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Ceyal Kalhoun

Ceyal Kalhoun

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PostSubject: Ceyal Kalhoun   Ceyal Kalhoun EmptyFri Aug 25, 2017 3:59 pm

Ceyal Kalhoun 685b43d977a5457d4d32b28d34f47e70--tyler-blackburn-attractive-people

Ceyal Kalhoun FPcGmnb

Full Name: Ethan Ceyal Kalhoun
Goes by: Ceyal

Gender: Male
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual

Ceyal Kalhoun PhgudjJ

Hair colour and style: Black. He keep used to keep it longish, almost to his chin, but he’s cut it now.

Eye colour: Dark brown almost black

Height: 6’
Body type: Fit, athletic, slender

Dress sense: Anything that fits, really, and is comfortable. He’s usually in jeans and a t-shirt. Occasionally, he wears a beanie or a jacket in the winter.

Birthmarks: None
Scars: Even more numerous than his tattoos. His torso is riddled with them from the times Arnold laid a whip to his back. If he lifts his shirt, scars criss-cross over his back. On his face, there’s one running down from the outside corner of his right eye to the middle of his cheek, and one more on his forehead near his hairline

Tattoos: Plenty. The moment he turned twelve, he got a tattoo for every event in his life. He has a heart on his chest as a remembrance for Loveen, an explosion on his upper right arm for the time he killed Arnold, a female warrior for Eloise, a star for Esther, a husky for when he found Hope, the word Brown in special font for the couple who took him him, and a stream for Brooke. There are others but these are the main ones.

Ceyal Kalhoun Nd3oBMR
- Music; Ceyal finds comfort and consolation in music. It is a release for all his pent up emotions and thoughts, a way to express himself when words fail him.

- Silence; he doesn’t like using unnecessary words, and craves to be in silence whenever possible. Ask him a yes-no question and that’s exactly what you get, yes or no. Ever since he met Brooke though, he’s opened up a bit more though he’s still reticent towards people he doesn’t know.

- Flying; there’s nothing like being meters up in the air where nothing could disturb him but wind and birds.

- Fried food; besides music, the only thing that can put him in a better mood is fried food. It can be anything from fries to seafood to vegetables to ice cream. As long as it’s oily and deep fried.

- Socialising and making friends; friends ultimately means people are going to know about your past, which Ceyal does not want to happen. Plus, he prefers silence over talking.

- Nosy people; can’t people just mind their own business instead of wanting to know everything about everything? It’s the same reason he doesn’t like talking and gossipers.

- Chocolate; the taste and texture of it just puts him off

- Attention on himself; Ceyal wants to remain the the background. The less people know about him, the better.

- Birthdays; more specifically, his birthday. Everything bad happened on his birthday. As such, he’s come to dislike it very much. He’s never celebrated it since his mother died.

- Music; he can play a variety of instruments, including and not limited to: piano, guitar, drums, and the harmonica.

- Body language; survival in the Kalhoun household meant being able to read body language. He is fluent in this language not by choice but by necessity.

- Listening; Ceyal doesn’t just hear; he listens. He listens to what people say and don’t say and is able to read beneath their words. He doesn’t interrupt and offer unsolicited advice, making a good person to rant to.

- Astronomy; he spent nights with his mother just gazing up at the stars. She would tell him all about them and he grew to love those moments.

- His siblings; all he wants to do is protect them from the harsh reality of the world. He would do anything for them.

- Drunkards and people who are abusive; he straight up loses his temper and patience at them mostly because of what he’s experienced with his father.

- Brooke; His past; he’s sort of made peace with what has happened but sometimes it creeps up on him when he doesn’t expect it.

Positive Traits
- Protective and fiercely loyal; he is protective of those who are close to him and will always make time for them and be there for them.

- Hardworking; he doesn’t slack on his work and always does things to the best of his ability.

- Patient; despite his looks, Ceyal can be quite patient in explaining things and understanding people. Except with drunkards.

Negative Traits
- Unapproachable; he doesn’t smile often and keeps a dark expression on his face.

- He rarely opens up to anyone and usually keeps his thoughts and feelings bottled up inside. The only person he’s revealed himself to is Brooke.

