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 James Byrne

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James Byrne


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PostSubject: James Byrne   Fri Sep 01, 2017 9:21 am

Full Name: James Edmund Byrne
Goes by: James, Jim

Gender: Male
Sexual Alignment: Straight

Hair colour and style: Dark brown hair, intentionally styled messily unless there's a formal event
Eye colour: Blue

Height: Will grow to be 5 foot 11
Body type: Toned and muscular

Dress sense: He dresses sharply and always looks his best

Birthmarks: N/A
Scars: He has a scar running up his leg from a sporting accident from when he was younger. His leg was broken and it pierced the skin quite badly, his inner right calf.

Etcs: "Always looks shaggable"

- Rugby- sports, working out. It made him look good and feel good.
- Competition- it's one of his biggest motivators - he just loved knowing that he was the best of what he tried
- Girls
- Being the centre of attention- he always has been, and he wants it to remain that way
- Dares- proving himself to people is always enjoyable
-Socialising- because you don't get anywhere in life without needing to socialise a bit

- Quietness- he can't deal with silence or quietness, he's more at home around others
- Tasks involving long periods of concentration- like reading. He gets fidgety, his mind wanders, and it simply doesn't end well
- Wet blankets- people who feel the need to spoil the fun can (in his opinion) get lost
- Homework- while spending all day at school, it's just cruel to set tasks after class
- His siblings- well, he loves them, of course. But Anthony's too somber and Florence is just a little too jealous of him for his liking.

- Athletic- he can sprint, jump, play quidditch- he has a natural talent for sports
- Charm- he has a way with words and good looks, of course he's going to be charming
- Brave- and daring, all those good qualities. He stands up for himself and his friends without question
- Great social intelligence- he just gets how people work- he has a great ability of understanding people's emotions

- Spoilt- growing up as the eldest of three, he's always been given special treatment in that he was always given priority. He expects the same in school, naturally
- Stubborn- it's his way or the highway- he has difficulty compromising
- Impulsive- he sometimes forgets that action have consequences (though he rarely suffers said consequences)
- Ego- confidence is fine, but James definitely has quite an ego, and it can become trying on people.

Positive traits:
- Loyal to his friends and family to a fault
- Intelligent- for someone who dislikes study, he is oddly intelligent. One of those kids who doesn't seem to have to try hard to be good at things
- Confident- he doesn't let people put crap over him
- High self-esteem- he thinks highly of himself and has reason to, of course

Negative traits:
- Manipulative- he always gets what he wants, and sometimes his charm slips into manipulation
- Arrogant- he seems to think too highly of his importance, only amplified by his parent's reinforcement.
- Doesn't work well in groups- he's too used to being in charge, and has difficulty letting others lead. This usually ends up with an argument or fight
-Reckless- thinking ahead is for wimps, seems to be his philosophy
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PostSubject: Re: James Byrne   Sun Sep 03, 2017 1:22 pm

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James Byrne
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