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 Julienne Ambrosi

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Julienne Ambrosi

Julienne Ambrosi

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PostSubject: Julienne Ambrosi   Julienne Ambrosi EmptyMon Aug 21, 2017 9:01 am

Julienne Ambrosi Tumblr_inline_ojgtfygh4R1qgp297_540

Julienne Ambrosi FPcGmnb

Full Name: Julienne Rosaria Ambrosi
Goes by: Julienne

Gender: Female
Sexual Alignment: Bisexual

Julienne Ambrosi PhgudjJ

Hair colour and style: Her hair’s identity is ever changing and morphing alonside the body to whom it belongs. A majourity of the time she tends to maintain a brunette style that cuts off at the shoulders. Once a week or so, Julienne will change up the hue or length that she wears. Currently, she is unable to change the texture of her hair, but corkscrew curls seem like a fun thing to experiment with if she ever obtains the skill to do so.

Eye colour: Julienne was born with eyes of a hazel green shade. This has never been messed with, as she views her eyes as the one constant trait that keeps her tied to the family she was born into. Even though her appearance seems to shift at the speed of light, she wants at least one thing that can remind people of who she will always be.

Height:  5’3”. She has never experimented with height, though the thought has never really crossed her mind. Doing with magic what can be done with shoes just seems pointless in the mind of the young witch.

Body type:  Julienne lays on the border of healthily thin and sickly thin. She has never even considered alternative methods of maintaining her body structure, but it is a question that has been posed before. Her legs are long, making up for more of her height than the upper portion of her body. She has little to no muscle, which is more than likely the product of her never working out.

Dress sense:  She is not one for fashion. She sees clothing as the one part of her identity that can be normal, whatever normal may be. Julienne often sticks with light, monochromatic tops paired with some form of jean or khaki. She is a huge fan of cardigans; they make a good hideaway for when she doesn’t want to be where she is. For shoes, she enjoys white sneakers such as converse.

Birthmarks: None
Scars: None


Julienne Ambrosi Nd3oBMR
Likes: (min 3)
- Reading. She finds it much easier to form bonds with the characters inside of a book than it is with those around her. Julienne knows that Anna Kerenina is not going to ask her why she looks a bit different than she did yesterday, but she is unable to say the same about students at school. The girl enjoys escaping into a world where she is unknown, where she can be just a spectator to the fantasies that have been crafted by an author.
 - Writing. More specifically, journaling. She finds that there is something theraputic about taking thoughts out of her mind and pouring them into a page. It's like telling secrets to a best friend, except for the fact that this best friend will never return the favour.
- Long walks through the woods. Julienne has found that the serenity in nature is a subliminal something that she can barely put into words. The world around her stops as she explores the world, discovering a beauty hidden from most of the world.
- Chocolate. She keeps a small supply of sweets in whatever sachel she happens to be carrying a the moment. Sugar makes every moment sweeter.
- Romance movies. She likes to imagine a world in which a happy relationship is possible, because that is not what seems to have been proven within her lifetime.
- Stability. People change and people leave and that scares Julienne to death. There are times where she just wants the world to stop because she knows that if it continues to rotate, the good moments are not going to last.
- Roses. Julienne find the flower fascinating. She loves how it seems to be the perfect hybrid of beauty and caution, something that she strives to be.

Dislikes: (min 3)
- Music. Julienne doesn't like how music consumes people. She sees it as forced empathy; persuading those listening to carry the sorrows of the singer so that the singer doesn't have to.
 - Large groups. She finds herself overwhelmed amongst large quantities of people. Her attention does not know who to focus on, leaving her to only hear snippets of every story when she would rather hear one in its entirety.
 - Overly optimistic people. She does not understand how someone can have so much hope for things that are completely improbable.
- Horror movies. She hates the anxiety that takes over her body as she watched these kinds of movies. Fear is not an emotion that she enjoys feeling.
 - The butterfly effect. She hates the idea that every single thing a person does has an effect on the future. It makes her wonder if she could have changed the outcome of things.

Strengths (min 3)
- Writing. The voice in her writing is broken and pure, something that intrigues the reader and forces them to want to know more of what she has to say. Julienne once anonymously submitted a work of hers into a local writing competition and it would have won first prize if she had come forward about being the one who had authored it.
 - School. Seeing as her social life is close to nonexistent, the girl puts a lot of her time into schoolwork. She is nowhere near the top of her year, but she knows that she will have no problem getting into University when the time comes.
 - Persistence. Julienne dislikes the feeling of leaving something incomplete. She makes sure that everything she does has some sense of finality.

Weaknesses: (min 3)
- Conversation. She tends to find herself unable to engage in interactions with those around her. Julienne does not know how to allow what she is thinking to escape her mind and leave her tongue. Everything is so much easier said through a quill.
 - Forming bonds. Since the divorce of her parents, Julienne has found it difficult to allow herself to connect with anyone. She is always so sure that it will end with them leaving her alone.
 - Defense Against The Dark Arts. She is no good at defending herself against attacks. She usually stands silent, allowing spells to hit her as her mind refuses to allow her to fight back.
- Her ability. She can control it some, but not enough. She finds parts of herself changing often and it scares her immensely. She is afraid that one day she will no longer be able to recognise the girl in her mirror.

Positive Traits (min 3)
- She has an extremely deep mind. Everything she does is completely calculated and planned. Those who have managed to become close to her find that she is a fascinating person to talk to. She views the world in a way that few others do.
 - Kindness. Though she does not talk to many people, Julienne knows that it is useless to be disrespectful or rude. She has the capability to be a good friend, even if nobody has seen it before.
 - Her smile. She could light up an entire room with that smile.