- Pessimistic; having been through the things he has, Ethan finds it difficult to see the good side
 of things.
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PostSubject: Re: Ceyal Kalhoun   Ceyal Kalhoun EmptyFri Aug 25, 2017 4:00 pm

Ceyal Kalhoun DSGaD4G
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Ceyal Kalhoun

Ceyal Kalhoun

Posts : 5
Join date : 2017-08-25

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PostSubject: Re: Ceyal Kalhoun   Ceyal Kalhoun EmptyFri Aug 25, 2017 4:18 pm

Ceyal Kalhoun MtBTqG5

Ceyal Kalhoun FPcGmnb

Age: 17
Birthdate: 16th November

Blood Purity: Muggleborn

House: Ravenclaw
Wand Type: 11 inches, Phoenix Feather, Pine

Ceyal Kalhoun Nd3oBMR

- Astronomy, Potions and Flying

He doesn’t like the concept of blood purity, especially when the Purebloods make it evident that they are ‘better’ than non-Purebloods. He was often on the receiving end of their harsh remarks, usually about his quietness, but he rarely let that get to him. He only befriends the Purebloods who aren’t stuck up.

Ceyal Kalhoun 4uLzEID

TW: Implied rape, abuse,death

When Ethan was born, his only saving grace was that he was a male. His father was, at first, appeased that he had a son but wanted nothing to do with the smaller details of parenting. He just wanted someone who could take over the business one day. However, as Ethan grew older and comprehended what his father was really like and began protecting Loveen, Arnold changed his tune and did not spare his son from his fury.

Ethan spent his childhood avoiding his father as much as possible. As an infant, he seemed to sense that crying only made life worse for both himself and his mother. His father would curse, scream and beat his mother to “shut that baby up”. He never cried unnecessarily and only whimpered when he was either hungry or needed his diaper changed. Loveen tried to protect him as much as she could, often locking him in the pantry or storeroom whenever Arnold felt like bashing something up.

As he grew up, it didn’t take him long at all to figure his father out. His drunkard of a father would find any excuse to beat Loveen - the laundry wasn’t done properly, the house was too messy, the windows were dirty, his shirts weren’t ironed properly - all of which were completely false. HIs primary reason was that Loveen was unable to bear children, but what he didn’t know was that it was his abuse that made her miscarry most of her children. It became normal for Ethan to find his mother in tears with red welts and bruises on her skin; it was a daily occurrence.  He would wrap his arms around her neck and whisper in her ear that he loved her. When Loveen wasn’t strong enough to hold him, he would lay his head on her lap instead, and tell that everything would be alright.

He would take the punishment himself, refusing to let his mother suffer. “I did it! Leave Mama alone!” became the only words he would say to his father. Arnold, just wanting someone to beat up, would drag the child and lay whatever he could on the boy. He was beaten and whipped for the most menial things, things that Arnold would make up just as an excuse to abuse the young boy. Things like not switching on the light immediately when asked (in actual fact, he did it as fast as he could, jumping up multiple times to reach the switch) and not making Arnold’s breakfast quick enough (when it was Arnold who called him away from the kitchen to do other things) were included in his excuses.

He witnessed things that children should never be allowed to witness. Loveen did her best to keep him away when Arnold forced himself on her, but sometimes, she wasn’t quick enough. Instead, she would cry and tell him to close his eyes or go to a different room. He wouldn’t listen, instead trying to stop his father from hurting his mother. At first, he tried to hit Arnold to stop him, but his tiny fists were no match for a fully grown man.  Then things around the house would go flying at Arnold without explanation. Thinking that Ethan was possessed and dangerous, Arnold would punish him more.

When Loveen tried to lock him in a room to protect him, he would drag a chair to the door, peek through the keyhole and see his mother yell and cry and in pain, helpless to do anything to save her. He quickly learned to read his father’s moods when he came home at the end of the day so that he could take the beating instead of his mother.

The only relief Loveen and Ethan got was when Arnold was passed out drunk. Ever since Loveen’s escape, Arnold had taken to locking the front door and back fence. However, they would go to the little garden attached to the back of their ramshackle house and dig the soil, enjoy nature and just bonding with each other. The seven foot high wooden fence which enclosed the back of the house made them feel like it was the safest place in the world. It was during times like these that Loveen would confide in Ethan all her hopes and dreams since he was the only one she could talk to. She would weep and Ethan would hold her and comfort her as best as he could.

