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 Alexandra Ashworth

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Alexandra Ashworth

Alexandra Ashworth

Posts : 14
Join date : 2017-08-21
Age : 17
Location : Cornwall, England

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PostSubject: Alexandra Ashworth   Alexandra Ashworth EmptyMon Aug 21, 2017 10:35 pm

Alexandra Ashworth 312f974018c326fdc48b5bdd9282fd6f

TW; Mentions of Sex
Alexandra Ashworth FPcGmnb
Full Name: Alexandra Ashworth
Goes by: Alex, Alexa

Gender: Female
Sexual Alignment: Demi-Romantic/Bisexual

Alexandra Ashworth PhgudjJ
Hair colour and style: Shoulder length dirty-blond hair that she usually keeps hanging down in waves. At times tough she tends to put up into a messy bun when it just gets in her face too much or when it's too windy.

Eye colour: Grayish-blue.

Height: Somewhere around 5'7"/5'8"; she never really measured her height.
Body type: A slim woman with curves in all the place but not entirely an hourglass figure. She still has some baby fat to her.

Dress sense: She wears what the hell she wants. It all just depends on her mood that day and whether she's up for looking fashionable in the latest styles or if she'd rather just throw on a pair of jeans, t-shirt, hoody and some sneakers.

Birthmarks: N/A
Scars: Two; one is on her thigh and the other is on her arm. The one on her arm is from falling down the tree and landing on a jagged piece of rock while the one on her thigh is from getting attacked by a dog.

Etcs: She has her belly-button and ears pierced but other than that nothing else.

Alexandra Ashworth Nd3oBMR
Likes: (min 3)
- Studying; A scholar at heart, Alexandra loves learning about anything and everything. What she doesn't know she will find out about it within a day and what she does know she will quickly be able to explain it to you in as little words as possible. She doesn't show this off blatantly to people however and instead does it when there is actually need for it.
- Hand-to-Hand Fighting; Despite being a girl, Alexa loves getting down and dirty. She can pack a mean punch and has no qualms about fighting boys even if they don't want to fight her.
- Dancing; From formal ballroom dancing to informal nightclub dancing, Alexa loves it all. She has started dancing from the tender age of four thus she is quite skilled at it even if she doesn't like to show it off too much.
- Sex; She has no qualms in admitting that she loves sex. She isn't a slut by any chance but she does enjoy a healthy sex life. She doesn't spread her legs for any boy that comes by, she does have some morals thank you very much.

Dislikes: (min 3)
- Bullies; Bullies and her had never gotten along. For one she will punch the fucker and for another, she would probably give back as much as her bully. She has no problem putting bullies in their place.
- Formal settings; Despite her love of formal dancing, a formal setting is something that Alexandra downright hates. She'd much rather be outside with her friends drinking alcohol and smoking than sitting stiffly in her mother's dining room with all her maternal family while having to censor her words.
- Her mother; Her mother is a sore topic for Alexa. She feels grateful to the woman for giving birth to her but other than that she would rather see the woman burn in hell then save her. She doesn't even show the fact that she hates her mother.

Strengths (min 3)
- Her mind; Her mind is her biggest strength. She remembers anything and everything that she had ever heard or read. It's gotten to the point that she is even able to remember smells from weeks and even months before.
- Languages; Currently she is only able to speak five languages fluently (French, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Latin) but other than that she can read and understand most of the other languages even if at times it's hard for her to actually get the right meaning of a word.
- Independent; In a word, Alexa is an independent woman through and through. She doesn't let anyone dictate to her what she should do or wear and she certainly won't put it up with anyone who would even dare to do it to her.

