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 Anthony Byrne

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Anthony Byrne


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PostSubject: Anthony Byrne   Fri Sep 01, 2017 9:12 am

Full Name: Anthony Thomas Byrne
Goes by: Anthony or Tony

Gender: Male
Sexual Alignment: Straight

Hair colour and style: Dark brown hair that he usually leaves messy

Eye colour: Blue

Height: Will grow to be roughly 6 foot
Body type: Rather skinny

Dress sense: Whatever Florrie or his mum says is appropriate usually. Otherwise, just casual.

Birthmarks: N/A
Scars: N/A

Etcs: Wears reading glasses

 - Books- reading, things that broaden the mind
 - Music- he enjoys playing the violin and listening to a broad range of music, from Beethoven to Greenday, it depends on his feelings go the day.
 - The cool morning breeze, while he drinks his cup of tea- he likes to wake up early and enjoy the stillness of the morning, before it gets too hot and too noisy
- The library- or any calm environment really
- Privacy- he enjoys his alone time with his hobbies, and doesn't really appreciate people interrupting it.

 - Crowds- he gets a little overwhelmed with tonnes of people around- almost a claustrophobic feeling
 - Loud people- or loud places- again, his hearing is easily overwhelmed
 - Meaningless chit chat- if you're going to talk, make it so it's not a waste of time
- Gossip- goes hand in hand with the chit chat really. No, it doesn't concern him who has snogged who, or whatever is the news of the day
- Sport- he's not particularly good at team sport. He prefers solo things such as running to keep himself fit.


 - He has a great memory- he can remember almost anything if he wants to.
 - He can focus really easily on tasks and has a great eye for detail and patterns.
 - He's calm, collected and logical- when facing an issue, he doesn't freak out, but rather looks towards possible solutions
- He is able to look objectively at situations without getting too emotional about it

 - He's rather disconnected from people- he doesn't form close bonds well
 - Talking doesn't come naturally- he doesn't possess the charm that his brother and sister seem to have- he usually chooses to stay quiet
 - He's uncoordinated- he can't catch nor throw well, and he often trips over his own feet
- He's awkward- it's like he thinks too much about things, his brain just spurts out all the possibilities of something and he either can't decide how to respond to someone, or mixes up his words

Positive traits:
 - He is open-minded and willing to admit when he's wrong
 - He's an information hoarder
 - He is kind to those that are kind to him
 - He honestly and truly aims to understand and empathise with people

Negative traits:
 - He has trouble expressing himself
 - Sometimes neglects his self-care- like forgets to eat, shower, etc. Usually his sister subtly reminds him before things get too out of control. This does happen rarely- and happens less often now that he's at Hogwarts.
 - Prone to picking up bad habits
 - Bottles up his emotions- and sometimes they explode
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PostSubject: Re: Anthony Byrne   Sun Sep 03, 2017 1:23 pm

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Anthony Byrne
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