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Welcome to FloB! Currently, we are still in BETA mode. As such, rules and sections are still being edited and aren't completely set in stone as of yet. We are open to all suggestions and opinions. Smile
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 Harry Potter Rules

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PostSubject: Harry Potter Rules   Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:19 pm

1. Timeline

There are no specific timelines. This means you can set your threads whenever you want, be it Summer holidays, Christmas break, start of term, or whatever. We, therefore, request that you please label the start of each thread with the timeline the thread is set in.

When labeling, be sure to include their year or age for reference.

Examples of labels would be:

Middle of 5th Year
Summer Holidays; Year 6
First Week of November || Year 4
November || Uni Year 1
Christmas Day || 19

However, we do ask that you stay within the age you have chosen for your character, with the exception of single flashback threads, which should be written in the specific area. (If your character is a 3rd year, please don't write a thread in which they are a 5th year. See 2. for more information.)

2. Character Age

Since there are no specific timelines, please note that you are allowed to 'age up' your character when you please, within reason.

Having said that, this should not be abused. What this means is that, while you are allowed to change the age of your character, we ask that you actually spend time exploring them during this age before changing it.

We will be monitoring this and constant changing of age will not be permitted.

3. Creatures, Abilities, and Claims

We only accept canon creatures and abilities. We only accept creatures that are humanoid or still function as humans.

Please keep in mind your character's age when RPing them. Even if they are naturally born with an ability, it will still take practice. (For example, it isn't reasonable that a 1st year would have mastered Legilimency.)

There are no limits to creature or power claims. However, if we feel that a character is too over powered (OP) because of them, we may have to request that you either remove it or tone down your character's use of it. We may also deny claims if we feel that it is too OP. (For example, if a character is a Seer and also part Veela and also an animagus and also a Parselmouth, we will definitely not approve of this.)

4. Purebloods

In order to maintain numbers, we do request that for each Pureblood (save per the first) you also have a non-Pureblood (either muggleborn or halfblood) character. However, this is more of a guideline than a solid rule, and so if you really want two Purebloods without having a muggleborn or halfblood, you may.

We do request, however, that after three (3) Purebloods, you have at least one non-Pureblood.

As always, general RP and site rules apply. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask an admin or moderator. Enjoy! Smile
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Harry Potter Rules
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