Weaknesses: (min 3)
- Vindictive; Should anyone do wrong to Alexa, she will do everything in her power to return that.
- Possessive; She is possessive of things that she considers hers. Be they people or things.
- Blunt

Positive Traits (min 3)
- Observant; She always keeps an eye on her surroundings and she can quickly analyze what is going on around her before anyone would be able to do or say something.
- Loyal; Should you get her loyalty, Alexa will literally go out of her way to help you with anything and everything that you need help with.
- Confident

Negative Traits (min 3)
- Stubborn
- Holds grudges for a long time; Because of how loyal and friendly she is, Alexa is also capable of holding a grudge for a very long time. No matter if it was a friend who did something or a completely unknown stranger, Alexa will hold a grudge for however many years she decides to.
- Sharp Tongue; Alexa has no filter between her brain and lips thus more often then not her sharp tongue leads her to all sorts of trouble with people.
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Posts : 45
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PostSubject: Re: Alexandra Ashworth   Alexandra Ashworth EmptyMon Aug 21, 2017 11:21 pm

Alexandra Ashworth DSGaD4G
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Alexandra Ashworth

Alexandra Ashworth

Posts : 14
Join date : 2017-08-21
Age : 17
Location : Cornwall, England

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PostSubject: Re: Alexandra Ashworth   Alexandra Ashworth EmptyTue Aug 22, 2017 8:44 am

Alexandra Ashworth MtBTqG5

Alexandra Ashworth FPcGmnb

Birthdate: 24th September

Blood Purity: Pureblood

House: Gryffindor
Wand Type: 10 inches, Rigid, Aspen Wood with Dragon Heartstring

Alexandra Ashworth Nd3oBMR

The Ashworth family motto is 'Courage without fear' however Alexa's Papa's motto is 'Trust, but be careful whom' and it is by this motto that Alexa lives and swears by. She has no problem befriending people however she is very careful on whom she trusts purely because she knows that trusting blindly could lead to her being backstabbed.

Blood purity; This is something that has come up on more than one occasion in Alexa's life and everytime someone asks her what she thinks she just tells them plainly that to her, blood purity means nothing. {"In the end we are all the same. Just because one is born to muggle parents and the other to fully magical doesn't make them any less important. At the end of the day what matters is whom you will trust to protect your back then what sort of blood they have."}

Magic; Alexa doesn't take magic for granted, sure it's something she grew up with but she knows perfectly well that there are some things that magic can't do. {"So what if I have magic? There are some things that not even magic can do,
like cure cancer."

Muggles; This is a topic that Alexa has no true opinion on. She's frightened of them because they outnumber the magicals at least 10:1, if not more, but at the same time she's fascinated with them and how they had developed over the years. {"Just because they're not magical it doesn't mean that they're less inferior to us. Just as we can kill them with two words they can kill us with just one single bullet and no magical shield can protect you from a bullet that travels at 1,700 mph."}

Legilimens & Occlumens; From a young age, due to her retaining information, Alexa has unknowingly been using Occulumency and she has only found this out at the moment she had come to Hogwarts, not even her Papa had been fully aware of this. She isn't fully trained in neither Occulumency or Legilimency but she is better then most people her age though she doesn't let that come out.

Alexandra Ashworth 4uLzEID

Pre Hogwarts;
For the first few years of her life, Alexa grew up in a stifling household. Her mother was a tyrant through and through and while her papa tried hard to shield her from her mother's overbearing attitude it had never worked. From the moment she could walk, Alexa had been taught how to work with a straight back, on heels and her head held high. She had been shown how to behave in a formal setting, she had been taught which utensils were to be used during which course. Eventually, though her Papa just couldn't take watching his daughter be reduced to nothing more than a doll that he filed for divorce and left Alexa's mother while taking away Alexa at the same time.

Her mother didn't even try to fight to keep her, clearly showing Alexa just what the woman who gave birth to her thought of her; it seemed that she was nothing to her mother. It's due to that, that Alexa feels nothing more than contempt for the woman. Had she loved her and tried to fight for her right to even visit Alexa then the child would've probably been a bit happier but since she didn't Alexa just hated the woman from the very beginning.

Her Papa helped her get over the strict upbringing that she had been forced to endure at her tyrannical mother's hand and it was due to him that Alexa was finally able to voice her own opinions' on things as well as ask for things that she wanted and not what her mother wanted her to have. She wasn't spoilt by her Papa but she was loved from the bottom of his heart and she was thankful for that.

Alexa's magical capabilities had shown themselves from an early age though never when her mother was near; her Papa theorised that it was because Alexa had been down right terrified of the woman that her magic just didn't want to show itself when the woman was around.

