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 Edward Byrne

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Edward Byrne


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PostSubject: Edward Byrne    Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:41 pm

Full Name: Edward Walter Byrne
Goes by: Edward, Ed

Gender: Male
Sexual Alignment: Straight

Hair colour and style: Neatly combed dark brown hair

Eye colour: Dark brown eyes

Height: 6 foot
Body type: Tall and lanky

Dress sense: He dresses sharp, favouring tailored suits

Birthmarks: N/A
Scars: N/A (for now)

Etcs: Often wears glasses

 - Puzzles, riddles, crosswords, or anything that helps to sharpen the mind. He always enjoys something he can pry apart.
 - His nephew, Anthony. They're more similar than not (he'll come to realise when he meets him). And honestly, the way he sees Anthony treated hits a little too close to home. He wants to make Anthony much stronger.
 - Chess- or any game of strategy. Strategy is his best weapon, with him lacking a lot of physicality.
- Reading and books- more for leisure.
- Chemistry- he'd always been skilled at it. That's what really helps him pay his way through, he makes 'substances'

 - His family, his brother. They disowned him because his beliefs were too 'extreme'. They weren't, his family were just too weak, too gullible to see that his perspective was the right one.
 - His current financial status- he's not poor, he's not rich. However, he'd prefer to be rich. He lucked out when it came to making money with potions, but he'd much rather something stable.
 - Prison- he's never been, but he's come close. He wants nothing to do with it and will do anything to avoid it.
 - Loud noises- they assault the ears and distract him.
 - People who pay no attention to detail- detail is of the utmost importance at times and it's incredibly frustrating when people don't understand that.

 - His intellect- it's probably the most notable thing about him, and something that he takes great pride in.
 - Planning and strategy, he's good at predicting what people will do. It's a gamble of course, but he always ensures that he has the best odds.
 - Highly individualistic and confident in himself and his decisions.
 - He's great at picking up new skills if he puts his mind to it.

 - He focuses too much on the past- to the point where wanting to rectify the past, or force people to pay for their wrong-doings has begun to consume him.
 - Doesn't easily form connections with people, for fear off losing them. He's had quite a bit of experience with that in the past.
 - At times, reckless. Especially if someone angers him, if they push his button just a little too much. He snaps.
 - The voices in his head can sometimes be a little too persuasive.

Positive traits:

 - Can be charming in a quirky sense. And funny. He makes rather dry, sarcastic quips.
 - Authentic- he is unapologetically himself, something that took a while to come around to being. Adulthood was when he learned to embrace his individuality.
 - Determined- once he sets his mind to a project, he will finish it no matter the cost.
 - Curious- when he has a question, it'll irritate him to no end until he finds the answer or solution.

Negative traits:

 - Unforgiving- saying 'sorry' is too easy. People have to pay for what they've done. And unfortunately, so many people go unpunished.
 - Unpredictable- no one knows his inner-workings, or thoughts. He's hard to read, naturally guarded, and there's no telling when he might snap, nor what his actions might be if cornered.
 - Proud- he relies solely on himself and refuses help from those he considers to have a lower intellect than him.
 - Obsessive- if he wants it, he'll get it, no matter the cost. If for whatever reason he can't, it will consume him.
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PostSubject: Re: Edward Byrne    Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:43 pm

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Edward Byrne
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