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 Briella-Ashley Myers

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Briella-Ashley Myers

Briella-Ashley Myers

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PostSubject: Briella-Ashley Myers   Briella-Ashley Myers EmptyWed Aug 23, 2017 9:27 pm

Briella-Ashley Myers FPcGmnb
Full Name: Briella-Ashley Charlie Myers
Goes by: Briella to almost everyone. Her nicknames are either Ella or Bri. Her brothers/her brothers’ friends call her ‘Charlie’, sometimes, as an inside joke.

Gender: Female
Sexual Alignment: Bisexual

Briella-Ashley Myers PhgudjJ
Hair colour and style: Dirt blonde. It usually hangs by her shoulders, although she plays around at times. Currently, she really likes it being slightly wavy, somewhere between straight and full-on curls. Occasionally, she'll have fun and have the tips be an odd colour.

Eye colour: Light blue.

Height: Five foot seven.
Body type: Somewhere between slim and chubby

Dress sense: She prefers jeans, cargo pants, and loose t-shirts, as she is rather tomboyish. However, lately, thanks to the influence of her brothers’ significant others (a wife and a girlfriend), she's been learning to appreciate and wear more ‘girly’ clothes, like dresses, blouses, skirts, and the like. (They've made it their ‘goal’ to give her the woman influence she lacked in her growing up years.)

Birthmarks: None.
Scars: Plenty from her childhood (from running around and roughhousing with her brothers in their backyard and neighbourhood)

Etcs: Pierced ears. It was a dare given by her brothers when she was ten, since she never understood the use of earrings, and wore a pair of simple studs for the next year. When she was eleven, she received a set of twelve earrings from Cora and Rose. She started wearing them to show her gratitude, although she still didn't like the idea of them, and have been wearing them ever since. She's starting to not mind them, at fifteen, getting new pairs every so often from Cora and Rose as presents.

Briella-Ashley Myers Nd3oBMR

- Marvel (all, without exception).

- Marine creatures; from sharks and dolphins to nudibranchs and sea horses.

- Apple (she has an iPhone, an iPod, and a Mac).

- The entire Fast Franchise.

- Messing around with her brothers.

- MMA fights (especially when she wins bets made against her brothers).

- Football and other sport.

- Sci-fi -- be it novels, movies, TV series, and whatnot.

- Firefly (best TV show ever made; an oldie but goodie. Each summer, her brothers and her rewatch the entire series and the movie in a day).

- Experimenting with her looks.

- Photography, thanks to Owen. However, she prefers photographing things people don't often get to see, like remote tribes and the like.

- Writing (non-fiction, though).

- Travelling; she has a severe case of wanderlust.

- Climbing trees, hiking, and the Great Outdoors in general.

- Stars; her father taught her and her brothers the different constellations and they make it a competition to see who can spot them the fastest during their yearly camping trip.

- Tea, though only with sugar.

- Sketches (the brand of shoes; they're the most comfortable).

- Cora and Rose; they're like sisters to her, and the only real female influence she's had.

- Insects; when she was younger, her brothers would try and scare her by throwing (harmless) insects at her or placing them in her hands. It backfired because she developed an interest in them. (During camping trips, she's usually the one who identifies the different bugs around them.)

- Shopping, especially for clothes (why bother when she knows her size for jeans and t-shirts? Ordering things online is so much easier).

- DC; she finds this franchise to be rather dull and not as captivating as Marvel.

- Samsung (Macintosh doesn't explode, she always argues.)

- Sand -- oceans are fine, as is swimming and snorkeling. It's sand sticking to her feet that she finds annoying.

- Bitter things, like dark chocolate or coffee. Why would anyone want to purposely eat something that's bitter?

- Losing, especially when it comes to bets made with her brothers.

- Girly things like dresses, skirts, high heels, makeup, and etc, although she's starting to cave to the influence of Cora and Rose.

- The notion that appearances matter; as someone who likes playing around with her looks, she knows that it has nothing to do with who a person is on the inside.

