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 A Home for the Holidays [Kylienne <3]

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Kylian Dupont

Kylian Dupont

Posts : 11
Join date : 2017-08-21

PostSubject: A Home for the Holidays [Kylienne <3]   Mon Aug 21, 2017 1:56 pm

Scotland; 5th Year Summer Holidays

Furious was not the right word to use, although he was angry. His mother, too, was showing signs of her temper, although she was much better at keeping it under control than he was. It came with her job, after all, and if she lost her cool every time she was faced with assholes that liked to hurt others, she'd be out of a job quicker than she could hex someone.

"We'll make sure she's taken care of," his mother had told him, placing a hand on his shoulder as he tried very, very hard not to text Julienne exactly what he thought of her parents. "We'll show her what a real family is like."

Kylian had smiled wryly at her. "Because having dad cheat on you and remarry is normal?" he'd said, earning him a playful slap to the back of his head. The next text tore the grin from his face, and with a tone that he hardly ever used, he let out a string of curses in French.

His mother had simply smiled and waited. When Julienne finally accepted their invitation, he turned and nodded at his mum. "Leaky Cauldron," he told her. "I've described your attire." Without a second's hesitation, the mum apparated away, and Kylian took that opportunity to cuss even more, saying things he was sure his mother wouldn't have ever wanted to hear.

By the time there was a crack, he'd calmed down enough, and he turned with a smile on his lips to face both females. "Julienne!" he greeted, trying to ignore the weird feeling that had once again settled in the pit of his stomach. She seemed to be the cause of it, whatever it was, and he wasn't sure if he liked it or not. What it meant, Kylian didn't know -- but it was good, that much was certain.

"Have you had dinner?" he added, partly because his mother had a rule that nobody entered their house and remained hungry, partly because he still wasn't sure what he could say. Julienne felt like a long lost friend, like someone he'd known forever, but the truth remained that they'd only really hung out twice. She was, for all intents and purposes, a stranger.

And yet, somehow, she was a stranger that felt like home.


Harry Potter: Gryffindor || Halfblood || Sixteen
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Julienne Ambrosi

Julienne Ambrosi

Posts : 9
Join date : 2017-08-21

PostSubject: Re: A Home for the Holidays [Kylienne <3]   Tue Aug 22, 2017 3:01 am

The holiday had barely begun and Julienne's world had already shifted a million different directions. What had been a simple request to remain in Britain for one day more turned into a request from her parents for the young girl to spend the entire Summer away from home. The proposal was stated as a question. Would she like to stay in the U.K for the holiday? Her mother had booked a getaway to a spa in Ireland and the tickets were nonrefundable. A bank account would be set up for basic necessities and living needs depending on what arrangements were eventually agreed upon. It would be an adventure. And surely Julienne would not mind.

And Julienne did not mind. It was not an idea foreign to her, spending elongated amounts of time away from her family. Even in an instance in which she and both of her parents existed in the same room, it would be as though each body was on a different plain, unable to speak to the other. She was used to spending holidays wandering the streets of Paris or Italy, finding new and exciting ways to keep herself occupied.

But this was not Paris or Italy. This was somewhere completely new. And Julienne had barely ever known this place. She had no home or familiarities in the area. No place to run away to if something were to happen. A house was not a home, but at least in Italy she had a house.

Her mother assured her that staying in a hotel would be no issue. Nothing bad would happen (Though if something bad were to occur, the woman would not acknowledge it until the end of her spa retreat). It would be an adventure. There was the word again, adventure. Julienne wanted adventure, but there was also something so subtle and appealing about the concept of familiarity that perhaps she could go without the adventure for a change.

Julienne sat at a table in the Leaky Cauldron, a small cup of untouched butterbeer in front of her. Every pro, con, and opinion floating through her brain, Julienne decided to ask for the only opinion that she knew to be unbiased. She opened her phone and typed "Kylian Dupont" into the send bar. The Hufflepuff then typed out a small message explaining her thoughts and qualms.

She worried that she was intruding. It was late at night and they'd barely spoken outside of school. Would he even remember who she was? But she didn't know any other opinions that she could gather. So she let out a sigh and hoped for the best.

