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 Fatal Dedication [Azura]

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Hyunwoo Kim

Hyunwoo Kim

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Fatal Dedication [Azura] Empty
PostSubject: Fatal Dedication [Azura]   Fatal Dedication [Azura] EmptyTue May 29, 2018 9:54 am

He should have seen it coming. Yong was over a year old, fourteen months of effort and keeping her hidden, even as she grew bigger than Hyunwoo knew how to handle. Ever since hatching, she had such personality, feisty, never seemed to really calm down until she had run Hyunwoo ragged. And though she was noticeably smaller than even a newborn dragon should be, she never let that stop her from causing trouble: everything from biting him, to running off, to hiding and almost giving Hyunwoo a heart attack when he couldn't find her. Dorian, the magizoologist he had worked with for years, had offered to take care of her once Hyunwoo described her size and temperament; he could offer her both sanctuary and a way home. But Hyunwoo didn't want to let go just yet, he wanted to see her off to independence, not simply pass her off to someone else, no matter if they were more capable and better equipped.

But there he was, hands up to try to calm her, trying to see past the low growling and tense posture to the deeper issue. Hyunwoo wasn't sure why she was so on edge, so furious, but he didn't want to act rashly. He had tried offering food, comfort, more space, anything to calm her down. “Yong-ah,” she growled louder, glaring at him even as he stopped moving toward her, “come on, it's me. You can trust me, alright? Everything is fine, Yong-ah.” Her teeth were bared and he noticed the wisps of smoke rising from her nose and mouth, a sure sign of her about to strike.

There was a blur of movement and pain in his torso before his hand reached his wand—he found himself outside of his door, panting, running on adrenaline, and—oh, that hurt.

And that simple swipe and fire was what brought him there, to Azura’s place, breathing heavily and bleeding, he thought, but it hurt so much it was almost numb—was he dying?—and he still wished so hard that he could have avoided locking Yong in his room, trapping her in there, but there was no other way—oh, there's some blood on the floor—there's lots of blood on the floor—was Azura even home? Wait, he forgot to knock, and it was so hard to lift his hand up, but he finally knocked on the door. Maybe it wasn't loud enough, especially for so late at night, but it was all he could manage.

He leaned against the wall next to the door, just for a second, then slid down to sitting, wincing at the pain from moving. He surely had already lost a lot of blood from simply getting there, having the adrenaline mute the pain enough so he could manage, but now he couldn't help the feeling of anxiety creeping up on him. It seemed forever as he waited, breathing too hard, hoping, just hoping.


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Azura Ikham

Azura Ikham

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PostSubject: Re: Fatal Dedication [Azura]   Fatal Dedication [Azura] EmptyTue May 29, 2018 10:37 am

One of the benefits of being in university was that single room boarding was available. It was slightly — okay, a lot — more pricy than if she were to share a room with one or two other people, but it wasn’t like she couldn’t afford it. Besides, she valued her privacy, especially since it meant she could FaceTime or Skype or Discord her muggle friends whenever she wanted; there would be nobody parading around in Slytherin uniforms with their wands out. The downside, of course, was the timezone; an eight hour difference meant that when she was sleeping, her friends were free, and when her friends were free, she was sleeping.

This was why Azura found herself sliding into bed half an hour to midnight, exhausted. The next day was a weekend, and aside from waking up for her morning prayers she could sleep in as long as she wanted. Lying down, she fell asleep almost immediately; people liked to joke it was her superpower. If she wanted to sleep, chances were, she’d fall asleep, no matter where — on the bus, on the train, heck, she’d even done it on a broom once.

She found herself in a field that she recognised as the Quidditch field in Hogwarts, quaffle in one hand although she didn’t play the game. She glanced down to see herself clad in Yellow and Red, and somehow it made sense to be a mixture of Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. There was a whistle, and she jumped quickly, landing somehow on a broom and was soon in the air, swerving and ducking as golden snitches came zooming at her. She needed to protect the quaffle and to get it to the other side of the pitch; this was the only way to win the game for her house. Cheers came from all sides as she narrowly avoided another snitch, this one in the shape of a cat. Someone took up banging against their bench in support of her, and she tried to yell and tell them it was distracting, but they couldn’t hear her. Someone else joined in and soon there was this echoing knock around the pitch and snitches were diving at her and getting in her hair and the quaffle was slipping and—

She awoke with a start to the dying echoes of a knock on her door. Slowly, she sat up, wiping the sleep from her eyes and frowning in confusion as she glanced at the clock on her bedside. 12:03AM it boasted. Azura laid back down, with a shake of her head. Who would knock on her door at this time of night? It was probably the last bits of her dream. What had it been about again? Quidditch and... something about winning the house cup? She wasn’t sure. Closing her eyes, she tried to go back to sleep but a nagging thought kept her up; what if there was someone outside? It was improbable — impossible, even — but the thought that there might be someone who needed help kept inching its way into her mind. With a sigh, she sat up. It was now 12:04AM. Convinced she’d find nothing but shadows and an empty corridor, Azura didn’t bother to put on a robe; besides, this was the female dorms, and if there was by some chance someone outside, it would most likely be a friend.

She opened the door and saw nothing, like expected, and she was just turning around to go back in when she heard a tiny puff of air from her right. Spinning, she looked down for the first time. “Ya Allah!” she said, inhaling sharply. “Oh my god. Hyun!” In an instant her wand was out and up, a soft lumos lighting up the place a little as she bent forward over him. “Can you hear me? What happ-“ She stopped herself as she took in the wounds. “—Yong-Ah. My god.”

It felt like forever as she tried to figure out what to do. If she called for a professor or for help, the existence of Yong would be exposed. It would kill Hyun if he lost the dragon, as dangerous as she was. That left only one option. Extinguishing the light, she gave her wand another flick, muttering under her breath. Levitating the male, she gently and carefully led him inside. She pushed away pillows and sheets on her bed with her free hand and laid him down. Biting her lower lip in worry and concentration, she gently peeled back his shirt to get a closer look at his wounds, and set to work.
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Fatal Dedication [Azura]
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