- Routine; it's too boring for her. She needs constant change.

- Handbags; they get in the way. At most, she uses a backpack.

- Romance novels, movies, and the like.

- Overly spicy food; she has a low spice tolerance.

- Country music; too many love songs.

-Overly hot weather; humidity.

- Briella is a quick learner. She's able to absorb things like a sponge and put it into practise, although it has to be a hands on thing (she can't really do theory well).

- She is quite physically fit as she plays sports with her brothers often and goes on hikes with them.

- Quick reaction times (her brothers would throw things at her when she was younger and she's learnt to catch, dodge, and or hit with lightning speed to avoid getting a ball to the head, or a wet sponge to the face).

- Writing, although mostly articles and nonfiction pieces.

- Photography (she has an eye for capturing images).

- Making friends; she's a genuine and friendly person, so it's no surprise that she tends to make friends quickly.

- Connecting with people; she's the type of person who can strike up conversation with strangers while waiting in line.

- Theory; it goes over her head. She has to be able to do it physically in order to learn.

- Her family; she would do anything for them, even if her brothers can be annoying assholes at times.

- Ridiculously ticklish; she responds violently, as this has been the only way to escape her brothers.

- Schedules; she can't stick to one to save her life.

- Travelling; she'd do practically anything to go “anywhere but here”.

- A camera shop (she will spend all her money here if given a chance, saving only for stationary shops).

- A stationary shop (she will spend whatever money not spent on cameras here).

Positive Traits
- Confident; she knows who she is and what she wants, and isn't afraid of showing it.

- Compassionate; she's inherited her maternal grandmother’s (who was a Healer for many years) soft heart.

- Helpful; she's the type to go out of her way to help those in need.

- Despite often wanting to help others, she knows her limits and is careful about taking self-care breaks.

- If she knows she's made a mistake, she is quick to apologise.

- Family-orientated; she loves her family and will always put them first.

- Highly individualistic; she doesn't conform to what society thinks or expects of her. In fact, it doesn't even bother her.

- Independant; she can do a lot of things for herself and would rather do that than work in a group.

- Adaptable; she is quick to adapt to her surroundings and thrives in new environments.

Negative Traits
- She doesn't know how to express her emotions as well as other females, having grown up in a household with three males.

- Can be a bit too blunt at times, since she's learnt that's the way to handle issues; she doesn't know how to be politically correct. She's the type to address something straight on with all the facts rather than beat around the bush.

- Needs new exciting things all the time, or she grows restless and becomes grumpy.

- Impatient at times, due to the above.

- Doesn't always understand how to deal with hurt feelings; she thinks if there is an apology made, all is (or should be) well.

- Can be as stubborn as a mule, to the point where she would rather let the friendship deteriorate than concede over an argument, if she thinks she's right. This probably comes with having two older brothers who helped raise her.

- She sometimes takes teasing too far without realising and ends up hurting the other person.

- Can be too independent, to a point where she would rather solve issues on her own than ask for help. She's learning, though, that asking for help isn't always a bad thing.

- She tends to come across as flirtatious, because she's constantly hanging with her male friends and often jokes around with them (with inappropriate jokes), punching them, and whatnot. She's not flirting, though; it's just how she was raised, and she's used to dealing with males.

Traits That Aren't Good or Bad But Just Are
- She tends to prefer males to females. She finds other females too excitable and too caught up over cute boys and whatnot for her liking.

- People-oriented extrovert.

- She isn't a dog or a cat person; she likes both equally.

- She isn't really an animal person; they're alright, but she prefers people. (Animals, she says, can't tell their life story.)

- Aquariums are a guilty pleasure of hers, though; she is obsessed with sea creatures. In fact, she has a collection of marine animal figurines.

- Impulsive; she's the type to, if you asked her to leave for a spur-of-the-moment trip in a few hours, pack the essentials and leave. She doesn't need a plan, so long as there's cash in her wallet and clothes in a knapsack. (Alternatively she could totally live off the wild, although not for more than a few days.)