An hour or so later, she and Kylian were texting about the possibility of her staying with him and his mother over the holiday. The boy told her that they housed different people all of the time. She'd be a part of the family. He assured her that she would not be intruding, but she was still unsure.

And then a woman appeared beside her, speaking a code word that Kylian had explained a few moments beforehand. It was his mother, she assumed. The woman looked kind, yet serious at the same time. She looked like someone who cared. Julienne could understand why Kylian loved her so much.


Upon arriving at the Dupont home, Julienne smiled warmly at Kylian. He'd been waiting for her. She did not know why but she felt warmed by the sight of him. She felt grateful.

"H-hello," she said. Echo let out a small noise from her cage, just to let the room know that she was there. Julienne softly tapped a finger along the metal, a simple gesture to say "Shh. No need to make a ruckus. We are guests."

At the question of if she'd eaten, Julienne nodded her head. She hadn't had dinner, but a pit began to sprout in her stomach as she even thought about taking someone else's food. They were already doing so much. It did not feel right.

"I'm sorry if I am causing any inconvenience," she said, moreso to Kylian's mother than to him. The boy had assured her multiple times that she was no bother to he or his mother. But she didn't believe him. She couldn't help but feel that she was intruding upon the quality time that the Dupont family had expected to have this Holiday. She was a waste of space.


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Kylian Dupont

Kylian Dupont

Posts : 11
Join date : 2017-08-21

PostSubject: Re: A Home for the Holidays [Kylienne <3]   Tue Aug 22, 2017 3:16 pm

The sight of Julienne made his smile grow. There was just something about her, something he couldn't place, that made him feel this way. Almost automatically, he stepped forward, reaching out to help her with her case and cage. It was his training, values instilled by his mother. When he told Julienne they often had people, he wasn't kidding; as an auror, his mother often came across people who needed a home for a while, be it before they witnessed at a trial or because they needed a safe place while they got back onto their feet. Somehow, someday, his mother had managed to get their place registered as a safe house, and charms has been put in place. There were two secret keepers for their exact location -- his mother and one other person he'd never met. Somehow, the charms meant that only when the house was being used as a safe house did this come into play; Kylian could still have friends over if no guest was present.

He'd made many friends over the years with the numerous guests, and he'd become used to having people in need staying over. His mother had long since told -- instructed -- him to bring anybody he knew that was in need, home.

And now, looking at Julienne standing in his living room, Kylian knew why she did it.

There was something about being hope and Home to those who didn't have one that was... comforting, almost. Beyond all the highs he'd had, more than any thrill and any excitement, the feeling he now had surpassed it all. Perhaps, just perhaps, it was partially Julienne being there that brought forth these emotions, but the thought passed quickly as he took the cage from her.

"Don't be silly," he heard his mother say, although just barely; he was still contending with the voice in his head that was marvelling at Julienne's presence. "You're not an inconvenience."

"Family isn't an inconvenience," Kylian added, turning to place the cage on one of the tables. He could feel the gaze his mother gave him, understanding what she was trying to say, and resisted flipping her off again. Not until Julienne was comfortable; not until she learnt that this was her home, too, and that she was welcome as he was.

"Dessert, then," Felicity said, a smile in her tone. "I'll heat up the brownies Lina gave us. Why don't you show Julienne to her room, and let her owl out for the night? It'll be ready when you come back." Without waiting, she already headed over to the kitchen, wand out as she rolled her sleeves up.

Kylian nodded, picking up the cage once again and turning to Julienne. "Your owl is trained, right? We have a few 'rooms' for owls in our backyard. Is it alright if I just let him or her out?" He began to lead her down the hall, pointing out the different things on the way. "There's a bathroom out here, but that's usually for dinner guests. We have a second spare room for people who stay one or two nights; it's smaller and not quite as roomy. There's a store room there, so if you need more tissue or plastic bags, that's where you'd get them."

