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 Checking it Twice [Jorbin]

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Corbin Henderson


Posts : 15
Join date : 2017-09-07

PostSubject: Checking it Twice [Jorbin]   Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:57 pm

October Year 5

Life was good.

Or at least, there was nothing to complain about. Hooking one thumb into his pocket, Corbin strolled down the hall, eyes taking in those passing as he did. Lucy and him had just put the final preparations on their Halloween party, and all that was left to do was send out the invitations; or rather, invitations had been handed out a long time ago. All that was left was to give the password. Some Ravenclaw who obviously read too much had come up with it; Samhain, an ancient Celtic festival that had apparently been the start of Halloween (or All Hallow's Eve, or whatever the hell everyone else called it around the world).

That, however, was the problem. While 'Samhain' was the password, he'd been told with no little certainty it was, apparently, pronounced 'Sow-in'. How the hell was he supposed to write that down for people? So, instead, he'd tasked his committee -- Lucy, him, and the other four involved in planning it this time around -- with spreading the word to those invited.

The party was to be held in two weeks, and as Corbin walked down the corridor, he mentally went through the list of those invited. The popular kids, naturally, were top of the list -- the Bishop twins, Sienna, and their posse of followers -- but he'd made some additions that were never questioned; why question the organiser? Sometimes he invited the dull ones he saw getting picked on, simply to piss off the Girls. Sometimes, it was someone he owed a favour, or someone who'd done him a good deed. Not all were invited back for the next party, and not all even attended.

There was the metamorphamagus in his year -- Briella -- that Sienna had insisted get an invitation. She'd turned him down with a remarkable insult, and that had been that.

But as his mind ran through the list, he let out a tiny sigh. He was missing someone, he could feel it. Who, though? None of the Important VIPs had been forgotten; they were on a master list that never altered and that invites went out to first. There were a few he'd reinvited from the last party, ones that proved to be more fun than anticipated. There were a few new ones, those who'd transferred or who had moved up from the third year to the fourth year and therefore qualified for some Adult Fun, as he called it.

As he turned a corner, frowning in thought, he bumped into someone. Glancing up at once, he broke into a grin as he saw who it was. "Josh," he said, reaching out to give his best friend a gentle shove. "Watch it." His tone was light, so it was obvious he was joking; after all, Corbin had been the one who walked into him and not the other way around. "But since you've already interrupted me, let me borrow whatever amount of brains you have," he went on. "The Halloween party. I think I've forgotten someone."
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Joshua Abbott


Posts : 9
Join date : 2017-09-07

PostSubject: Re: Checking it Twice [Jorbin]   Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:42 am

There were a million things in the world that confused Joshua. Amongst these items were tourists, cauliflower, and Pina Coladas. The one thing that didn't confuse him, however; was the idea that the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was actually a prison. The more he thought about it, the more it made sense. They were given points for good behavior and cooperation; watched closely by professors to make sure that they fell in line. Ghosts patrolled the hallways like wardens awaiting an arrest. Yes, there were some interesting things to do and they were sometimes let out, but the point still stood in his mind. Hogwarts was a high-class prison, but a prison nonetheless.

But he was almost out of there. Joshua was in his 6th year at the school and he was hoping to get out in a year on good behavior. To do this, of course, he would have to pass a few tests. He hated tests. Saw absolutely no point in proving the span of his memory on how to properly pet a crup, but he knew that the only way out was through a piece of parchment. So he went to the library, to....study.

As he made his way to the library, the Hufflepuff felt his shoulder collide with that of another. Had he not immediately recognized the shoulder, this person would have been in for a whole new world of pain. Corbin Henderson, Josh's best friend in this prison, had entered the building.
"Don't have to tell me twice," Joshua responded. He debated whether or not to add a wink to the statement, but his better judgment decided that it may be overkill. But of course, Joshua was nothing if not overkill. So he let his left eye twitch in a seductive manner.

Any passerby who did not know the duo would be making assumptions right about now, but it was nothing new. Joshua was used to people talking about him. He didn't exactly make an effort to go through Hogwarts unnoticed. If anything, it was his mission to be as flamboyant as humanly possible.

"Halloween party..." Joshua said, making sure to hold out each syllable as if he were thinking over the words in order to remember something.

Of course, he knew that Corbin would never believe that the Puff would forget something of such importance. Corbin was the leader of a small group of students who threw parties for a select crowd a few times a year. Joshua had been invited to a few before being informed that Corbin was the one in charge. This came as no surprise, though. Seeing as Henderson was the only clever dipshit who would think of something like this.

As the best friend of the leader, Joshua got a say in who was invited to each shindig. The girls usually handled all of the high-profile guests; Purebloods, drama queens, etc. Josh tended to gravitate more towards students who he thought would make an interesting addition to the festivities. A party needed to be brought to life. The last thing they needed was to purify it to death.

"Most of the girls are too loud to be forgotten," he pointed out. "So you probably forgot someone we don't usually invite. Did you invite that French kid from Gryffindor who always hangs out with that quiet girl with the identity crisis? I think I remember a discussion on whether or not he'd be a good fit." He paused for a moment, before moving on in the conversation.

"Did you get the password?" He asked.
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Corbin Henderson


Posts : 15
Join date : 2017-09-07

PostSubject: Re: Checking it Twice [Jorbin]   Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:30 pm

Ever since Muggle studies, Corbin had realised that Joshua was not normal, in any sense of the word. Then again, he wasn't that, either. They'd clicked, and despite being deathly adverse to commitment, Corbin had decided Josh was someone he didn't mind being friends with on a permanent basis. And so their friendship had grown, from a fake proposal to best friends, and Corbin had grown to trust him. It was odd, having someone to actually talk to besides Lucy, but it was almost comforting, not that Corbin would ever admit that aloud. He was a loner, always had been, and needed nobody, after all.

This was one of the reasons that he'd ended up telling Joshua about the parties -- or, more specifically, that he was the one in charge of them. Sure, Josh had been invited a few times before, but as far as anyone else was concerned, Corbin was the one in charge of invitations, not the one in charge full stop. Only the main commitee knew, and even then they could only guess; they were told what to do, but they could never be certain if Corbin was giving them information he got from someone else, or if he was the one giving it.

Madison, Sienna, Lucy, and a couple others were the only ones who really knew, and now Josh was one of them.

That helped, somewhat; at least it wasn't mostly girls in charge of invites. It was good to have another male helping. Corbin waited, raising an eyebrow at Josh's pretense. Josh wouldn't forget, that much was sure. So when the male continued, Corbin pretended the whole ridiculousness of pretending to forget didn't happen and nodded.

"Kylian," he said. Names were something he didn't forget easily -- nothing really was, actually. A photographic memory came in handy. "Her name's Julienne. The invite didn't extend to her, naturally. She's too damn quiet. Doesn't even seem like she'll enjoy a party, which is kind of fudged up. Who the hell doesn't like a good party or getting piss drunk?"

At the question, he nodded. "It's Samhain. Pronounced like that -- sow-in -- but spelt S-A-M-H-A-I-N. Fudging Celtic. You have the masterlist, yea? First seven names are yours to find and inform."

[[OOC: I will have it noted that Kylian resents Julienne being called that, and he wants that very, very clear.]]


Slytherin || Halfblood || Fifteen || Player

Made by Megan
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PostSubject: Re: Checking it Twice [Jorbin]   

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Checking it Twice [Jorbin]
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