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Cassana Rose

Cassana Rose

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Cassana Rose 7vYcLws

Cassana Rose FPcGmnb

Cassana Rose Tumblr_m5u6uaYgMK1r6d7dfo3_400
Age: 16
Birthdate: 12 December

Family: Macen Rose (father, CEO of Rose Garden Incorporations) and Idna Rose (mother, CFO of Rose Garden Incorporations); Gabriella Rose (older sister [22], Journalist for the New York Times, Cold Cases), Beatrice Harris (aunt, owner of the Bed, Breakfast, and Barcelona Inn at the Barcelona Lighthouse in New York)
Sexuality: Hetereosexual
Past Relationships: Thomas Selkin and Daniel Ritter

Class: Villain (in Training)
Occupation: Barista, Freelance Criminal (no moniker yet)

Mentor: "Pele Charon" - EX superhero who went just by Charon, saved families from burning buildings, absorbed fire from catastrophes over the nation, majored in Science and Superheroes in University (which she attended after her car accident robbed her of her abilities; it suppressed the nerves in her body that allowed her absorb fire and the nerves that left her body immune to fire, she learned this the hard way and wears gloves now to hide her burnt and deformed hands), works as a mentor/trainer for young people with special abilities, and also as a suit designer for superheroes

Superpower(s): Fire Manipulation and Fire Immunity

Cassana Rose Nd3oBMR

+ Likes -

> Candy: A sweet girl has a sweet tooth.

> Reading: Cassie loves to lose herself in books, the words create new worlds, and her imagination is vivid enough that she sometimes blends reality and fantasy while she flips through the pages of books. Of course, when she finishes a book, she is completely shocked back into reality.

> Writing: Cassie writes on her tablet or her laptop in more ways than just reports for Pele. She writes mystery or superhero short stories; ironically of course, considering she prefers herself closer to a villain on the spectrum. Her mystery stories always end ambiguously. The bad guy either always escapes or is never found. In her superhero stories, they're more based off of the stories that Gabriella tells her of her recovery, so although the superhero never dies or has to kill anyone, they deal with their personal demons in dangerous ways that are lethal to their feelings.

> Charity: She likes to help others, likes knowing that even though she may be doing the wrong thing for the wrong people (and it leaves her unaffected), she excels in helping others.

> Drawing: She likes to study architecture. Sometimes, she dreams of ditching the entire villain/hero lifestyle life in order to pursue a major in architecture or art and sketching out buildings, floorplans, interior decor.

> Running: She knows that there is no medical cure for asthma, which she has, but that by running she works hard to improve her physicality. She's already fit enough that she has no problem passing the obstacle courses or the physical tests their school puts them through.

> Cooking: It's a passtime that her and Gabriella shared with their aunt, Beatrice. Before Gabriella's accident, they cooked all three of them, enjoying their days with the sun seeping through the windows as their hands cleaned apples and carefully cut meats in order to help Beatrice with dinner.

> Flying: She loves the freedom that comes with flying, the feeling of the air breezing through her hair, the complete loneliness that comes with flying alone.

> Work: She loves the assignments that Pele assigns her, knowing that she won't pass her trainee stage until she completes the different difficulties, and begins completing her own work. Cassie longs for the day that she creates her own villainess name, getting to be as prolific a villain as any. The freedom of her own independence, the ability to destroy at will, and to do  as she wishes is a yearning for her, but she also is self-aware enough to understand that if she does start to do her own work, she may fail violently and hurt herself.

> Coffee: She loves caffeine.

> Dancing: She dances to the rhythm, has a good beat.

+ Dislikes -

> Sour candy: Soutpatch kids, no. Never.

> Swimming: Water is her main weakness and so whenever she attends a pool party, she'll spend her time on the side, absorbing the heat of the sun, not burning or tanning, but enjoying the sweet sensation of warmth sliding over her body.

> Organization: She is so messy, and definitely not very organized.

> Spicy food: Despite being a fire user, she cannot handle spicy foods, they're too intense for her.

> Movie adaptations of books: They're awful and they never get it right.

> Romance novels: They're never accurate, at least with her own experiences... They miss the grittier parts of two people's feelings. Thomas and Daniel can both attest to that.

> Romance shows: They're overglorified and worshipped as some kind of amazing, beautiful thing, but it isn't.

> Lunch with her parents: Having to deal with Macen and Idna's constant prodding and their criticisms for her future are hell. She can't deal spending time with them because they only ever want to talk about her, and never about Gabriella. They never want to talk about her work, her compelling words.

+ Strengths -

> Hand to hand combat: She's fast, agile and nimble. She works quickly and brilliantly.

> Stealth: Due to her quickness, she can move fast in the night. She has three different superhero suits and sometimes Pele has to send her a new suit for certain assignments or missions.

> Brutality: With her ability to destroy rather than create despite deflecting fire, she has no hesitancy when it comes to knocking people out or leaving a trace.

