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Azura Ikham

Azura Ikham

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PostSubject: Azura Ikham   Azura Ikham EmptyMon May 28, 2018 12:18 pm

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Azura Ikham VO7M6q

Azura Ikham FPcGmnb
Full Name: Hajjah Nur Azura Binti Haji Datuk Mohammad Ikham
Goes by: Azura

Gender: Female
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual

Age: 19
Birthdate: Dec 30

Blood Purity: Pureblood

House: Slytherin
Occupation: Uni Student
Wand Type: Willow, phoenix feather, 11 inches

Azura Ikham PhgudjJ
Hair colour and style: Dark brown, almost black. It’s typically straight. You never see it though, because she’s always wearing a hijab.

Eye colour: Dark brown.

Height: 5 foot 3
Body type: Slim

Dress sense: Fashionable

Birthmarks/Scars/Piercings: None.

Azura Ikham Nd3oBMR
Likes: (min 3)
- Cats
- Fashion/dressing up
- Reading (romance mostly)
- Swimming
- Long walks, especially on the beach, but this is hard to do in Malaysia
- Food, obviously

Dislikes: (min 3)
- Pork, obviously
- Forests/woods, mostly because they tend to be dirty and tends to be difficult terrain to walk in
- Dogs, because when she was younger an excitable puppy jumped up on her and licked her, and her memory of having to bathe in dirt and then a further six times has stuck in her mind forever.
- The stigma of ‘Muslims’ in Western countries.
- Fasting, although she understands the need for it and does it willingly.

Strengths: (min 3)
- Healing magic
- Talking to people/making them feel at ease
- Diplomacy
- Surprisingly, despite not fully grasping the value of money or wealth, she makes a shrewd business woman; she’s great at making deals; she makes for a hard bargain (thanks to her constant shopping on Petaling Street and whatnot)

Weaknesses: (min 3)
- Aggressive spells. Islam is a religion of peace, and submission to Allah, so why would she want to learn something that could hurt others?
- Shopping
- A good romance novel
- Kittens; she wants to have at least 10 cats when she’s older

Positive Traits: (min 3)
- Accepting; since she grew up in a multicultural, multi-linguistic, and multireligious country, she’s used to meeting and talking with people of various backgrounds.
- Hard worker
- Generous; she’s always the first to offer someone help or offer to pay; this mostly stems from her not fully grasping the value of money
- Generally kind to everyone; it’s in her upbringing
- Trustworthy; if you tell her a secret, unless it harms either her or someone else, she will take it to her grave.

Negative Traits: (min 3)
- Can be somewhat stuck up at times; she can sometimes see herself as higher up than others both because of her status (her family is rich, and Purebloods, after all).
- Not as willing to try new things as others might be; she prefers to stick with what she knows (except for food, of course!)
- Doesn’t always understand the value of money; she has the luxury of buying whatever she wants, whenever she wants
- She can be quite set in her ways; stubborn to a point where she’d rather do something the hard way than admit she was wrong and follow an easier route
- Hard on herself; as the youngest in her (biological) family she has seen the accomplishments of her siblings and wants to be as good or surpass them.

Azura Ikham 4uLzEID

Brother: Haji Mohammad Hafiz bin Haji Datuk Mohammad Ikham (26)
Sister: Hajjah Noor Lina binti Haji Datuk Mohammad Ikham (24)
Sister: Hajjah Nur Amina binti Haji Datuk Mohammad Ikham (23)

~Grew up in rich family. Her father helped in the Muggle government as the liaison for the Malaysian Magical Government. Received Datukship for it.
~Biologically, she has 1 older brother and 3 older sisters. She’s also got a step-mum and 3 step-siblings, who are younger than her. (The dad got his second wife when she was 8.)
~Attended muggle school growing up as the dad wanted her to have experience. Did her UPSR and scored straight As.
~One of her best friends (who was a half-blood; she met her during the dinners her dad hosted) is Chinese and so Azura can speak some Cantonese. She’s not fluent but she can get by in basic conversation.
~At 12 she entered Hogwarts, a year behind due to her staying back a year to do the local muggle exam; she was sent to Hogwarts because the dad felt the exposure to other cultures was necessary and the education system was better there.
~Sorted into Slytherin. At the start she was wary because she was the only one wearing a hijab and it made her rather self conscious at times, especially when she had to excuse herself from class early for prayer or skipped meals during the fasting period. Still, people were generally accepting and she made lots of friends and had lots of fun. It was here she discovered her skill in healing magic.
~After graduation, she took a gap year to try and figure out what she wanted to do and where she wanted to work. After discovering that magical hospitals in Malaysia were as bad as the non-magical ones, she decided to start her own and pooled money together to buy an abandoned factory where she intends to build her hospital once she graduates university.

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PostSubject: Re: Azura Ikham   Azura Ikham EmptyMon May 28, 2018 12:20 pm

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Azura Ikham
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