He paused to open a door, and gestured for her to go in first. "We've put you in the main guest room. You'll be sharing a bathroom with me. I hope you're alright with that? Just remember to lock the other door when you use it and unlock it when you're done. I won't come into your room without invitation, so don't worry about privacy. You'll have a cupboard with a lock and a safe in your room, if you want to use them. You'll be the only one with a copy of the key, and I can show you how to set the safe." It was a spiel he was used to giving, but it had never felt so personal, so genuine, as now. "If you need anything, you can knock on my side of the bathroom door, or my mother's door over at the other end of the house; I'll show you around after our brownies." Pausing to smile, he added, "Any questions so far?"


Harry Potter: Gryffindor || Halfblood || Sixteen
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Julienne Ambrosi

Julienne Ambrosi

Posts : 9
Join date : 2017-08-21

PostSubject: Re: A Home for the Holidays [Kylienne <3]   Wed Aug 23, 2017 10:39 am

"You're not an inconvenience"

No matter how many times she'd heard the words uttered from someone's lips, the young girl was still unable to fathom the idea that it just might be true. Every space had a certain capacity that could not be surpassed without overflowing or negatively affecting the inhabitants. Everywhere she went, even if it be the largest of rooms, Julienne felt as though she was the small fleck of matter that pushed the space's capacity over its edge. She was so tiny, but her baggage was so voluminous that she could not stop it from ruining a space. She was destined to be an inconvenience.

Adding onto his mother's statement, Kylian explained that family could never be an inconvenience. But they were not family. Were they? She was incapable of comprehending how that could possibly be. Of course, she had heard it said before that family reached beyond blood and into the heart, but she felt as though she and Kylian had just met. Could the feeling of connection that was making itself known in her heart also arising in his? Or was he just being nice?

Julienne told herself to stop reading so far into every movement that those around her made, but she knew that the assumptions would soon return. It was not her judging their actions, as much as it was her calculating how her actions would affect theirs.

Before the Hufflepuff could fall any deeper into her thoughts, Kylian's mother was talking about dessert. Brownies, she had announced, would be ready in a bit. In the mean time, Kylian had been instructed to show her around the property. She wanted to tell him that it was not necessary for him to waste his time showing her around his home. She would surely be able to navigate somehow. She was sure that he had something better to do. But the words would not budge from her mind. All she could do was nod.

At the mention of letting Echo outside, a pit grew in Julienne's stomach and a pale hue began to show on her face. Echo was often outside, of course, but the owl had never been here before. Julienne wondered if she would like it. If she would be safe here. Somehow knowing what the girl was thinking, Owl made a small clicking noise. As if to say, "You're being silly. I'll be fine."

Julienne smiled in the direction of her feathery best friend.
"I think she'd like that," She said softly.

The tour went quickly and efficiently. She was sure that Kylian had already done this a million times before. He knew every inch of every room like the back of his hand, barely having to even look into a room in order to know which was which. He showed her every room in the house, explaining to her which rooms made the most sense for her to use. She nodded along, even though she wanted to tell him that taking a smaller room would be no bother to her. She didn't have very many things and she didn't need very much space.

When it came to the bedrooms, Kylian explained that they would be sharing a bathroom. He asked her if she'd be comfortable with it and she wondered if she was supposed to be. She had used public bathrooms before and the idea of this simply reminded her of a classier version. It did seem odd, sharing a bathroom with someone else, but she would do her best not to intrude on his privacy. She wondered if he minded at all. She would hate to be inconvenient.

He moved on to explain a safe and a cupboard that she would have in her room. A part of her wondered if she should tell him that she didn't have anything valuable enough to keep in a safe, but she did not.

When he asked if she had any questions, she shook her head.
"Thank you," she added softly. As many fears as she had about the situation, this meant a-lot to her.


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Kylian Dupont

Kylian Dupont

Posts : 11
Join date : 2017-08-21

PostSubject: Re: A Home for the Holidays [Kylienne <3]   Wed Aug 23, 2017 12:18 pm

There was an unusual beat to his heart as he showed Julienne around. He pushed past it, tried to keep himself acting normal, but he couldn't help his thoughts. Was she alright? Was this too much for her? Would she be comfortable? Was the place too small, too big, too not enough for her to enjoy it? Did they force it onto her without her actually wanting to be there, and she was only doing it out of compulsion? He didn't want any of that. He wanted her safe, but also comfortable. He wanted her to enjoy her stay without feeling as though she was imposing, but he didn't want to seem like he was trying too hard. There were so many things he wanted, and Kylian was honestly a confused mess.