It was also during times like these, that more of his magical abilities showed. He was able to manipulate growing flowers, making them grow and wilt at his will. He could also manipulate small animals like mice and make them do what he wanted them to do. Though Loveen did not understand what was going on, she encouraged him in his efforts, telling him that he was made for special things.

On Ethan’s 6th birthday, Arnold left for a whole year, not saying where he went or not sending any news back home. He only warned them that if they tried to escape, consequences would occur far worse that what they’ve been going through. Merlin only knew how they survived on scraps of food and neighbours’ kindness, but it was the best year of their lives. Without Arnold around to abuse her, Loveen gave birth to a baby girl and named her Elouise. She was a joyful and happy infant, always smiling and laughing. She was the light of their lives.

On Ethan’s 7th birthday, three and a half months after Elouise’s birth, Arnold came back, saw her, and decided that Loveen had been unfaithful to him. He took the infant and threw her out on the streets, leaving her to the mercy of the world. Loveen could not be comforted. She spent days in her room refusing to eat or drink. She would just lie on the bed listlessly and stare out the window. Ethan had to force food and water down her throat to keep her alive. He too was stricken with grief but did his best to be there for his mom.

When Ethan started school, Arnold took to beating him in creative places after a teacher called him and raised concern over a nasty bruise forming on his right cheek. Arnold threatened Ethan into lying about his injuries, saying that if the teachers ever found the truth, he would separate him from his mother. Not wanting to lie to people, Ethan stopped making friends. If he didn’t have friends, he wouldn’t have to lie to them. He sat alone on the bus and ate his lunch in abandoned classrooms and corners of the school instead of in the cafeteria.

On Ethan’s 8th birthday, Arnold was particularly drunk and came home in a rage from a particularly bad gambling loss. He whipped mother and son unconscious and when Ethan woke up, a frightful sight met his young eyes. Arnold was in the kitchen holding a knife and Loveen was crying and shaking her head, telling him that she was pregnant and if he hit her, she would lose the child. Before Ethan could blink, Arnold had stabbed her arm. Reacting purely on instinct, he performed accidental wandless magic causing a magical explosion which rendered Arnold unconscious

Unfortunately, Loveen was also injured but not as bad. With whatever money they could find, they managed to buy a flight ticket to London and start a new life. For a while, things weren’t bad. Loveen worked at odd jobs and rented a tiny apartment. They managed to get by with whatever wages Loveen earned. Through the news, they found out that a neighbour had found Arnold and brought him to the hospital. They also learned that he had succumbed to his injuries and died. That wasn’t all. He had owed various people large sums of money from his gambling losses and bad investments. The police were saying that it was one of those people who had broken into the house to rough him up because he couldn’t pay them back.

A few months later, Loveen went into labour and gave birth to Esther. Ethan adored his younger sister and doted on her. He vowed to protect her at all cost and never lose her like he lost Elouise. He would sing for her and take care of her while Loveen went to work.

Their happiness did not last long. Loveen contracted pneumonia. Ethan begged her to go to the hospital, or at least a doctor, but Loveen could not afford any hospital bills. She tried to sleep and rest at home, thinking that it was just a passing flu, but her condition deteriorated as she slipped in and out of consciousness. With his mother unable to work, Ethan took to the streets, carrying Esther with him so he could watch after her. He’d stop everyone who would listen and knocked on every door he could find. “Mama is terribly sick. Please help,” he would say. Most people would either ignore him or give him a few coins. “I don’t need money. I need help for Mama,” he would respond.

He kept this up for a week until a kind doctor, on his way home from work heard the boy and followed the him to the apartment. As the doctor worked on Loveen, Ethan clutched her hand, imploring her to live, telling her that he loved her, that he would be a good boy and take her to all the places she wanted to go to if she would just wake up. But it was too late. Loveen succumbed to the illness and passed away a few days after Ethan turned ten.

The doctor, Mr. Brown, took both Ethan and Esther to his home where he and his wife fostered them. They were an elderly couple with their children all married and having their own families. Mrs. Brown, the most patient woman imaginable, ensured that the children were taken care of. She fed them and clothed them, but knew that she could only do so much for them. She could tell that Ethan had suffered unspeakable things and in her own quiet way, let him know that she was there for him if he needed her, but she never pushed him for more than he was ready to handle.