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PostSubject: Re: Briella-Ashley Myers   Briella-Ashley Myers EmptyWed Aug 23, 2017 9:28 pm

Briella-Ashley Myers DSGaD4G
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Briella-Ashley Myers

Briella-Ashley Myers

Posts : 10
Join date : 2017-08-19

Briella-Ashley Myers Empty
PostSubject: Re: Briella-Ashley Myers   Briella-Ashley Myers EmptyWed Aug 23, 2017 9:28 pm

Briella-Ashley Myers MtBTqG5

Briella-Ashley Myers FPcGmnb
Age: 15
Birthdate: 18 May

Blood Purity: Halfblood; metamorphamagus

House: Slytherin, for the ambition
Wand Type: Ebony, dragon heartstring, 9 1/2 inches

Briella-Ashley Myers Nd3oBMR
She often changes her looks, although not drastically; she enjoys what she has going for her. She plays with her height or weight, to fit clothes she bought that weren’t the right size; her eye colour, sometimes, although this is mostly just to see if she can, and she always reverts it to her favourite light blue (with hints of purple at the side); her hair, in terms of length and how curly it is, and sometimes colour (although usually just highlights, which she is learning to do); and hiding her scars.

Briella-Ashley Myers 4uLzEID
They say “from death comes new life”. In Briella’s case, this was literal; her mother, Ashley, died giving birth to her. Ashley had fallen ill with a mysterious virus a few months into the pregnancy, and refused to abort, saying that as a parent she would never sacrifice her child for herself. She seemed to get better for a short while, but labour was hard and long, and she passed away as her baby emerged. It was a miracle, the Healers said, that Briella even survived.

Her father (William) named her on the spot, giving her the name Ashley had liked but adding his wife’s name at the end; thus, Briella has a double-barrelled name, although she goes by Briella (and other nicknames deriving from this).

For the first few weeks, she was raised by her maternal in-laws (Marlene and Thomas) while her father mourned the loss of his wife. It was the third day, when she was crying and her hair turned dark red, that it was discovered that she had inherited the family legacy; she was a metamorphmagus. Marlene was over the moon, considering that her daughter had not been passed the genes for it and Owen had never particularly taken an affinity to it, despite having the ability.

When William returned just shy of a month later, Briella and her brothers went back to his house, now void of Ashley. William decided to cut back on his teaching hours, and only had school twice a week, during which Marlene and Thomas apparated down to babysit. Eventually, when Briella was three, William stopped work as a teacher altogether in order to look after he and her Owen (since Damien had gone off to Hogwarts) full time.

She was raised, therefore, with a lot of male influence and no mother person. Marlene came close, but the older woman mostly focused on teaching the girl about her abilities and basic transfiguration. Most of Briella’s time, however, was spent running around the backyard with Owen (and, during the holidays, Damien as well).

Once Owen started Hogwarts, Briella was left alone with her father and together they went on mini adventures. From hiking to rock climbing, she did it all, and it's from here her love of the outdoors started.

When Damien started bringing Cora, his girlfriend, home during holidays, Briella found herself having proper female influence for the first time. By then it was a little too late and she already had more tomboyish mannerisms. Still, she liked Cora, and there was immediate acceptance of the soon-to-be sister in law.

Soon enough, Briella, too, started at Hogwarts. Having been an almost-hatstall between all four houses, the decisive factor had been something she hadn't been told about; the hat had simply dug further and further into her mind and eventually said ‘aha!’ and announced Slytherin. She quickly made friends both in her house and otherwise. Her love of people and amiable disposition made her not popular, but well liked; she never bothered to try and fit in with the status quo, and as such was never accepted by the likes of Madison or Sienna. Still, she had her own group of friends and was satisfied with who she was; she never struggled with identity, something she doesn't realise she is extremely lucky for.

She was flower girl at her brother’s wedding.

Four years later, she is happy, healthy, and thriving in Hogwarts.