He hid it well, a smile on his face and his tone even as he continued showing her around. Nodding at her statement, he said, "We can do that after we've put your stuff in your room."

Reminding himself not to hold his breath, hoping against hope she found it to her liking. It wasn't the largest room, although bigger than his mum's place; she had opted to make her bathroom bigger to fit a sort of mini jacuzzi inside, versus a large space. Besides, she didn't need a desk in her room; she could use the study.

Julienne's room was a mimic of his, furniture wise. He'd added his own things over the years, pictures on walls, stuff on shelves, and he'd shuffled things around to his personal liking. But he knew her room well enough; he'd spent many hours in there with different people.

There was a bed, queen sized, against the wall; beside it was a small dressing table with a lamp. She'd have a small writing desk with drawers, for homework or letter writing or whatever she needed. There would be a small bookshelf in one corner, some shelves empty and some with a random selection of books; a small armchair sat in the corner, by the window. There would be a wardrobe, and a cupboard, inside of which was the safe. Should she choose to, she wouldn't need to leave her room; it was large enough to not be constricting. Over the years, there had been people he'd only ever seen when they came out to get food or water, and those were the ones whose stories he never asked for; he knew they were the worst ones.

Smiling, he shrugged. "You're welcome. You're not the first, and you won't be the last to need help. There's no shame in it, Julienne. My mum's always told me -- if you have the means, do something. We have the means; you're welcome here anytime you need a home." He paused, making sure she understood his words, and then turned, bird cage still in hand. "Here, I'll show you the way to the garden."

Once more, he led her out, moving past his room to the door there. Turning the locks, he opened the door. "We have six owl hatches, so your owl can choose whichever she likes best. Right now, I think three are taken. I wanted to add more, but mum said we're a human-care-facility, not an owl one." He grinned. "I might still buy a couple more when I'm in Diagon Alley."

Opening the door of the cage, he let the bird fly out, then headed back into the house. "You're free to go outside whenever you want to check on her or enjoy the night, so long as you lock the door when you come back in. It's a safe neighbourhood, but it's still best to lock it."

Continuing out, he moved towards the kitchen, furthering his tour. "That's the living room; you've already seen it. Over there is mum's room. If you need anything or feel unsafe for any reason, that's where you'll find her during the night, if she's not working. That door also leads to the garden. The one closest to it is the laundry room, and the one beside it is a sort of study cum store room. Mum uses it the most." Instead of walking over there, however, he moved to the kitchen.

"And this is my favourite part of the house," he said, motioning for her to take a seat at the kitchen bar table. "It's usually kept well stocked, but if there's anything you want, write it on the shopping list on the fridge and mum or I will get it next trip out." He, too, sat, flashing his mum a grin. "You've arrived just in time; Lina makes the best brownies; mum just burns them."

"Keep going and you won't have any brownies," his mum replied, wand pointed at the plates that were moving towards the table. Kylian rolled his eyes at her, but they were both grinning.

Kylian's mum turned to the witch beside him. "I didn't add nuts to yours, Julienne. I wasn't sure if you're allergic. There are toppings in the fridge -- chocolate sauce, peanuts, whipped cream -- so add what you want." She paused as she came over to join them at the table. "You're a part of this household now, so everything is yours. That includes food. Plates and bowls are in that cupboard, cutleries in that drawer, and cups are over in that cupboard. Please wash up after yourself. That's pretty much the only rule. Everything we have is also yours, so I don't want to hear any of this 'is it okay if I' or 'may I have' nonsense."

Kylian had, by this point, already begun eating, and he glanced at Julienne as his mum finished, wanting to see her expression.


Harry Potter: Gryffindor || Halfblood || Sixteen
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PostSubject: Re: A Home for the Holidays [Kylienne <3]   

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A Home for the Holidays [Kylienne <3]
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