> Thievary and Kidnapping: When it comes to thievary, with her stealth, she does well. When it comes to kidnapping, she sneaks in and then threatens the guards with fire or blinds them by blasting hot sparks past them fast like a yo-yo to distract them.

+ Weaknesses -

> Water: She cannot take water for extended amounts of time. She showers in scalding water for maybe five to ten minutes at most, in order to avoid spending a lot of time underneath a stream. Ten minutes weakens her, fifteen minutes incapacitates her ability to conjure fire, thirty minutes or more kills her. Pele is working on a suit that will allow her to travel in water that is water resistent or defective.

> Endurance: She has asthma and therefore though she tries to use running to build her immunity, she pushes herself too far and this results in her almost passing out before controlling her breathing.

> Asthma: Her breathing inabilities hurts her.

> Teamwork: Cassie doesn't work well with other other villains because they are ruthless, cunning, and have no regard for others. She can't deal with people that are like that, and so she avoids group missions if she has to, and Pele understands this, so at the best she'll only have to do one group or team mission every two months (at least since she turned sixteen). She also prefers to take the lead in team situations, but most often she is not the leader and has to force herself to listen to others. It isn't as if isn't obedient (seen below) however, it is that her missions are usually led by only people slightly older than her and she knows they are not trustworthy leaders.

> Rainforest/Moisture-heavy areas: Her powers don't work as well when she's sweaty or in areas with a lot of moisture, it isn't as lethal as water, but it definitely prevents her from using her powers skillfully. Rather it's messy and the areas themselves give her headaches. She's only completed two missions in rainforest areas so she had to learn these the hard wayl.

> Obedience: She listens well and will do as she's told in almost any situation.

> Gabriella: Cassana would do anything and everything for her sister. She loves her more than anyone in the world, even when she was with Thom or Daniel, they took precedent.

> Pele: Cassana's mentor has been a motherly figure and a good support for both her and Gabriella. When it comes to Gabriella, Pele does not treat her as anything less than a brilliant woman who deserves recognition for her accomplishments.

Cassana is kind and sweet. She is an outgoing person, always friendly and definitely personable. Her decision to become a villain comes from a jaded twist of reality; the world on its own is so boring. The rules and laws of society shouldn't apply to people with special abilities, not when the mundane work around the "rules" so easily. Someone with special abilities, in her mind, should be held above the norm.  She flounces around and through life with all the ease and joy of someone who knows where they stand in society.

Cassana Rose 4uLzEID

Cassana was born in Masachusetts, but her parents, Macen and Idna, moved her and her older sister, Gabriella, out to New York a year afterwards. They lived with Macen's sister in the Barcelona lighthouse where her aunt started a bed and breakfast to appease tourists. Macen and Idna were working on a start-up company, both normal people, and her sister never showed any signs of being a super. Gabriella is currently a journalist in New York City, she's six years older than Cassana. When Cassie was six, while she was swimming in the ocean, she got stranded on a rock, and was shivering for warmth when she started rubbing her hands together. She flexed her fingers and sparks of fire left her hands, she held the fire in her hands in shock and cried in fear, rubbing her arms and noting that fire didn't affect her.

Her family found her six hours later with the coast guard, not shivering but in a ring of fire, as she fought off seagulls. They were surprised and saw a specialist who reccomended she see a "Trainer." She became the mentee of Pele Charon, another fire manipulator who lost her abilities in a car accident when she was twenty-two. She wanted her parents to help her, make her feel normal, but their start-up company took off and they got an apartment in New York City to conduct their work. Her older sister couldn't help her, though she gave her love and a relatively normal childhood. Her aunt helped her by providing shelter and food fer her, but no real emotional support. Pele became her almost surrogate-guardian for her youth.

Then when she was twelve, Gabriella was shot in a mugging she tried to stop. Cassie cried into her sister's bed, finding out her sister was going to live, but as a handicapped person. Her sister had plans on becoming a journalist and traveling the world, and trying to be a hero got her nothing. She talked about it with Pele, who was just as warped about the super hero lifestyle, and offered to teach her how to use her powers to appeal only to her own needs or to do things for money to "help" others.

Lowkey crimes, small acts of arsony were committed by Cassana, though she was never caught. For example, during a riot following the loss of a big game by the Mets, while she was walking back to catch her train to the lighthouse, she relished in the screams of shock when all the trash cans that she passed were set aflame. She was thirteen at the time. The rush, the thrill, the adrenaline fueled her needs.

Her years at her super hero academy were spent under the guise that she planned on using her fire-proof ability to save people from massive fires around the nation, though she pursued her own agenda outside of school. According to Pele, Cassie's abilities come from a surplus of electricity in her fingers, causing combustions that she can manipulate to her will. She travels in the air using fire to shoot through her palms in powerful bursts, like a rocket, and wides the wind in the suit that Pele had designed for her. The suit allows aerodynamic flexibility and her body to ride the wind via the cape that spreads out almost like a hang-glider, but bendier.

She works as a barista during the day, though her parents have ensured that she has more than enough money for the rest of her life, if only to throw anyone off her trail.

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