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A clean, original character-only RP site covering multiple fandoms. Whatever floats your boat, we got it!
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 Character Templates: How To

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PostSubject: Character Templates: How To   Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:14 pm

Each account must have a Character Sheet before you begin writing. Choose which fandom you would like to write in, Harry Potter or Superhero. You will copy the code from the template and fill it in. Once completed, go to Completed Profiles, click on which fandom you are choosing, and create a New Topic. Paste your template into the post, your title should be your character's first and last name.

Once you have been approved by an Admin or Moderator, you will then be able to post in your character's world!

Please note (as of 2/18/18): If you are using your character in more than one fandom (Harry Potter AND Superhero), you will need to submit a Character Sheet for each of these fandoms. You may carry over as much information from one version of your character to another. This will allow writers who are looking for characters in their fandoms to better navigate the site.
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Character Templates: How To
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