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Cassana Rose

Cassana Rose

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PostSubject: Fighters (Crooke)    Fighters (Crooke)  EmptySun Feb 18, 2018 8:11 am

26 Autumn 2017 || 16

Cassana awoke from her nap in the afternoon following her pre-calculus class to a distinct ringing. She picked up her phone and answered immediately, knowing that ringtone could only be Pele.

"Hello?" She asked, blearily, sitting up and rubbing her eyes.

"Cassana, I have a job for you," Pele's straightforward, no beating around the bush business voice would never cease to astound her. Pele was not just her manager, in a way, but also her mentor, and when she used a voice like this it meant Cassana didn't really have a choice. It was seldom that Pele used this voice, but when she did, it wasn't to be questioned. Usually she would ask Cassana if there was any way she could work a job this weekend, or that night, and usually it was done a week in advance via e-mail. However, this was not a normal mission and so, Cassana should have immediately knew this would set a precedent for the rest of the job.

"Of course, send me the details," Cassana said standing and stretching, heading to her drawers and undoing the fake bottom to access her suits.

"You'll receive the details," Pele stopped and Cassana heard her hesitation, heard her worry, and it prompted her to inquire further.

"Everything okay?" She asks, stopping in her pursuit for her outfit.

"Look, I'm not so sure about this mission, Cass, but I've been told we don't really have a choice," Pele explained, "your employer will meet you and your partner there; it's a two-person job, and I wish you the best of luck." She added after a moment. "You'll be needing your flying suit, and call me after once you're safe in your dorm, I'm texting you the warehouse where you'll be meeting your partner and your employer."

"Okay, P," she murmured, "thank you." She added after a minute. She heard the dial tone and stared at her phone for a minute concernedly, hundreds and thousands of thoughts floating through her mind. She was worried, but Pele's tone told her there was no room for argument and that in order for things to go smoothly, it was best for Cassana to do as she was told. Cassana dressed quickly, sliding her mask in place and putting her hair in a braid and wrapping it in a bun. She put on her flight suit, moved her carpet away from the space below her window, opened it and crawled through, perching herself on the sill for a moment before blasting fire from her fingers and zooming into the air. She turned on the comm in her ear, before slapping her hand against her forehead as she realized she hadn't synched up her comm before she left, she'd just have to do it once she got to the warehouse.

Usually, the two hired hands met before the employer arrived. After thirty minutes in the air, she found the warehouse she was advised for and landed quietly on the roof before slinking down in the shadows. She grabbed her work phone and synched it to her comm, testing the sound.

"P?" She asked, "Pele, are you there?"

"No," a new, distinctly masculine voice appeared in her ears and she growled. "Relax, little one, I've been told to refer to you as Hestia for this mission, I am your employer, you may call me Shadow, I will not be meeting you at the warehouse tonight." Cassana was quiet for a moment.

"Where's Pele? She's the only secure line I have synched to my suit and to my comm." She insisted.

"Pele is safe. I'm your employer, Hestia, and I advise you to listen carefully."

"Or else?" Cassana started, glancing around and spotting several parked cars in the lot, cursing her luck. She was willing to bet there were more men in the warehouse itself.

"Or else you don't get paid and I find another person to accomplish the mission you and your partner have for the night." Shadow responded. His tone was confident, calm, smooth; it irked and unnerved Cassana. "Nothing has happened to Pele, I assure you; now, are you going to comply and cooperate or should I find another hand?" Cassana was silent. Pele's words echoed through her ear: We don't really have a choice. Not you, not me, but us, Cassana mused.

"I'm in. Give me my instructions." She muttered, backing herself up against a wall, and charging her hands should anything surprising happen.

"Good," Shadow continued to sound relaxed, "now, your partner will be arriving in a minute or so, unless she's already here, once she gets here, I will give you your instructions, keep your comm on, and if she does not have one herself that I am synched into give her the one in the envelope on the crate on the first floor of the warehouse."

Cassana swallowed before muttering a stilted yes and quickly opening the doors to the warehouse. She spotted the manila folder and retrieved the back-up comm before going back to standing outside of the warehouse, waiting for her partner with tension in her every muscle.



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Some women are lost in fire. Some women are built from it.
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Brooke Walker

Brooke Walker

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PostSubject: Re: Fighters (Crooke)    Fighters (Crooke)  EmptySun Feb 18, 2018 3:14 pm

The call wasn't unexpected; none of them ever were.

Immediately picking it up, she listened to what the voice on the other end, saying nothing except 'okay' at the very end. There was no need for talking; she had nothing to say. It was just another job and just another thing she needed to do. At the very least she knew she wouldn't be alone for this one; Cassana would be there, and things were always better with her best friend.

