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 Old Habits Die Hard (Brivy)

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Ivy Richardson

Ivy Richardson

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Old Habits Die Hard (Brivy) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Old Habits Die Hard (Brivy)   Old Habits Die Hard (Brivy) - Page 2 EmptyMon Jan 15, 2018 3:46 pm

It was then Bruce began to properly explain the hierarchy of the pureblood families, the nuances, the tense scandals supposedly at her 'level' along the line, that now might have been minimised due to Bruce's actions. It was amazing, the power one simple action could hold. Although, nothing was ever super simple like that. There'd be repercussions for someone, she was sure of it. It wasn't unlike the hierarchy of shifty street thugs and criminals back home. Except instead of fighting with words and grace, they cut off fingers to send threats and killed when necessary. Less under the rug, less sly and cunning, more overt flaunting of power than anything else.

Nevertheless, she listened. Man, it was a lot of information to take in, but she tried. It might take some time before she had a full grasp, and was able to prattle it off as easily as Bruce could... On second thought, it would take a lot of time. And if anything happened that changed a family's standing, well, it'd be starting from the bottom again. Exhausting.

She didn't know how Bruce did it, especially with knowledge that eventually, the weight of an empire is going to be solely on his shoulders at one point in time.

He only stopped when the food came. Ivy grabbed a slice from her pizza and began to eat almost immediately, nodding when Bruce asked if it made sense "Yeah," she replied, once she had swallowed some of the pizza "I get you-" she was about to go on, joke about how honoured she was that he made her his friend. Lightheartedly of course. For a rich kid, he was very, well, grounded. At least from what she had seen of him so far. What had stopped her had been her mind going back to where he mentioned the vast Sanderson empire, in particular the law firm.

"Wait," she paused "You've got a muggle law firm?" she chuckled. Man it was a small world "Sanderson law firm... I had some chump hire one of your guys to put me in juvie for taking his car for a spin," she shook her head and took another bite of pizza "That was a fun time," she shook her head at the memory. It had probably been one of the funnest days she could remember.
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Bruce Sanderson

Bruce Sanderson

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Old Habits Die Hard (Brivy) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Old Habits Die Hard (Brivy)   Old Habits Die Hard (Brivy) - Page 2 EmptyMon Jan 15, 2018 6:23 pm

He watched her as she began to eat, slight amusement rising. If Henry saw him eating that way... Or even if anyone from his level saw how she ate the pizza -- and even the fact that they were eating pizza -- they'd have been severely judged. Still, they were children, teenagers, and Bruce gave in, ignoring the Pureblood teachings that were whispering at the back of his mind. Picking up his own slice, carefully and neatly, he took a small bite, chewing slowly before swallowing. There were some things that couldn't be bypassed, after all, and his manners were ingrained deeply into him.

Her statement, though, made him blink, lowering his hand to rest against the table; it wasn't polite to talk while he was chewing. Mentally, he ran through what he was meant to know and what he wasn't. There were details that Peter never shared with his family, especially not Bruce, and he and Henry had gone through it multiple times. At fourteen Bruce wouldn't have known much about the finer details of the law firm -- or any business, really -- except for what was covered in his training. At sixteen, this knowledge would begin to expand as Peter started teaching Bruce more and more, but that was still two whole years away.

He shook his head, still mentally sorting through things. "My parents do. I suppose that means I do, as well, but I'm not involved in running it. We don't really spend a lot of time in the muggle world; father has people he trusts running it. I've only been to the firm three or four times. I visit the hotel chains more often; every time we visit the muggle world we stay in one of them."

Her statement, though, he didn't know how to answer. He barely managed to stop himself from saying 'that's not right'. Henry had made him study muggle law and the proceedings of the company. While Peter may have run it, he was by no means a lawyer; he merely had people working under him. He ran the company as any other company, and it didn't matter what cases they took on as long as it brought in money. One of the charities that Peter ran, though, was to raise funds for a place that helped 'misguided teens' get back on the right track. And hadn't Bruce attended one as a small child that had raised awareness about the issues with juvenile detention centres?

For a lawyer in their company to take on a case that sent someone -- a young girl, at that -- to juvie was... Well, frankly, not right. I'll look into that at once, he wanted to say, to promise Ivy, but said, instead, "What's juvie?" He, technically, wasn't meant to know, after all.


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Old Habits Die Hard (Brivy) - Page 2 Bruce_10
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Ivy Richardson

Ivy Richardson

Posts : 23
Join date : 2017-08-25

Old Habits Die Hard (Brivy) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Old Habits Die Hard (Brivy)   Old Habits Die Hard (Brivy) - Page 2 EmptyMon Jan 15, 2018 10:01 pm

"That makes sense, let the workers do all the hard work," she shrugged, taking another bite of pizza. That was the smart thing to do, as the one calling the shots "That's what I'd do, in that position," she added.

It was then that he asked about what exactly juvie was. She found it hard to believe that Bruce didn't know what it was. Perhaps the wizarding world didn't have the equivalent, or it was called something different.

"It's like a gaol for kids," she replied, nonchalantly "And teenagers. It's not actually so bad," she finished her pizza slice and picked up another "So long as you don't get on the guard's bad side, and avoid the bigger kids. It's still possible to beat bigger kids if they have it in for you though, just go for the eyes," she explained. She got into a fair amount of fights, generally from saying something that usually provoked people. She made her fair share of enemies, and also her fair share of acquaintances. Juvie wasn't necessarily a place one made proper friends. Any acquaintances made were for survival.

"And I mean, it's not like I couldn't get out, when I wanted." she added. She had always had a small frame, so fitting into the vents weren't ever an issue. And with enough practice, one could easily remember the route to the outside world. She didn't ever leave for more than a couple of hours, so none of the guards grew suspicious. It also was a pretty good way to smuggle in things that her acquaintances might want. But she left that part out. For now at least.
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Old Habits Die Hard (Brivy) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Old Habits Die Hard (Brivy)   Old Habits Die Hard (Brivy) - Page 2 Empty

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Old Habits Die Hard (Brivy)
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