? In this day and age? He almost laughed but then the Professor proved him wrong by turning a table into a living and breathing puppy that played with his sisters while the man informed him about what was going to happen and how he was going to get there. His father had been ecstatic that his son was different while his mother couldn't care less, she just turned her nose up and left the room when the Professor arrived.

After that revelation, Alexei was pretty much eager to go to Hogwarts if only to learn to control his magic and so that he could teach his sisters as well; they had proven to be magical as well when they had summoned their bottles to them. The Professor had been, understandably, shocked as it was rare for siblings from the same family to be magical.

The trip to Diagon Alley was a fun one, Alexei had literally run around everywhere looking through windows and buying whatever caught his fancy; at the end of the day he had a trunk full of books and Potion ingredients, claiming that learning to brew at home would be more profitable to him than actually learning at school because then he would have more time to do his homework and wander around the school.

The summer before leaving for his first year at Hogwarts, Alexei took as much time as he could doing his reading as well as looking after his sisters, he wouldn't see them for most of the year after all and he was sad to go without them.

Alexei Dawson 50126810
Going to Hogwarts was an adventure; the train trip to Hogsmeade was fun as he made a lot of friends, proving the fact that despite being muggleborn he did know the proper customs for Purebloods to actually like him. He wasn't too fussed about being friendly with purebloods as he was aware that most of them turned their noses up at Muggle-borns, he had read all about how Purebloods still disliked Muggle-borns.

Getting sorted into Slytherin had been a surprise, he had been sure that Ravenclaw would've been his house but the hat had told him that Ravenclaw took too much stock into learning and would prove detrimental to him. Hufflepuff would've been a bad choice for Alexei as he wasn't loyal to everyone, just himself and his chosen few and while Gryffindor would've worked as a house, he probably wouldn't have flourished there.

Being part of the Slytherin had been a drastic change, that's for sure; however, Alexei proved that despite being a Muggle-born he was, by no means, worse than the students there. He showcased his manners, proved his smarts and refused to bow down to the Purebloods who demanded it of him.

Throughout the years, Alexei proved to more than one person that Slytherin was the house for him and no matter how many times the older Purebloods tried to beat him down and have him bow to them he never relented and stayed strong and true to himself, something that impressed many people, student and teachers, alike.

He graduated Hogwarts with O's all across the board in the subjects he took in his sixth and seventh year.

Alexei Dawson 50132810
Following his graduation from Hogwarts, Alexei took a gap year to travel the world and just try to find himself, find what he wanted to do. He travelled to many countries and places and visited just as many Universities, both muggle and magical, to find which one he'd rather attend.

He visited places like Greece, Egypt, France, Morocco, Cuba, Mexico etc. It had been an adventure and a half but eventually he went back home and applied for the Magical University in the UK, taking on a Lawyers Major along with a Mechanics Minor. Both degrees were hard but he planned on doing them both and finishing them at the same time.

He lives in a rented flat just a few minutes outside of the University and more often than not he rides his motorcycle to the University.
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Alexei Dawson
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