Name: Ashley Myers
Age: 32 (when she passed; she would be 48 now)
Living or Deceased: Deceased
Blood type or Species: Halfblood
Occupation: N/A (was a potioneer)

Name: William Myers
Age: 50
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type or Species: Halfblood
Occupation: English teacher at a muggle school during weekdays; potioneer during weekends/as a hobby

Eldest brother:
Name: Damien Myers
Age: 24
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type or Species: Halfblood; part metamorphmagus (can alter hair colour and length, and slight areas of the face -- nose size, eye size, facial hair, etc -- but nothing more.)
Occupation: Runs a small copywriting business, both for wizarding and muggle companies/places. (See family history for more information.)

Name: Cora Myers
Age: 23
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type or Species: Halfblood
Occupation: Works as husband’s partner; she handles the finances and client list, but isn't a full time copywriter herself.

Older Brother:
Name: Owen Myers
Age: 22
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type or Species: Halfblood; metamorphmagus
Occupation: Freelance photographer in the muggle world, for events like weddings, parties, and the like.

(to be) Sister-in-law (dating Owen):
Name: Rose Thompson
Age: 23
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type or Species: Muggleborn
Occupation: Assistant to Owen (customer service, etc)

Maternal Grandmother:
Name: Marlene Stevenson
Age: 78
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type or Species: Halfblood; metamorphmagus
Occupation: Retired; ex Healer.

Maternal Grandfather:
Name: Thomas Stevenson
Age: 79
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type or Species: Halfblood
Occupation: Retired; ex Cursebreaker.

William attended Hogwarts as a Ravenclaw, where he had a rather normal life. After graduation, he took a few years to live off his parents money (having come from a rich background) and travel with some friends, backpacking his way through New Zealand, Australia, and some parts of Asia.

When he was done, having always loved potions, he decided to attend University and major in it.

Ashley was American, having been chosen by both Thunderbird and Horned Serpent. She ended up going with Thunderbird, where she found fast friends. She dated a friend from year six to year seven, but they broke it off when they realised they worked better as friends than a couple; neither minded, and there was no love lost.

With potions having always come naturally to her, it was no surprise when she decided to pursue becoming a Potioneer.

It was here that William and Ashley met. The two ran in the same circles and eventually, after much subtle poking and prodding from friends, they started dating.

William dropped out of the course a year before completion, however, upon discovering he had an affinity and a passion for teaching, something he discovered when a muggleborn friend asked him to help give tuition to a bunch of underprivileged muggle children one weekend. He then proceeded to get a teaching degree in the muggle world, supported by Ashley and some of his friends.

His parents disagreed and cut him off from their will, saying that he had no future as a muggle teacher. However, his relationship with them had always been estranged, and it was only a blow for a few months. Ashley’s parents were a great help during this time, accepting him as a son of their own.

He and Ashley got married the year he completed his teaching degree. They moved to the muggle world, in a location that would enable them to work on potions without disruptions.

They had two children together, and then Ashley got sick while pregnant with a third.

It was a complete and utter shock when she died. He wallowed in depression for a few weeks, leaving his sons and brand-new daughter with his in laws. It was their mutual best friend that finally got him to start seeing a counsellor, and he realised he needed to be strong and there for his kids. It wasn’t easy, but William found the strength he needed and not only sought help but started the slow healing process.

Now he’s better. Nobody ever truly gets over the loss of a loved one, but he gets by with help from friends and family when he needs it, and finds love from his children.

Ashley had, before she passed, told him she wanted him to be happy and that if he found love again she'd rejoice from wherever she ended up, if there was an afterlife -- but William doesn't want this. Ashley had been the one true love of his life and he knows he will never find another like her. His family -- his children and in-laws -- are enough.

Damien had a good childhood, both parents showering him with love. When Owen came along, the pair became really close, and together formed an unbreakable bond. As all brothers, they fought, but end of the day, Damien was always protective of Owen.

When he found out his mother was pregnant again, he was beyond excited to finally have a sister as well.