After receiving her Hogwarts letter, at first Alexa had been frightened of leaving the safety of her Papa's house purely because she didn't know how people would react to her; she wasn't what you would expect from a pureblood female. She wasn't refined, she wasn't cultured and she certainly as hell wasn't someone who would watch her mouth.

It had taken days and days of sulking before her Papa finally snapped her back to reality by reminding her that what people thought of her mattered nothing; why did she care what people thought of her? Why did she care what people would say the moment she would open her mouth? Why did she care what people would think when they realized how 'muggle-like' she was? Those questions had been aimed at her by her more than amused Papa who had watched her with said amusement when she had realized that no-one who questioned those things mattered.

It had been with that mindset that she had set off to Hogwarts on the 1st of September and with a promise that she would write to her Papa as to what house she had been sorted into.


Arriving at Hogwarts had been an adventure and a half.

On the train ride there she had already made enemies with more than a third of her fellow first years who weren't all that impressed with her potty mouth. She had certainly also insulted more than one pureblood male, and female, after they had rebuked her on not being refined enough to be a Pureblood. She had dryly pointed out to them that she was nothing more than an eleven-year-old child going to school to learn magic.

She, of course, hadn't cared when they had threatened her with damage to her Papa's wealth; all she did was stare dryly and say with just as equally dry tone "Please, do try. I wonder who will win that fight." That had certainly shut them up. Her Papa was known for the cut-throat way that he went after his enemies and Alexa knew that more than one person would be wary of even thinking on bankrupting her Papa.

When she got sorted into Gryffindor she hadn't even batted an eyelash and instead just went to join the house that would become like her 'family' for the coming seven years. Not that she would be becoming buddy-buddy with all of them actually.

Over the years, life at Hogwarts certainly hadn't been boring for Alexa, in fact, it had all been fairly amusing to the woman who, on more than one occasion, managed to piss off more than half of the Pureblood population at Hogwarts which then led to an altercation between her and the offended party.

She had landed in more detentions than she can even remember and even though her Papa acted the disappointed father whenever he had to be called in about her attitude, in private he just chuckled and praised her for holding her own though he did berate her for back-talking to Professors, that was the only thing that he didn't condone; not respecting her Professors was the only thing that her Papa forbid her from doing.  

She has many friends but at the same time she has just as many enemies, mainly from her fellow Purebloods who are offended at how she doesn't act like a pureblood like them; she just tends to give them the finger when that comes up before sauntering away with a sway of her hips.
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Alexandra Ashworth

Alexandra Ashworth

Posts : 14
Join date : 2017-08-21
Age : 17
Location : Cornwall, England

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PostSubject: Re: Alexandra Ashworth   Alexandra Ashworth EmptyFri Aug 25, 2017 4:01 am

Alexandra Ashworth Coolte10

Alexandra Ashworth Coolte11

Vanessa was born in California, USA, to a pair of American purebloods; she has no British roots at all and the only reason she even went to Hogwarts was purely because her family moved over to England when the Americas got too much for them. She had been brought up in a very strict household where her mother instilled every rule that she could onto a young Vanessa who followed her mother's word to a T. She had no say in the family and was pretty much just a living doll that lived by her mother's word.

When she got to Hogwarts she only had two rules to follow, don't interact with anyone who isn't a Pureblood and don't make any enemies. She followed those too and eventually it led to her being isolated from everyone but the Purebloods who would talk to her. The men who wanted to have a doll on their arm and not some fancy girl who would speak her mind.

She met Marcus early on in her career at Hogwarts however they only got together in Vanessa's sixth year when she had been offered as a bride to Marcus' family; his parents accepted and they had been slated to marry the summer following their graduation from Hogwarts.

When Vanessa fell pregnant she had been sure it would be a boy, she felt it in her bones but that feeling got crushed when she gave birth to a girl. A sweet little girl who was the apple of her father's eye. And from that moment on Vanessa did everything to make Alexa's life hard.

She didn't let the child have her own opinion, she didn't let her have her own fashion taste, she didn't even let her speak up when there were other children in the room. All she let Alexa do was just stand there and look pretty.

