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A clean, original character-only RP site covering multiple fandoms. Whatever floats your boat, we got it!
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 Eli De Santis

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Eli De Santis


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PostSubject: Eli De Santis   Tue Sep 05, 2017 7:40 pm

Full Name: Eli Armanno De Santis
Goes by: Eli

Gender: Male
Sexual Alignment: Bisexual

Hair colour and style: Dark brown and insanely curly (like my personality of course)

Eye colour: Greenish/hazel (like emeralds, but not, y'know)

Height: Eventually 6 foot (you know what they say about tall men Wink)
Body type: Tall, lanky (but nicely toned... Not that I work out, I'm just naturally built like a skinny Italian god, y'know)

Dress sense: Whatever's clean (so at least I'll smell good)

Birthmarks: N/A
Scars: Multiple from just casual clumsiness

Etcs: *Insert pick up line here*

 - Sports- mainly quidditch. Not so much muggle sports like his sister, but really anything that gets his blood pumping.
 - Parties- socialising, making friends, making enemies- it was part of life. And he embraced every chance he had to socialise.
 - Drama- not so much being at the centre of drama, rather observing drama. He's the kid that would summon popcorn while watching a fight- verbal or physical.
 - Pranks and jokes- literally anything that will get under someone's skin- particularly someone he doesn't like much.

 - Reading- his brain buzzes far too much for him to read. That coupled with the fact that he's easily distracted…
 - Raisin biscuits- they're like bite-sized lies
 - Homework- he always feels like he could be doing things that are just so much more fun than homework.
-Boredom- he simply can't cope with it. He must be doing something fun at all times.

 - Athletic- due to his love for sport almost more than anything else, he has become very athletic
 - He genuinely doesn't care about what people say or think to/about him.
 - Always quick with a comeback- verbally or with a defensive spell
- Great knowledge of quidditch

 - Never knows when to stop- because no words seem to affect him, he often forgets how hurtful he might be to others- he has a difficult time empathising.
 - He's not particularly good at keeping friends- much less making close friends. His boisterous exterior is inviting to pretty much everyone. However, people get sick of it- people don't like the constant attention he seems to crave.
 -Academia- reading, writing, he simply can't sit down or concentrate long enough to make much process with that sort of thing.

Positive traits:
 - He's funny- hilarious really. Always good at making people laugh.
 - (When he does manage to get close to someone) can actually be really kind and caring. It's rare, but very possible.
 - Actually very clever- not in the academic sense, in a more hands-on  way. In fact, when he does grow up, he becomes quite street smart.
-Embraces weirdness- he's a weird guy, he kind of has to

Negative traits:
 - Can be rather crude and rude- he has a hard time knowing when to censor himself or to calm down
 - Impulsive- he does stupid things without bothering to think of the consequences. His philosophy is literally "But hey, I didn't die, so…" with a shoulder shrug.
 - Doesn't seem to care when he hurts someone- which just adds to why he can't seem to make close friends.
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PostSubject: Re: Eli De Santis   Tue Sep 05, 2017 7:42 pm

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Eli De Santis
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