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 Corbin Henderson

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Corbin Henderson


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PostSubject: Corbin Henderson   Thu Sep 07, 2017 2:57 pm

Full Name: Corbin Henderson
Goes by: Corbin

Gender: Male
Sexual Alignment: Bisexual, somewhat aromantic (although he’s mostly just a commitment-phobe)

Hair colour and style: Dark brownish, although in certain lighting it appears light brown

Eye colour: Hazel

Height: 5’ 9”
Body type: Hot He’s very fit, and likes to keep that way.

Dress sense: Casual; jeans and t-shirts, although his shirts are usually tight fitting.

Birthmarks: A tiny splodge at the back of his right knee
Scars: Just the typical childhood ones.

Etcs: N/A

Likes: (min 3)
- Sports, particularly running and football

- Water (lakes, rivers, oceans); there’s just something about it that he enjoys. He prefers freshwater to salt, though.

- Checking himself out; he’s worked hard to get his muscles, and he deserves self-confidence, okay?

- Attention (there is no such thing as bad attention.)

- He’d never admit it, but he actually enjoys maths

- Dressing up nicely, although shopping is a pain

- A good drink

Dislikes: (min 3)
- Stereotypes, although he tends to just go along with it (because having a label is better than falling in the category of being too pathetic to have one, despite that being technically a label)

- Being called vain (although he can act like it, he’s just really, really, really self-confident -- or at least, he likes people thinking he’s as such.)

- Homework

- Anything that isn’t fun

- Studying (unfortunately, he’s one of those types that tend to get good results even if they only spend a few minutes reading things)

Strengths (min 3)
- He’s got somewhat of a photographic memory, meaning he can recall facts and names and faces very well

- Quick on his feet; he’s got really quick reaction times.

- He’s actually really good at maths.

- Sports I mean, have you seen his body? ‘Nuff said.

Weaknesses: (min 3)
- Maths; he actually really enjoys solving tough questions

- A football game

- A good drink

- A nice looking ...body (as long as they consent to it, of course)

Positive Traits (min 3)
- Surprisingly good with kids

- Protective of those who can’t protect/help themselves and his friends. He won’t meddle in their affairs if he sees they can manage themselves, but he’s always quick to back them up if need be.

- Helpful; he’s willing to help people, as long as they actually are trying and not just simply stating they can’t do something. As such, he can be found giving maths tuition and whatnot to his friends -- but only his friends.

- Quick learner; he picks things up really quickly.

Negative Traits (min 3)
- Swears like a sailor, unless around kids (that is literally the only time he can stop himself)

- Tends to be very skeptical of everything and everyone, so he hardly gives to charity

- Fear of commitment

- He’s totally the jealous type (but only if in a serious relationship, and he’s got a fear of commitment)

- Hides behind a wall of overconfidence. In truth, he somewhat doubts himself and is actually rather withdrawn.

Traits That Aren’t Good or Bad but Just Are:
- Corbin tends to be the type of person who respects those who respect him, no matter the age or gender. If you’re a 70 year old female and cuss him out, he’ll turn around and cuss you right back. Alternatively, you could be the world’s worst human ever and not give him an issue and he won’t blink an eyelid. He has no qualms punching a female if they hit him first, and doesn’t have the whole “women should be treated as fragile” mindset.

- Would definitely and willingly have at anyone as long as it’s legal, and they consent to it. (And they’re not TOO old or TOO young.)

- He says what he means and means what he says, so if he says something, you can be sure it’s not a lie. Unfortunately, this means if he doesn’t like you, you’ll know it. Never ask him if you look fat in a dress unless you really want to know the answer.

- He’s a realist

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PostSubject: Re: Corbin Henderson   Thu Sep 07, 2017 2:57 pm

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Corbin Henderson


Posts : 5
Join date : 2017-09-07

PostSubject: Re: Corbin Henderson   Thu Sep 07, 2017 2:57 pm

Age: 15
Birthdate: June 15

Blood Purity: Halfblood

House: Slytherin
Wand Type: Lauren, dragon heartstring, 9 3/4 inches.

Corbin is pretty average when it comes to magic. He’s not the best, but he’s not the worst. He tends to thrive in practical work that’s fast paced, such as spell casting, but only if he’s interested. Most of his high marks come from the theory, which he excels in due to his photographic memory. It isn’t so much that he’s bad at any one subject; he simply doesn’t have a passion for any of them. Instead, he spends his days being a Huge Jerk to those who are rude to him, and a Charming Ass to those he wants to get in bed with.

Mostly, Corbin is just trying to live his life away from his father and pretends to be full of confidence. It’s his coping mechanism for the emotional abuse he’s experienced at the hands of his father, and the impending divorce he can see coming a mile away. It’s also for this reason Corbin has a fear of commitment, be it in friendships (Lucy and Joshua are exceptions) or relationships.

Born to two aurors, Corbin grew up with epic tales of bravery and bravado. One parent would always be home to watch over him, taking turns in their shifts so that Corbin didn’t have to be raised by nannies. When Corbin was six, his mother received an owl that changed everything: leaving him with a neighbour, something that only ever happened when his parents went out on a date, Corbin realised something was wrong.

It wasn’t till the following day he found out his father’s squad had been attacked by dark wizards, leaving him many of them injured. His father had taken the brunt of it and was in the hospital for months before he was pronounced well enough to return home.

His father suffered PTSD afterwards, and as such Corbin had to suddenly adjust to tiptoeing around home and not making any sudden or loud movements, let his father suffer a panic attack. It eventually grew worse, with the panic attacks leading to yelling and shouting. From a lively boy, he became quite withdrawn. Upon his arrival at Hogwarts, his newfound freedom went to his head as he was, once again, free to be a child. Sorted into Slytherin like his mother had, he soon found that he thoroughly enjoyed school and learning all the spells and whatnot.

Still uncertain as to what he wants to do when he grows up, Corbin’s motto is ‘one day at a time’, and he seems to take everything in stride.

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PostSubject: Re: Corbin Henderson   

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Corbin Henderson
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