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 Pretense Unmasked [Elinora]

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Eleonora Wilkerson


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PostSubject: Pretense Unmasked [Elinora]   Sat Aug 19, 2017 9:29 pm

Beginning of 4th Year

Fourteen was not a fun age to be. While the part of her that was ADHD wanted to have fun and enjoy the world, the side of her that was a Pureblood first and foremost had responsibilities, and she was expected to put aside immaturity and embrace Life. And there was simply no fun in that. Besides, it wasn't as easy as just ignoring the voice inside her brain that told her to do things, or the bursting urge to talk about things at speeds Usain Bolt would be envious of, and while she did try, most of the time she could only behave for an hour or so before the real her shone through.

This was, perhaps, the reason her parents had accepted invitations on her behalf to multiple balls; they hoped to practice away her unPureblood ways of living. Or, rather, they hoped to lengthen the amount of time she was able to fake it.

The dress picked out by her parents was, at the very least, decent, and Nora pulled the outer layer into her fingers and fiddled with it as she stood beside them, waiting to leave. Her brother had been dallying, having forgotten ... something (Nora wasn't quite sure what) ... and she'd been standing by the fireplace for the last five minutes and already she was getting anxious.

Finally -- finally -- he appeared, and Nora all but sprung forward, grabbing a fist of Floo Powder and tossing it into the fire before her parents had a chance to say anything. Clearly speaking the name of the place, forcing herself to speak slowly (she'd learnt the hard way that speaking too fast meant her words were jumbled, and that could sometimes lead to her appearing in some random stranger's house), she let the flames envelop her and transport her to the location of the ball.

Stepping out, she nodded at the servant there to greet her, waiting only a moment for her family to follow. Smiling at the servant, she let him lead them to the ballroom, eyes shining as she surveyed the location. It wasn't too bad, and with the lack of tables that meant it was going to be a dancing one, which was much better than being forced to sit for hours.

Already leaving her parents behind, she approached the crowds, doing what was expected of her and mingling.
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Eli De Santis


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PostSubject: Re: Pretense Unmasked [Elinora]   Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:05 pm

Another day, another ball. Eli loved balls, predominantly the social aspect of it. The music, the dancing. It got him out of the house for a good few hours, that was the main thing. With the exception of perhaps Carlotta (who'd recently been incredibly busy with potioneering... Although that did lead to some rather interesting experiments that he knew his parents wouldn't approve of if they knew), everyone in the house was quite dull. At least there was more of a chance of something exciting happening, even if he was the root of it, outside of the house.

Another reason was the fact that he got to dress up. Essentially, he chose whatever would outrage his parents the most. The looks on their faces when he strolled downstairs, dressed in a paisley suit with thongs, well, he wished he had a camera. Certainly one of the funnier moments he had with his parents.

They'd arrived at the ball as it had began, on time as per usual. And it was gorgeous, gloriously lit, with plenty of people he could get lost amongst. Upon arrival, he'd wandered in, not bothering to look back to see where his parents had gone, nor even where Carlotta had undoubtedly wandered off to (she rather disliked balls, they were far too formal in her opinion).

The glimpse of a blue dress caught his attention in the crowd. He turned to further look, eyes finding the girl who was wearing said dress. A rather pretty blonde girl, who had to at least be roughly his age. With an air of confidence that was just so... Eli, he decided to approach her.

"Lovely dress you have there...." he paused "I'm sorry, I haven't got your name,", a smirk spreading across his lips as he spoke "But yes, anyway. Looks slightly like a cupcake. But in the best way possible. Eli, by the way," he held his hand out for her to shake. Was that the proper greeting for a girl? He had no clue, nor did he care too much. After all, regardless of whether it was proper or not, he could do, and had done, far worse things to offend people. If she reacted negatively, well, improper conduct was just the beginning.
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Eleonora Wilkerson


Posts : 8
Join date : 2017-08-19

PostSubject: Re: Pretense Unmasked [Elinora]   Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:16 am

Flitting from group to group, person to person, Nora made her rounds. For some, the social aspect was the exhausting part, the having to make small talk -- but for Nora, it was the highlight of the whole ordeal. At least, this way, she got to meet people and make friends, even if they didn’t think the same of her. Besides, it was fun to see their reactions and see them falter when she bounded over (or tried to walk gracefully and failed) and talked a mile a dozen. She’d just left one such person who’d done the whole ‘nod-and-smile’ thing and was just getting herself a drink when someone familiar came towards her.

She recognised him, somewhat, from around school. Gryffindor, if she wasn’t mistaken. And her year? He was a Pureblood, obviously (he wouldn’t have been there if he wasn’t) and yet she didn’t seem to be able to recall that ever being really mentioned among the Pureblood groups she hung out with (purely for image), not that she really paid attention anyway.

From what he was wearing, she could tell she’d probably already like him; he didn’t seem normal or boring.

His introduction made her raise her eyebrow. In the back of her mind, she could hear her mother uncultured, improper, bad example, and made it her mission to befriend Eli; she took the hand. “Eleonora, but it’s a mouthful and a posh name. I prefer Nora. Most people call me Nora, anyway; I mean, mother naming me Eleonora is kind of ironic, cos it’s so posh and I just look like a -- what did you say? Muffin? Oh, right -- cupcake. I’m not allowed cupcakes often. Too much sugar. I get more hyper.”

Pausing, she didn’t bother to hide her taking in his suit. “And you look like a carpet. The ones my mother tried to buy last year but father said was too drab for our halls; I actually agreed with him for once. I think it looks nicer as a suit. It provides… oh what was it my tutor said? Character. It gives character.” She shrugged, smiling, seeing nothing wrong with her words; if he could say she looked like a cupcake, she could say he looked like a carpet. Right? Tilting her head slightly, she added, “And I’ve seen you around. Hogwarts, right? Gryffindor? I’m a Hufflepuff. Fourth year; and you?”


Hufflepuff || Pureblood || Fourteen || ADHD
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PostSubject: Re: Pretense Unmasked [Elinora]   

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Pretense Unmasked [Elinora]
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