And then his mother got sick.

He withdrew for a few months, shell shocked at the news, barely old enough to comprehend what was going on. Her passing was hard, but with his father there and now two younger siblings to help take care of, Damien had to mature and mature quickly. As such, he took on a weight no eight year old should. Of course, his father was right there to help him, and for a few years both boys saw a counsellor.

He would later become extremely protective over his sister, while simultaneously bulling her, as any good brother would.

He started Hogwarts at the age of 11, and was sorted into Ravenclaw. He thrived in the new environment. The following year, he met Cora when she was sorted into the same house and they got into an argument over the theme of a novel they both were reading. It was the start of their friendship, and within months the pair were best friends; you never found one without the other.

A lot of the time, they could be found arguing over books or shows, and geeking out over Muggle fandoms. In her third year, she was bumped up a year, making her the same year as Damien, when she was found helping older students study for their exams and she admitted she found her current year too easy.

Somewhere along the lines, friendship turned into feelings and Damien asked her out during his fifth year at a muggle comic con they were attending.

It was no big surprise when, after graduation, Damien proposed.

They got married a six months later, a small intimate wedding with close family and friends. It was casual and relaxed. During their honeymoon (in Hawaii; it had been a present from Damien’s in-laws) they started discussing life and what they were going to do for work. Both were young, married, and didn't particularly like the idea of university.

The idea of starting their own copywriting company came when, as had become an ongoing game between them and five other friends, they were ‘fixing’ slogans they saw on billboards. (The person who came up with the best won a point. When someone reached ten, everyone bought said person a drink.) They immediately whatsapped said friends in the group they created and the company was born.

Seven years later and the two are happily married with a baby on his way. The company is doing well, with branches both in the muggle and wizarding world; there are now seven employees, all close friends of theirs.

Owen was born as the second child in the Myers family and was also raised with love from both parents, and an older brother to learn from. The pair were close from the start, with only a couple years between them.

Luckily, at six, Owen was too young to remember much about his mother or her passing, although at times he will get a faint ghost memory of her before it fades. He misses her and wishes he could have gotten to know her better, but isn't too torn up over her death.

He, too, became protective over Briella; he also bullies her, naturally.

On his eighth birthday, he received a cheap wizarding camera, something he'd been asking for. To everyone’s surprise, he began taking pictures that had beautiful angles and captured things in a unique perspective.

When Damien went off to Hogwarts, he had no choice but to spend all of his time with Briella. They two, therefore, are closer than Briella and Damien are. It was Owen who taught her how to use a camera, although a nine year old teaching a five year old yielded some interesting experiences. (There exists, somewhere in the back of their father’s journal, a blurry picture of Owen, red in the face and running towards the camera, mouth moving in an obvious ‘cuss word’, or as much a cuss word as a nine year old can manage.)

On his eleventh birthday, he received a muggle camera, something else he'd been asking for. Off he went to Hogwarts, sorted into Hufflepuff, and came back that Christmas with five memory cards worth of pictures capturing his experiences.

After graduation, he decided to follow in his brother’s footsteps and opt not to take the university path. Instead, he went to the muggle world and started working for photography companies. A few years later, at the age of twenty, he decided to start doing freelance work, having already gotten a small fan base of people who liked his work.

It was around this time that he met an British-American muggleborn while doing a job; he had been going around at a party taking pictures when he entered the kitchens to get a shot of the cake and saw her using her wand to mend a broken glass. She panicked, but he quickly assured her he was a halfblood before doing what he'd come to do and leaving. That was the end of that -- or so he thought.

The following week, he was in line at Starbucks when someone tapped him on the shoulder; it was the same witch! They got to actually talking this time, and their small talk turned into four hours at a table while their coffee turned cold.

They started dating a few days later.

Owen has plans to propose in a year’s time, when they're both older; marriage is something they’ve discussed and want to do, but they both know that they're not ready quite yet.

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Briella-Ashley Myers
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