Negative Traits (min 3)
- Pessimism. Julienne calculates every situation so deeply that her mind refuses to believe that most encounters have a possibility of ending well. This makes it so that conversations with her are usually not very fun.
 - Unable to hold a connection. No matter how hard she has tried, Julienne cannot seem to let anyone in. Her mind is a crowded place that refuses to accept anything new.
 - Inconsistency. As parts of her appearance are ever changing, Julienne seems to become a new person in every encounter. This tends to make people uncomfortable around her, as it is hard to become close to someone whom you will never truly know.

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PostSubject: Re: Julienne Ambrosi   Julienne Ambrosi EmptyMon Aug 21, 2017 10:48 am

Julienne Ambrosi DSGaD4G
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Julienne Ambrosi

Julienne Ambrosi

Posts : 9
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PostSubject: Re: Julienne Ambrosi   Julienne Ambrosi EmptyMon Aug 21, 2017 11:12 am

Julienne Ambrosi MtBTqG5

Julienne Ambrosi FPcGmnb
Age: 15 1/2
Birthdate: 12th June

Blood Purity: Half-blood

House: Hufflepuff
Wand Type: Ebony, Unicorn, 13", slightly yielding

Julienne Ambrosi Nd3oBMR
- Care of Magical Creatures. Julienne loves learning about the different creatures that exist in the magical world.

- Her ability; It makes it difficult for her to form strong connections with others
- Defense Against the Dark Arts; The partner element of classes such as DADA makes it hard for Julienne to participate fully in class.

- Camouflage. Due to her metamorphmagus ability, Julienne is usually able to blend into a crowd pretty well

- Defense Against The Dark Arts. She is no good at defending herself against attacks. She usually stands silent, allowing spells to hit her as her mind refuses to allow her to fight back.
- Her ability. She can control it some, but not enough. She finds parts of herself changing often and it scares her immensely. She is afraid that one day she will no longer be able to recognise the girl in her mirror.

Julienne Ambrosi 4uLzEID
Personal History
Julienne was born in a remote portion of Italy to Mariana Nouveau and Augustus Ambrosi. Almost immediately after her birth, the couple became aware that there was something wrong with their child. The pigmentation of the fuzz atop the baby's head seemed to shift into different sections of the rainbow, unable to decide on exactly which colour it was to become. Convinced that this had to be a deadly condition of some kind, her parents sought the consultation of a healer. The healer informed Augustus and his wife that their baby girl had been given a rare gift, that of a metamorphmagus. He was captivated by young Julienne as he had never seen someone of her nature in person before. Mariana was the first member of the couple to voice a concern. There was so little information on the powers that their daughter had. How were they to know how to raise this baby girl that they had brought into the world?

As Julienne aged, so did her abilities. Different aspects of her identity seemed to shift and change randomly against her own will. She was able to control certain things, such as the colour of her hair or eyes, but not every part of the power was under her control. This seemed to worry Mariana more and more. She would come home at night unable to recognize her daughter as being the same girl that she had seen the day before.

When Julienne was 9 years old, her mother decided that she could no longer handle the stress of this life that she was living. She had lost so much of her family and so much of herself that she now felt as though her only choice was the start over. The next morning, Augustus awoke to find that his love had left nothing but a packet of divorce papers.

A year or so later, Mariana reached out to Julienne, claiming that she wanted to see her once a year, no more and no less. Julienne yearned for this connection to her mother, so she agreed to the deal. Summers became the worst part of her year. Mariana rarely entered the house, leaving the young girl alone within her thoughts.

Upon entering Hogwarts, Julienne found herself distant from her family. She returned home as little as possibly, spending holidays in the castle. Students in school introduced themselves to her multiple times, as if they had never met before the current encounter. She learned to avoid these confrontations, burrying herslef within her own mind and her own thoughts. Over time, she become content with the feeling of isolation.

Name: Mariana Gardenia Nouveau
Age: 47
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type or Species: Half-blood
Occupation: Librarian

Name: Augustus Carlile Ambrosi
Age: 50
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type or Species: Half-blood
Occupation: Mathematics Professor

Name: Adaliah Jeanine Ambrosi
Age: 2
Living or Deceased: Deceased
Blood type or Species: Half-blood
Occupation: None

Name: Echo (After the character from Greek mythology)
Age: 2
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type or Species: Owl

Family Background
Mariana and Augustus met while the man was on a trip to France for the summer. The young woman found herself intrigued by Augustus's mind. She'd never met someone who saw the world quite as he did. He'd manage to find so much beauty within a world full of such agony.

A year after their first encounter, the couple was married and expecting their first child. Into the world, they brought a small girl named Adaliah. Adaliah had been named for water, as her parents were people who loved nature. They showered the girl in love, every corner of the hospital room full of light.

The light did not last for an elongated amount of time. The healer came up to the couple with news of the child's illness. He did not believe that the young Adaliah would live for longer than a couple of years. Surely enough, this was the truth. Mariana found herself heartbroken. She flooded the earth with the tears of her loss, telling her husband that she would never be able to love another child.

A year or so after this loss, Mariana was cursed with another conception. The product of this was a daughter by the name of Julienne and much to Mariana's surprise, their new daughter was a freak of nature. Mariana felt as though her luck had cursed her into the inability of conceiving the child of which she dreamed. She could not allow herself to love Julienne, so she fled. She left Augustus alone with the daughter that they had created together.

Augustus resented the young girl, believing that she was the reason for his losing the love of his life. He often left his daughter alone, unable to face the disgrace to his family.
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Julienne Ambrosi
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