Slipping away from the student dorms wasn't difficult; they were allowed to come and go as they pleased, without any or much difficulty. As long as they showed up for classes on time and didn't get into trouble, they were free to do whatever they wanted. The walk wasn't long, and quickly, Brooke made her way to one of the houses nearby. It was difficult navigating around, especially considering that she didn't have any abilities that helped with it, but she made do. Ducking into the safehouse, she focused a little on her appearance and changed -- not into one of her familiar aliases, but a random jumble of different things. The last thing she needed was someone recognising her.

Glancing in the mirror, Brooke took herself in. She now had short, jet black hair, striking blue highlights alternating the black. Her eyes were dark brown, and her face was flatter, with more angles; her chin jutted out slightly. Her lips were a dull pink and rested in an almost-pout, deep dimples flashing when she did smile. Her teeth were crooked, and had a slightly yellow tint, and her skin was tanned.

She had changed outfits, too, wearing black track pants and an all-black t-shirt. Fingerprints were not something she needed to worry about; she didn't have any. Nodding once in approval, she left the house, closing and locking the door behind her.

Then, without hesitating, she hopped onto the scooter outside and drove to the address she'd been given. There was something off about this whole thing, although she couldn't quite place her finger on it. Her instincts told her to be careful, and while Brooke didn't quite know why, she was going to listen to it; it had never led her wrong before.

Glancing around the place, Brooke frowned a little as she slipped the earpiece from her pocket into her ear. Something was definitely not right. In any case, she wasn't going to leave Cassie behind or on her own; her best friend was her life. Moving towards the raven-haired girl, Brooke nodded a greeting as she got closer.

"Ana?" Brooke asked, keeping her tone low so it didn't carry through the silence. She never called her best friend that -- it was always Cassie or Cass -- except when on the job. It was a sort of signal, she supposed, that they were working. It also hid her identity; there were many names that started with Ana or had that as a nickname. Hell, even 'Anna' itself was a name. Instead of speaking her next words, though, she raised an eyebrow at Cassie and mouthed, "What's going on?" The last thing she wanted was to be overheard.


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Cassana Rose

Cassana Rose

Posts : 5
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters (Crooke)    Fighters (Crooke)  EmptyTue Feb 20, 2018 9:25 am

Cassana almost died of relief upon hearing her voice called out by the stranger. Truth be told, she should have Brooke's faces and personas committed to memory, but it was difficult to keep track of them. Then again that did wonders for being elusive. Ana wasn't a name people knew her by; she either went by Cassana, Cassie, or Cass. It was simple and plain. She smiled briefly and nodded in confirmation that it was her. Glancing around she could tell that there was definitely more people hiding in the shadows then their boss was giving on.

She shrugged in response to Brooke's question, because truth be told, she had no idea what was going. She frowned, but raised her voice so the comm caught her. "Turn on your comm, our employer prefers to go by the name, Shadow, and he'll give us both instructions once you do so." She swallowed hard, trying to calm herself, but her hand darted out to Brooke's to catch her free wrist. She tapped out a morse code message, knowing it would take her time to write out the message as it was lengthy to say the least, she was only hoping that Brooke understood: "Be careful. All goes wrong, leave without me." Not for the first time, as all people do, Cassana wished she had telepathy. She wished she could tell Brooke she had a bad feeling about this, that there wasn't anything good that could happen from this night, that it would be better if Brooke could leave. However, she couldn't. Instead, she just hoped that message she tapped out would convey her concerns about the message well enough.

**Once Brooke had her earpiece in, the same melodious voice rang through their ears.

"Good to see you two are familiar with each other," Shadow's tone changed to something a little less kind, "though, how familiar, I've no clue. River and Hestia, two opposites, hmm? Hestia, goddess of the Hearth, correct? And River, referring to an everflowing body of water. Have you two met before?"

"Yes, we've worked together," Cassana answered succintly, crossing her arms over her chest, she glanced at Brooke, waiting for her to signal that she was ready to hear their mission instructions.

"Your mission is as follows; I'm sending you both coordinates to an undisclosed location where you'll be kidnapping a person of much interest to my company and myself." There was a slight tapping noise before Cassana felt her phone ring. "You will take this person to the docks where some of my company will take care of her transport. Simple, routine, little to no difficulty." He sounded so confident, so assured, but the underlying danger below made Cassana unnerved.

[[OOC: ** = permission to Godmod granted by Mel]]



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Some women are lost in fire. Some women are built from it.
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Fighters (Crooke)
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