It was due to that hatred, that tyrant attitude, that Marcus finally divorced Vanessa. Their marriage had been slowly falling apart anyway and Vanessa's attitude towards Alexa finally sealed the deal on their divorce. She was left with nothing, no child visitation rights, no money, no nothing.

She was just sent back to her parents with the clothes on her back and whatever she had bought into the marriage from her family; which wasn't a lot.

Alexandra Ashworth Cooltext256091552410982

Born as the oldest son of the Ashworth's, Marcus knew from the moment he could think for himself that he wouldn't really get a choice in his own life. He was the heir of the Ashworths and the moment he was eighteen he would be taking over the family. He thought that would be the life he would have but his parents proved him different.

He did get all the tutoring that every other pureblood heir gets but at the same time he got time to himself, time to be himself. They told him they didn't want some pureblood machine who only thought of being an heir. They wanted a son, someone to be proud off and someone whom they could proudly talk about with their friends.

His childhood was filled with many happy memories and filled with love; his mother coddled him and his father patted him on the back. He was the eldest son who was proud to be an Ashworth. He was a big brother to two younger siblings and he was proud of that as well.

Unlike many pureblood children, Marcus also got a muggle education purely because his parents thought that some interactions with the Muggle population would do him good. And it did. He met many friends, some that he still has and some that he has lost contact with over the years. They are all precious people to him who made him the man that he was.

When he got to Hogwarts, Marcus was sorted into the Hufflepuff house for his pure heart and understanding; his parents hadn't cared about where he ended up as long as he made them proud. And he did. Making friends from all houses and backgrounds, Marcus could've been counted to be one of the most popular boys at school. He had girlfriends from all sides of the spectrum; muggleborn, half-blood, pureblood. He had boyfriends as well. Gender meant nothing to him and that's what made him approachable to many people, the fact that he didn't care for gender, race, blood status or sexuality.

When he met Vanessa he hadn't liked her, not one bit, she was too plain for him, too boring; however, she was a pureblood and he knew that his parents wanted him to have a pureblood daughter. He hadn't been able to say no when they considered the marriage contract that the Bell's had sent them when Vanessa had been sixteen. He had accepted it on the condition that should the marriage not work he would be able to divorce her, his parents agreed, Vanessa's didn't know a thing about it, and following his graduation from Hogwarts he had been married to Vanessa in a grand-scale ceremony that was mainly for show.

When the marriage was over and done with, Marcus mainly focused on his law career; he took both a Muggle law degree and a magical one. It wasn't hard doing both, his mind was literally steel and he could remember anything and everything that he ever learnt. It wasn't too hard to do both degrees within four years and he graduated with honours.

Following his graduation from University, Marcus had stepped up to the Ashworth Lord and finally took the reigns from his father. It wasn't too hard, he had learnt it all during his childhood years, but with a wife who was a nagging bitch, he had so many headaches that it got too much once in a while.

When Vanessa fell pregnant, he had been ecstatic; he didn't care if the child was going to be a boy or a girl, the Ashworths' didn't really give a damn who inherited their family. In a way, if a girl was born then the family would be able to expand further but if a boy was born, well then, he'd take on the Ashworth name.

The moment Alexa had been born, Marcus was over the moon; a beautiful baby daughter who had his eyes and hair had been born. A girl who became the apple of his eye from the moment he held her and that sealed the deal in her being his heir. Of course, Vanessa hadn't liked it and Marcus hadn't seen any changes in her attitude until much later on when Alexa was of teaching age what his wife was doing.

When he saw the damage that he was doing to their daughter, Marcus had been quick to serve her the divorce papers without even giving her anything back. She received nothing from him, no stipend no nothing. She literally went back with what she came into the marriage with.

When Vanessa left their marriage, both Alexa and he were much better off. His baby girl was growing up to be a fine girl and he could finally find some real love himself, which he did in a slightly older male, a Muggle-born wizard who instantly fell for baby Alexa.

His relationship with Jake, the Muggle-born wizard, had flourished into a real relationship and they were currently living together in Marcus' house, enjoying the time without Alexa in the house.


Harry Potter | 16 | Pureblood | Gryffindor | Legilimens & Occlumens
Alexandra Ashworth Alexa-10
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Alexandra Ashworth
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