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 Role-Playing Rules

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Role-Playing Rules Empty
PostSubject: Role-Playing Rules   Role-Playing Rules EmptyThu Mar 09, 2017 6:20 pm

1. RP Style

Please make sure to write in third person. It is up to you to write in either past or present. The thoughts of your character may be in first person, of course.

2. Word Count

When roleplaying, there is a minimum of 100 words per post, in the areas for in character RP. The only exceptions to this are the email, instant messaging, diary, blog, and journal section.

While this may seem like a lot to some people, it really isn't once you factor in physical actions, dialogue, thoughts, and perception of others' actions and surroundings. By writing more, it makes posting with others easier, since you give your writing partner more to work with. You will also usually receive more in return.

If you are having trouble meeting this word count, feel free to ask an admin, moderator, or someone who’s writing you enjoy for tips and suggestions! Smile

3. Character Realism

Please be mindful of your character's age and experience. We ask that you be as realistic as possible when interacting with others, and when building your character. Respect your superiors in game, and take the opportunities of being younger and less experienced as ways to develop your character. If there are any questions about what is appropriate, feel free to ask an admin or a moderator.

Also please keep in mind that we may have to PM you to ask that you change some details to be more realistic. This does not mean that your characters are bad, so please don’t worry; we just want things to be fair for all, and having characters without (or with very few) flaws would not be fair for others.

4a. Trigger Warnings

Please put warnings on topics that have content that is rated higher than PG-13. Warnings at the start of a thread will ensure that members who do not wish to read it may avoid it.

This applies to: alcohol abuse, drug use, extreme language, self-harm, depression, and anything else that could be triggering. At any point of time, anyone can ask you to add trigger warnings to the top of the thread. You may also ask someone else to add a trigger warning to a thread if you feel that it is triggering to either you or someone else. If you have any concerns, please feel free to PM an admin or moderator.

This rule exists for the safety and comfort of all our members, so please don’t try to abuse it by simply asking people to add trigger warnings or anything of this sort. Abuse of this will result in a seven (7) day ban.

4b. Sexual Threads

There will be no smut in any of the RP areas except for the adult section. Anything rated above PG 13 will not be tolerated anywhere except the adult section.

If you wish to write smut or sex scenes, use the adult section. This area of the forum is permission based only, so that the Admin team may ensure that only those wishing to view its threads have access.

If you are interested in access to this area, simply speak with an Admin. You must be above 18 in order to access this area.

4c. Thread Titles
When it comes to giving titles to your threads, you may have noticed some odd additions in brackets. For those of you who are confused with what these are or how to use them, here are some guidelines and general RP courtesy when it comes to titles for your threads:

Quote :
Thread Title [open] - anyone can enter; once one person has replied, it should be considered closed and if more people wish to join, the two currently threading should be contacted first

Thread Title [open for all] - anyone can enter; there is no limit to how many people join

Thread Title [open to 3] - anyone can enter; it is limited to the number of people listed

Thread Title [closed] - not open; nobody can post without permission. You can also use this if you’re unsure which character is posting or are reserving the thread for someone who hasn’t decided which character they are going to use. In this case, you can give permission to these people to post.

Thread Title [Amerix, Janine, and Scarlett] - only this/these character(s) can post. Normally, threads like these are created after at least two people have already decided to thread, and not randomly set up. You can use ship names and or nicknames of characters as long as there is no confusion as to which characters should be joining. For example, if there are two people with the nickname ‘Sam’, either add a last name or put the full name for clarification.

5. No Godmodding!
We stand by this rule and we will give you a warning if we see it or are told of it (with evidence). If you don't already know, here is an explanation of what it means.

Quote :
"God Modding" (or GM) is, in essence, when someone’s character has the ability to do practically anything without limits or boundaries, basically giving them god-like abilities. This applies to:

-Killing or injuring a character without the player's express permission.
-Stating that your character can’t be hit or harmed by anything/anyone.
-Controlling another person's character without their consent.
-Responding to a character's thoughts which are not spoken, as if your character has read their mind. (This is a common one, due to the format of rping here. A good way to avoid this is to double check that you are responding only to what the other character is saying or physically doing.)

GM is bad for so many reasons, the main one being it’s impolite and unethical as a writer. Imagine if someone started controlling your character without your permission! You wouldn’t like it, so please do extend the same common courtesy to others. If you are unsure what is considered GM or not, please do double check with an admin, moderator, or an experienced RPer.

If, however, after plotting, you are allowed to write the reaction of the another character not your own that isn't stated in a previous post, please do include a note for us that indicates as such, so that we are aware. Smile

For example:

Quote :
Codey was walking around in campus when he spotted the newest Professor wandering around and decided to approach her. "Hello, Waters," he greeted. "Do you need any help?"

She gave him a tiny smile and nodded. "Yes, please," she replied, beginning to explain how she had gotten lost.

[[OOC: Permission to GM Scarlett Waters given by Maddie]

If someone GMs your character, please do contact either an admin or the moderator for that section.

If we see GM happening, we will be contacting the person in order to ask them to change their posts. Please don’t feel upset if this occurs; everyone, at some point or another, has accidentally GMed someone else’s character. We are all here to help each other improve. Smile
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Role-Playing Rules
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