His mother’s death left Ethan howling in grief for days, refusing any comfort provided to him. He stayed in the couple’s home having nowhere else to go and wanting to be with his sister. He refused to be called ‘Ethan’ and insisted to be known as ‘Ceyal’, not able to bear the memories associated with his first name. He turned into a social recluse, moving through life as if numbed, not talking unless absolutely necessary and even then, in short terse answers. The couple understood his need for silence and gave him all the space he needed. He refused to go to school and instead spent the time with Esther. It was during this time that he picked up the guitar and harmonica, finding that the music comforted and sheltered him.

Occasionally, he would go out on long walks in the neighbourhood. On one of these walks, he found an injured Siberian Husky puppy and took her home. He named her Hope and nurtured her until she was strong enough. She became her best friend, never leaving his side and calming him down when he woke up crying from a nightmare.

When his Hogwarts letter came, he jumped at the chance to learn about the wizarding world, wanting to hone his skills so that he would never again perform magic accidentally. He never got over the guilt of causing his father’s death though he knew that the man did not deserve to live. Mr. and Mrs. Brown assured him that they would take care of Esther and he left for the castle. The first few years at Hogwarts, he was dubbed ‘mystery boy’ because no one knew anything about him except for his name and the fact that he studied hard.

He never forgave himself for not doing more to save his mother. If only he had persuaded her harder to go to the hospital. If only he had done more for her. If only he had gone and asked a doctor to come instead of pleading with people who wanted nothing to do with a skinny raggedy boy.

In his Fifth Year, he met Brooke at the lake. She had a panic attack and that had opened up a conversation where he learned that she’d been raped and had also gone through abuse. He shared bits of his own story with her, something he’d never done before. He also took her up on her offer to help him search for his sister.


   Name: Loveen Kalhoun
   Age: 25 at the point of death
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: Muggle
   Occupation: Housewife

   Name: Arnold Kalhoun
   Age: 48 at the point of death
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: Muggle
   Occupation: Businessman

   Name: Elouise Carmine Kalhoun
   Age: 11
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Muggleborn
   Occupation: Former pole dancer, currently picking up the broken pieces of herself and trying to piece them back together.

   Name: Esther Camille Kalhoun
   Age: 9
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Muggleborn
   Occupation: Child!

   Name: Hope
   Age: 7
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Siberian Husky

Parents’ Background:

Loveen never had a good life. She was the unwanted eight child, unloved by her parents, siblings and other relatives. From the moment she was born, she was taught that she was a burden to the whole family. Her siblings picked up on this and began bullying her, while her parents treated her like a slave. She was constantly told that she was useless and worthless, and she began to believe it.

The moment she turned sixteen, her father sold her off to Arnold, a business partner, covering up the sale cleverly to avoid any legal charges. Loveen begged her father not to do it saying that she wanted to complete school and graduate, but the more she begged, the more her father insisted on the marriage, giving Loveen an ultimatum: marry Arnold or be disowned and thrown out on the streets. Worried that if she took the latter choice, she would have nowhere to go and nothing to survive on, she very reluctantly went with the former.

Arnold was a drunkard and gambler, twenty-three years Loveen’s senior and prone to violent fits. Her father owed him a large gambling debt which he would cancel if Loveen became his bride. To give further incentive, the wealthy man promised to pay Loveen’s father a generous monthly sum. He never came through with his promises, citing the fact that Loveen was unsatisfactory in her wifely duties. This only made her family hate her more.

She became Arnold’s plaything, subject to his mood swings and violent nature. The first few months were spent with him trying to impregnate her. He used her roughly with only his pleasure in mind, tossing her aside once he was done with her. When she kept having miscarriages due to his violence, he beat her even more. He would whip her and take pleasure in that. Every day, she would look forward to him leaving for work and she would dread every second that passed, knowing that he would come back and she’d have to live the hell for hours before he left again.

When Loveen conceived for the fifth time, an opportunity present itself for her to escape. Arnold, in his drunken state, had left the doors unlocked and she’d slipped out with a pouch of money she’d saved up from pilfering a little of the grocery allowance Arnold gave her each month. She managed to cross the border to Canada, and stayed hidden in Montreal long enough to give birth to Ethan. She wanted to give him up for adoption, not wishing for Ethan to be anywhere near Arnold. She wanted him to be part of a loving home, and not living with a monster. But before the adoption papers could be finalised, Arnold managed to track Loveen down and dragged her back to New York together with Ethan.
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